CedCommerce and BSS Commerce forms a marketing partnership
Partnering with BSS Commerce, CedCommerce expands its marketing scope

Partnering with BSS Commerce, CedCommerce expands its marketing scope


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Employing new marketing channels is a smart and effective strategy for businesses to gain far-ranging market exposure. With the same intent of accelerating our business growth, CedCommerce has come together with BSS Commerce to form a marketing partnership. BSS Commerce is a full-service agency, delivering comprehensive eCommerce solutions for B2B and B2C businesses.

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More importantly, our collaboration for mutual benefits shall epitomize creativity, innovation, and personalization in our marketing efforts and strategies.

Key highlights of our marketing collaboration

As co-marketing partners, both companies hope to grow stronger and bigger online. Furthermore, we shall extend a helping hand to each other in establishing and promoting our business and online presence. Working towards a similar goal, we hope to work together to enhance our mutual benefits, attract more marketing opportunities, and gain long-term connections.

Here’s what we are expecting to accomplish with our marketing partnership:

  • Establishing a stronger online presence
  • Increase the value of our overall marketing efforts and strategies
  • Gain access to multiple sales channels
  • Giving our customers more reasons to buy our solutions and products
  • Add value to our products’ price elements
  • Increase in marketing exposures
  • Extending our reach to a broader target audience
  • A more cost-effective way of marketing our products

About BSS Commerce

BSS Commerce offers comprehensive solutions for B2B and B2C brands. With years of experience in the eCommerce industry, BSS Commerce broadly understands several challenges facing the B2B and B2C sector. Since its inception in 2012, BSS Commerce has helped over 21000 global clients and 500 projects to build a steady customer base and scale their business. Moreover, BSS Commerce has always strived to become a leading multi-platform solution provider, perfectly delivering optimal services to fit every client worldwide. With excelling in strategic consultation, development and implementation, eCommerce acceleration, and support and maintenance, BSS Commerce delivers sales-driven and scalable results.

About CedCommerce

CedCommerce has years of proven experience in eCommerce solutions, multi-channel integrations, and online marketplace solutions. Furthermore, we also excel in PWA development, web and mobile app development, and so much more. Having served over 30,000 merchants to sell across 100+ marketplaces worldwide in 25+ countries, we are proudly a client-first company. Furthermore, CedCommerce has made it easier for online businesses to deliver a personalized and enhanced shopping experience with the most in-demand and advanced features and current technologies.

We look forward to gaining equal value from our marketing partnership with BSS Commerce and creating a balanced win-win situation for both companies.

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