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Celebrating the Journey of Etsy Businesses flourished during Pandemic

Celebrating the Journey of Etsy Businesses flourished during Pandemic


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“Success can not be achieved in a day, it takes effort and hard work to reach the desired goal.” We are happily celebrating a year of success and achievements of our Etsy retailers and their Etsy businesses. 

In 2020, when the merchants having brick and mortar shops were draining, we stood as a helping hand for them. Many merchants have started their WooCommerce stores amid nation lockdown to uplift their business. Since their businesses were growing little due to fewer buyers and competition with similar stores, expanding onto a marketplace to boost their sales and presence became their way out to grow beyond.

Etsy, an e-commerce platform that was rapidly growing in the U.S and U.K, attracted WooCommerce merchants to collaborate and use the opportunity. We have helped sellers to efficiently manage their Etsy and WooCommerce stores together with the help of Etsy Integration for WooCommerce. Merchants were so happy with the Integration as they have seen solace in placing their items, knowing their ongoing stock status, dealing with their conveyances, and considerably more. They get ample time to build strategies to enhance their business and run them effortlessly. The Integration has also allowed them to be more creative as well as picky by customizing their store.

Here presenting you the infographic which will tour you to the journey of sellers during 2020-2021

Etsy businesses

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Seeking opportunities in challenges

The Year 2020-2021 was full-fledged with crisis and challenges, but it turned to be an opportunity for many merchants. It was the time when various businesses dealing in Household items, masks, sanitizers, jewelry, and decors were much in demand. With time and opportunity, businesses have risen among buyers across the globe. Since Etsy Integration for WooCommerce has made the store’s operation very simple, the merchants could meet the buyer’s needs in time with a variety of products at their stores. CedCommerce has changed the lives of many sellers by helping them to build their brand and reach globally.

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