CedCommerce’s MultiChannel Importer for BigCommerce is now live

CedCommerce’s MultiChannel Importer for BigCommerce is now live


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Portland, Oregon(14.05.2020)-

In an attempt to help the eCommerce sellers establish a connectivity between their major point of sales, CedCommerce has come up with its MultiChannel Importer app. The MultiChannel importer app connects the leading marketplaces such as Walmart, Amazon, eBay, etc. with the BigCommerce store of a seller.

The best part of the app is that you can list products from Amazon and eBay under their affiliate program.

This flawless connectivity uses API calls for the data transfer so that the product details on the marketplace can be transferred to the BigCommerce store. The app is compatible with FBA, thus, enhancing sellers’ ability to get their BigCommerce order(s) fulfilled automatically.

During a conversation with Mr.Abhishek Jaiswal, Co-Founder of the company, it was revealed that the app’s concept came into picture while the company noticed that there was a need for a tool that could act as a time and effort saver for the BigCommerce merchants.

“Being in the industry since 2010, we immensely recognize the importance of MultiChannel selling. Hence, we have introduced this app so that the sellers can fetch the product details from their marketplace seller panel and sell those products on their online store. We feel happy to be part of the seller’s journey towards business expansion. Incorporated with the Bulk Import feature via CSV, the MultiChannel Importer is built around the idea of nearly complete automation and UX enhancement.”

Prominent Features of the app:

    1. Profiling:

The products to be imported to the app can be placed in the groups on the basis of the product source (Amazon, eBay, etc). Further, it can be segregated on the basis of product type, group, brand, SKU, and quantity. This helps in managing the products in the app and also in uploading them on BigCommerce.

    1. Bulk product upload:

If you want to upload multiple products to BigCommerce, all at once, this can be done with the help of the app and that too very easily.

    1. Regular updates:

As soon as you log in to the app, you can see the useful information such as products uploaded on BigCommerce, products imported from various marketplaces, and the count of the available credits.

    1. Near real-time syncing:

The product details such as the inventory and price, displayed on the marketplace, can be reflected on the app and successively on the BigCommerce store. This can be credited to the seamless connectivity of the app with the marketplace and the online store.

Note: In case you want to control the product details directly from the store, you can opt for a one-time product import.

    1. FBA adaptive:

One can fulfill the orders created on the BigCommerce store from their FBA account through the app.


  • Multiple warehouse support:


With the help of the app, you can send the inventory to the multiple warehouses as per your choice. This can simply be done after the creation of profiles.

Where to avail the app from?

The app can easily be availed from the:

BigCommerce app store

CedCommerce’s landing page

Who can avail of the app?

Any seller who aspires to sell on the marketplace(s) and BigCommerce store simultaneously without wasting his time and efforts can try our app. The app is equipped with helpful features for centralized product management as mentioned above.

Final Thoughts:

The Multi-Channel Importer App for BigCommerce has been built for the merchants to simplify and hasten the process of selling the marketplace products on their BigCommerce store.

The app has been developed and designed with features that make it a one-stop solution for overall product management. Along with grouping products, one can handle the product details and sync them between the marketplaces (Amazon, eBay, Wish, etc.) and the BigCommerce store. The app is effective in fulfilling the orders created on the BigCommerce store via. the seller’s FBA account. The app is available in feasible pricing plans. The pricing plan depends on the number of SKU(s) to be imported. The import of the initial 10-50 products is for free. As CedCommerce understands the importance of privacy protection, the merchant’s data is kept safe in compliance with the latest GDPR guidelines.

The app is expected to make the concept of MultiChannel selling comprehensive in the eCommerce ecosystem.

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