Chatbots For eCommerce Stores:  Things You Must Know!

Chatbots For eCommerce Stores: Things You Must Know!


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We all have come across and interacted with the chatbots even when we were unaware of their existence. The year 2019 has sculpted the best versions of chatbots in eCommerce so far. Considering the present scenarios, Chatbots have become immensely significant for eCommerce stores. Also, they are resolute tools in the Digital Marketing Toolbox.

Since the market structure is growing complex, the chatbot offers a prime opportunity to enhance your customer experience.

Well, though chatbots are much popular to discuss their core concept. But, core concepts give the foundation for successful growth. Henceforth, Chatbots are an A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) based software. It helps the user to simulate a conversation through messages, transcripts, websites, etc.

Communication and interaction with customers is a great policy to uphold your business. But it doesn’t imply going in an unplanned manner. That will only ruin your efforts. And so, Chatbots enter the scenario.

Why You Should Bother With Chatbots For Your Online Businesses?

There are ample benefits of using chatbots in the perspective of business owners. But when you are referring to your potential audience and customers, the following facts state why you should bother with Chatbots.

1. People Are Increasingly Using Messenger Apps

Recent surveys remark the use of Messaging apps worldwide.

statista stats

Source:Statista</a title=”stats”>

The global messenger usage, penetration, and statistics report by Birgit Bucher showcases the trends and monthly active users on top social & messenger platforms. The data provided is globally and country-wise verified.

The increasing usage of messenger apps encourages the messenger marketing strategy build-up and implementations with more ease.

Check out the report

2. People Want To Shop With Messenger Apps

Social platforms are taking over marketing strategies & application areas in a significant manner. And the observations show the heading growth of running marketing campaigns on social messenger platforms.

The Facebook study determines that 53% of consumers are more likely to shop with a business to whom they can message and have a conversation with. Henceforth, three ways that messaging is transforming the path to purchase are –

  1. Connecting with the consumers & potential audience directly at every stage. Hence, offering faster response time & opportunities to build healthy relationships.
  2. Since most consumers want effortless and immediate solutions. They don’t seek for perfect consumer journey analysis and staging. Thus, messenger chatbots & apps consolidate your consumer journey process. It further adds value to your consumers’ experience and convenience.
  3. Navigating your customers through your marketing funnel stages is not enough. Rather messaging involves your customers into a conversation. It hence improves the returning rate of your customers and improves the loyalty of your consumers towards the brands.

Considering your eCommerce business and use of chatbots, there are approx 47% of users open to purchasing items through a bot. Not only that, 71% of users are willing to receive customer service through a messaging app for a more personal connection. Because on average, consumers are willing to spend more than $55 on chatbot purchases.

3. More Businesses Are Using Bots

Messaging apps continue to integrate chatbots and serve their customers. Since eCommerce is expanding its reach to SMEs too. According to the Grand View Research report, the global chatbot market is foreseen to reach $1.23 billion by 2025 with 24.3% CAGR.While the Oracle survey quotes that 80% of businesses are already using or plan to use the chatbots by 2020.

How Should You Use Chatbots For Your eCommerce Store?

Chatbots are multipurpose & popular. Because of this growing popularity, the eCommerce industry is prospering. Engaging customers, instant responses, optimum solutions to customers are all the prime targets to market your brands with the chatbots.

1. Connect Your Audience With 24/7 Availability

Your site visitors can be shopping at any hour and can fiddle with queries. It is very important to resolve your customers’ queries on-time to retain them. But, we humans have limitations that machines are free of. Chatbots are thereby the easy alternatives to provide 24/7 customer support available to your customers.

2. Provide Authentic Customer Experience

Chatbots provide an “Authentic” customer experience. The term authentic here defines the purity of interaction and purposes. In terms of Psychology, authenticity is equivalent to emotional intelligence. Therefore being able to aptly interpret and respond to a consumers’ emotional needs leads to a better experience for both employee and customer. The chatbots hence thrive to resolve your customer’s queries from the root rather than hoping to shut the call down as fast as possible.

3. Nurture Leads & Converting Them To Potential Customers

Since in the digital era, maintaining the customers’ trust and brand loyalty is a dutiful task. Because generating and then nurturing leads has always been the most troublesome. However, chatbots are easily accustomed to existing marketing strategies and campaigns for improving lead generation.Chatbots optimize the responses depending on the user’s choices. Hence, guiding them towards the searched products and/or services of interest.

4. Provide Personalized Consumer Experiences

Modern-day chatbots are not only emotionally intelligent. They are developed with the concepts of machine learning and natural language processing. These concepts give the bots a humanized touch. Considering the agenda of developing chatbots is to provide personalized engagement; their human-touch makes your user feel like interacting with the real sales representatives. With chatbots having no-restrictions in utilizing the information and patterns from data repositories, it gets easy for them to narrow the recommendations as per the user’s profile.

5. Collect User Data For Targeted Analysis

Because chatbots are gradually heading towards becoming a major source for acquiring data; they are capable of managing any form and amount of data. Chatbots can assess the typos and nuances from the received data and determine the user’s behavior and intent from the same. Since the information that bot collects is niche-specific, it is estimated to be of more value to the business owners and marketers than any other analytics.

Chatbots For eCommerce? Yeah, you heard that right!

Chatbots are evolving with the eCommerce industry. More and more online businesses are leveraging the benefits of automating their customer support assistance with chatbots. Chatbots are truly transforming the shopping trends and gratifying the shoppers with exceptional experiences for all their queries resolved within minutes. If you are still in the dilemma on how to proceed with chatbots or considerate about the security of your customers’ data, it’s high time to set off the limits bar. And go beyond to seize the opportunity for your online business to grow.

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