CedCommerce is all set to launch the FREE integration extensions for Amazon and eBay
CedCommerce is all set to launch the FREE integration extensions for Amazon and eBay

CedCommerce is all set to launch the FREE integration extensions for Amazon and eBay


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In the cut-throat competitive e-commerce environs where profit making is one of the prime aspirations, CedCommerce is all set to launch something for the sellers that comes without paying a single penny. In the beginning of the second week of September, we announced that we’re all set to launch the free eBay Magento integration and free Amazon Magento integration extensions which are free to be used and will help the sellers sell on two of the e-commerce giants.


The eBay Basic Magento Integration and theAmazon Basic Magento Integration are the extensions that are designed and developed for both Magento and Magento 2 users and their specific needs. Keeping in mind the crucial e-commerce business related processes and operations, the integration extensions will not only help the sellers sell their Magento store products on the eBay or Amazon marketplace, but the use of these extensions will make the management of products effortless and undemanding. The advanced free eBay Magento integration extension and free Amazon Magento integration extension will be available for the sellers from Monday, September 17, next week.


On this occurrence, Mr. Abhishek Jaiswal, the Co-founder of CedCommerce expressed his elation while talking about the extensions, their features, and their “no-payment” pricing. “We have always been thoughtful of what could be the easiest way for the sellers to embark on their journey to sell on such big marketplaces. Not only that, but the solutions that they use must not lack the up-to-the-minute technology and should not affect their pockets too”, said Mr. Jaiswal. “As we know that we deal with both big and small business sellers, we had to design and come up with something that could eradicate their worries and not add to those. As a result, we are ready to launch these free eBay Basic Magento Integration and Amazon Basic Magento Integration extensions for Amazon and eBay marketplaces and we take pride in it”, added Mr. Jaiswal.


For both the types of online merchants – those with less number of products to sell and those who have a huge number of product inventory – the extensions will prove to be efficient and time-saving. On one hand, it saves the time with the automated processes, whereas on the other hand, it also keeps the sellers updated with the information related to their products, for necessary actions to be taken by them.


Some of the features that these extensions are powered with have been mentioned below for the better understanding of the sellers-


Profile-based Product Upload- This feature requires the sellers to just create a profile for the similar type of products, assign the products to it and finally upload them to the marketplace. It will make it easy for the sellers to add the same type of product(s) to that profile every time they want to upload the products similar to those that have been assigned to the profile.

Easy Configuration- The extensions are user-friendly and modeled in a way that makes them easily configurable in the Magento store.


Product Upload in One Go- Using the basic integration extension, products can be sent or exported from the Magento store to the marketplace in a simple step with a blink of an eye.


Rejected Product Error- In case of any error that emerges while uploading the products on the marketplace due to an inappropriate or incomplete product information, the extension will notify the seller regarding it.


Simple and Configurable Product Upload- The feature will enable the users to export their simple as well as configurable type of products from their Magento store to the marketplace.


Disable Product- If a seller wants to disable or retire product(s) on the marketplace, this advanced feature empowers the seller to do so. Using it, a seller may make the selected product(s) unavailable on the marketplace.


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