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CedCommerce’s Wish Integration App now listed on Wish App Store

CedCommerce’s Wish Integration App now listed on Wish App Store


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Portland, Oregon (21-01-2020): CedCommerce is immensely happy to have it’s Wish Integration App published on the Official Wish App Store.

The joint collaboration of Wish and CedCommerce ensure purposeful growth and enhancement for the Shopify merchants selling on Wish, using our Wish Integration App.
CedCommerce always believes in propagating the idea of collaborative growth.

Wish has recently launched its Official App Store. Aiming to help the sellers easily find the Wish apps that they aspire to use to enhance their business.

Hence, Wish came up with its Wish App Store on January 21, 2020, where it listed the Wish Integration app by CedCommerce.

The app is seamless connectivity between your online store and the Wish Seller Centre that enables the U.S. based sellers to enjoy the perks of the app. In addition, the app’s features (are explained below) are dedicated to helping the sellers to simplify their selling process.

Our Wish Integration is available for the following frameworks:


Highlighting Features Of The Wish Integration App:

  1. Easy Product Listing: The app ensures that you can easily list your products available on your online store to wish.com with reduced efforts.
  2. Bulk Upload: The app has been built in a way that appreciates the concept of uploading products on the marketplace in a bulk.
    In conclusion, it will save your time, which can be utilized in promotional activities.
  3. Regular Inventory Updates: App’s dashboard is designed to keep the merchants updated about the number of products, available on Wish.com.
  4. Order Management: Merchants can create the orders received on the Marketplace. Also, they can fulfill the same from their online store through the app in a hassle-free manner.
  5. 24*7 Support: CedCommerce provides uninterrupted support services so that one can use the app in the best way possible.

How to avail the Wish Integration Apps?

Click here to easily avail the app-
Click Here

Wish app store

About Wish:

Headquartered in the U.S., Wish was established in 2010. Hence, it started its journey along with CedCommerce. Apart from the U.S., this company has made a name of its own in South-East Asia.

Being the most downloaded app in 2018, Wish has emerged out one of the leading Marketplaces in the world.

About CedCommerce:

CedCommerce, an eCommerce solution provider, has been helping sellers since the year 2010 to expand their business with simple Integration and multi-channel selling tools. Lately, CedCommerce has started yielding store development and digital marketing services to the merchants who own their online stores. Thereby, emerging out as a company that looks after its clients in entirety.

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