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CedCommerce Already Adhering to Magento Imagine 2017 Agenda.

CedCommerce Already Adhering to Magento Imagine 2017 Agenda.


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Attending the Magento Paris 2017 was the boon for us. Not only we heard the experts’ take on all the burning topics that affect e-commerce industry but learnt important lessons on consumer behaviour, and how to go about solving the problems.

Therefore, we’re all excited about the Imagine 2017 as it starts from April 3rd in the dreamy city Las Vegas, Nevada, which earlier hosted ShopTalk successfully. Thence we wish that Imagine2017 becomes a block buster success, and achieves all its goals in spirit and objectives.

As experts, developers, product managers, industry leaders, CEOs and sellers gather at these events, and discuss the trends, break through technologies, hurdles and brainstorm the agenda, the penultimate customers – sellers are more informed and better aware than before with the commencement of such events.

Also, as every event has their Agenda, Magento Imagine 2017, Las Vegas, has its own too. And we could not be more proud to inform to all our readers, we’re successfully following AND IMPLEMENTING all such moves that makes your Magento selling experience and increase your revenue streams.

Cedcommerce Products Complying to Imagine 2017 agenda

Mobile App as a Sales Channel:

The Magento Imagine 2017 has a session scheduled, named as “Improving Mobile Conversion: The 50% You’re Missing” where Jon Higby, Manager of Solution Engineering for Partners, PayPal and Ben Marks, Evangelist, Magento Commerce would shed light on why conversion on mobile remains painfully low despite exponential growth in customers shopping on mobile devices.

From our exposure of developing solutions for Magento, we arrived at the same conclusion as the Agenda for the talk states, “Improving checkout and conversion isn’t just a design problem: it’s a consumer behaviour challenge, where integrating the right technologies becomes critically important. Jon and Ben will walk through the data, the challenge, and solutions at your disposal”.

We have, in our MageNative app: a turnkey solution to convert any Magento 1 or 2 store into app, have incorporated all such integrations. Although, faster check out do matter, but they don’t entirely decide the fate of consumers buying journey. It is the journey itself which must be focused.

And, the MageNative app has been developed with the “Redundant Purchase Journey” where all the unnecessary pages have been killed. Search is smart and has the various filters; it supports all the Magento supported payment gateways; and also has faster checkout pages with the engaging, and simple interface and navigation. All aimed to compel your customers to take the decision.

OmniChannel Solutions with Magento:

Also, Magento Imagine 2017 includes as the session, “Technical Deep Dive: Omnichannel Solutions with Magento Commerce Order Management” where Mark Hatch, Director Product Delivery, Magento Commerce would be speaking on “How Magento Commerce Order Management can adapt to the unique needs of your clients”.

We learned at the Magento Paris, “61% consumers expect click-and-collect functionality from the website they purchase, meaning they want to purchase online and pick the orders from nearest store

Another intriguing analysis is 86% of the customers said, “they want to buy online and return in-store.”

And we are soon to include Store Locator feature (as an add-on ) in our Magento Multi Vendor Marketplace Solution. Thus, enabling Magento Multi-Vendor Marketplace owners to approach Omni-channel selling with holistic approach.

Also, to facilitate multi-channel selling (a term usually synonymous with omnicommerce but not the same), Cedcommerce has Jet Magento Integration And Walmart Magento Integration extension, that enables Magento sellers to offer their products at these leading marketplaces.

Apart from these, critical-to-e-commerce success issues, other Agenda such as “The fundamentals of the design thinking process and have effectively applied it to solutions developed by us.”

We follow the best industry practices when migrating your store from Magento 1 to Magento 2.

Last but not the least, we couldn’t agree more with the Agenda, “Increasing Diversity in Tech” and its statements that “diverse teams perform better by increasing collective intelligence. Companies with the highest representation of women in leadership have seen a 34 percent higher ROI than those with few or no women”. And we’re getting excited to hear Francesca Molinari, Chief Human Resources Officer, Magento Commerce, views on this who would moderate this talk.

All in all, the next 3 days are going to be exciting for Magento store users and members of this robust and expansive community. We hope that this event grows more in stature and from strength-to-strength.

Here’s to the Success of Magento Imagine 2017!


Team Cedcommerce

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