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How CEDCOMMERCE helped Online sellers in the USA make MILLIONS OF DOLLARS in 2016, and there is MORE in store for 2017!

How CEDCOMMERCE helped Online sellers in the USA make MILLIONS OF DOLLARS in 2016, and there is MORE in store for 2017!


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If there is one place on the earth that has forever been impregnated with opportunities; it’s the U.S.A. No wonder why they say it’s the land of opportunities. People eat and breathe technology, and are always accommodative for a new product. With all these factors intertwined, you get a strong and huge online seller community like no other country has. Period.


Therefore, all the e-commerce behemoths – Amazon, Ebay, and now – originate from this land. Most of all, there are millions of online sellers that offer their unique products through their websites. And it is this online seller community which is going to make U.S. e- commerce a trillion dollar industry.


And since the e-commerce behemoths also allow the online sellers on their platform, there exists numerous 3rd party companies offer software solutions. These solutions help online sellers move their product to & fro to these marketplaces, and get orders.



However, there still have some problems that plague the online seller community that Cedcommerce solves:


1. Higher service/product costs: Some companies even take the royalty on each sale apart from the monthly fee. Sometimes it becomes sacrilegious for small online sellers as they have to pay these marketplaces big commission.


2. Limited Expert Training: Howsoever, maybe the software can be simplified, it still is a sophisticated technology. People need expert training to be able to operate it efficiently. Although, it can be a cake walk for some but most take time. Hence, limited expert training left them wanting for more… they can have it, but for more money. Hidden Costs.


3. Paid Updates: The marketplaces releases periodic updates to facilitate selling. BUT, these recursive updates are not offered for free by most of the companies. Another Hidden Cost.

Cedcommerce solves these problems. The company started offering its services to the clients eliminating all the hidden costs, offering them unlimited expert training, and everything at the most cost competitive pricing. And the most important thing that they bring to the table is great service.


“Great way to get products uploaded to Jet quickly and efficiently. They helped with the API for my store ( which has over 4000 products. I would not have been able to do this without this app. Customer service is excellent – they are online and interactive – solving issues and making changes on the fly. Highly recommend”. Blue Bangles is one the satisfied customer using its Jet Integration extension for selling their products.



The USP of the company is its exemplary after sales customer service. Every client gets a dedicated account manager who provides expert training and helps clients get familiar with the Dashboard. Also, they even help their clients in uploading the products and if the client insists they even upload the products for them.



The multi-channel e-commerce selling is the popular phenomenon among the online sellers. Thus, it offers different software solutions to sellers enabling them to connect their shops with different marketplaces –,, Newegg, Bonanza. The company caters its services to the sellers whose shops are built with frameworks such as Magento 1 & 2, Shopify, BigCommerce, Volusion, 3dCart, WooCommerce etc. All in all 13+ frameworks.



Though company currently offers the services to Indian online seller community as well, but it’s planning big for the year 2017. It’s planning to launch a complete solution for those trying to establish the Amazon-like marketplace.


The solution would contain a multi-vendor marketplace extension for Magento 1 & 2 users – upon installation, it converts the website into a marketplace; CETA theme to personalize the online shop according to business’s need, and a native app solution that would help entrepreneurs convert their stores online stores into a full-fledged app.


Since the E-commerce market in India is on the upswing, the year 2016 saw Indian spending $15.27 billion on m-commerce, and $16.08 billion on e-commerce. The complete package is aimed at consolidating this huge untapped marketplace vertical where next big startups are coming from such as Ola, Oyo, BigBasket, Flipkart, Snapdeal etc.


And the Indian Startup ecosystem also needs the affordable and robust solution that complements the bootstrapping spirit of Entrepreneurs. This is what we ensure to deliver.


Because as we say this “Quality service is our obligation, and customer service our pride”.

Wishing all the happiness and prosperity in the New Year to our clients.

Happy new year. 2017


Thanks for your interest!

Team CedCommerce


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