CedCommerce for The Artsy Spot| Revamp your business with a time-tested Digital Marketing Strategy

CedCommerce for The Artsy Spot| Revamp your business with a time-tested Digital Marketing Strategy


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When you are a business that functions with a motto to ‘Create with the heart, Build with the mind’, your customers also value you for the quality your products bring to the table, but is it always true? Well, sometimes you have to talk in the language your audience understands. And with the advent of the digital age, brands and eCommerce stores are coming up with their digital marketing strategy to crack the code for massive sales and solid reach. Like many others, it was hard for The Artsy Spot to crack this puzzle, and despite its value-driven and quality products, the store was struggling to rank well on Google. Such are the times when a digital marketing expert does the magic as CedCommerce did for this store. How? Let’s explore.

The Artsy Spot is a ‘unique art store’ with a purpose

The Artsy Spot is an eCommerce store that started as a brick-and-mortar store named ‘Artsy Walls and more’ in the fall of 2015. The store started as a hobby and quickly became a business that creates Home Improvement products, Home Decor items, and Gifting ideas. Today, the store has expanded with a wide range of exciting products from vinyl decals, wall prints, artsy apparel, posters, coffee mugs, clipboards, personalized gifts, and holiday season gifts, especially the customized monogram Christmas ornament is an all-time favorite. Customers love Artsy’s products and acknowledge the intricacies with which they have been created.


This store is indeed a perfect spot for all your home improvement, decor, and gifting-related concerns. Here you will find creativity in all the products with unmatched quality at affordable prices.

A humble beginning

The Artsy Spot amalgamates creativity, novelty, experience, and vision, all falling in one place under a bigger plan. Rachel Austin, the owner of this unique and beautiful Home Improvement and Gifting store, is a visionary in her sense. Starting from a humble background as a school teacher Rachel always had a knack for creativity. She was always interested and observant of the creative elements that can fill the lives of kids, teachers, homemakers, etc., and motivate them to be their best selves.

She is also keen on adding value to these products by sharing a percentage of her revenue earned with a noble cause via this store. Moreover, she is associated with Living Water International and volunteers in the projects running under this project from time to time.

Making a mark in Digital space is indeed a Challenge

With so much quality and pure intent, the store was still struggling to reach the target audience, and hence the engagement was not as expected. Rachel tried different ways by expanding the product range and her hands-on digital tactics. She also got a digital store for her products but could not create magic here as she does for her products.

The challenges faced by the Store were persistent,

  • Unable to rank on Google
  • Low performing website
  • Engagement was poor
  • Conversions were not satisfactory

When creativity joins hands with expertise, Magic Happens!

In 2020, the pandemic hit the businesses massively and instigated the brand owners to invest in a novel digital marketing strategy and revamp their presence. In May 2020, via Shopify, Rachel finally decided to collaborate with CedCommerce, a Digital Marketing Expert, and transform the visibility of her ecommerce store.

CedCommerce, with an expertise of more than a decade, has helped various businesses and brands to build a ground-breaking digital portfolio, gain exponential engagement, escalate their revenues, and rectify the issues faced by its clientele.

With its digital mastery and hands-on experiences in various services like Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, and different tools and extensions, CedCommerce was excited to help eliminate the issues of this store.

Building a custom Digital Marketing Strategy

When CedCommerce experts briefed the Artsy Spot about our services, the owner couldn’t wait to see the results and immediately signed in for our Digital Marketing SEO Services for significant transformation. We then crafted a dedicated digital marketing strategy to serve the issues faced by the store.

Services offered by CedCommerce

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process used to upgrade a website’s technical configuration, content relevance, and link generation so its web pages can quickly become findable, gain popularity and improve visibility towards user search queries. These activities eventually help them rank better on search engines like Google.

The SEO services usually segregate into On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO activities. Whereas the On-Page SEO Services that we offered included,

  1. Optimized title elements
  2. Resources formatted as page links
  3. Rectified orphaned pages in the sitemap
  4. Upgraded low Text-HTML ratio
  5. Updated missing meta descriptions
  6. Optimized pages with broken links
  7. Removed 4xx Errors and irrelevant pages in the sitemap
  8. Removed duplicate title tags, H1 tags, meta description, and so on

The Off-Page SEO Services included,

  1. Blog directory submission
  2. Blog writing and posting
  3. Social profile creation and promotion
  4. Guest posting on relevant sites
  5. Bookmarking on relevant sites
  6. Resolving speed or page loading issues

Unexpected Results reclaimed our Digital Marketing Prowess

With a consistent, strategic, and diligent approach for 18 months and more, CedCommerce once again succeeded in creating a solid digital portfolio for a genuine brand like the Artsy Spot. The results were awe-struck, and our client is super happy to see the results as part of our time-tested expertise,

  • Website performance has improved from Grade F to Grade A as per the GTmetrix report. The website has been strategically built and offers a structure for optimal performance.


  • Page loading for the largest content element has reduced and offers a good user experience with a healthy LCP score(a key metric for web vitals) and visual stability
  • Whopping 55% increase in Online Store Traffic
  • Almost 45% of the increase was observed in the order volume
  • Organic Searches has shown massive improvement
  • The major transition has been recorded in the last six months(with 1.51k clicks, 373k impressions, 0.4% increase in avg. CTR, and 26.1 % increase in avg. position)

Also, the website has shown phenomenal improvement under the following heads,

  • Acquisition Rate

  1. Overall user count has raised (by 847%; net user in last 15 months is 6165, where significant traffic is from the USA);
  2. New Users that have come since CedCommerce’s services were introduced has shown drastic growth (by 921.73%; new users acquired in last 15 months is 5783);
  3. Also, the sessions have shown a scalable growth of 644.46% (total sessions in the previous 18 months is 7720)

results-of-a-diligent-digital marketing-strategy

  • Conversions

  1. The conversion rate on the Artsy Spot ecommerce store has shown a consistent growth of 36.39%,
  2. Total transactions have escalated to 915.38% and
  3. The revenue has demonstrated remarkable growth of 749.23% with a $10696.12 of revenue generation in the last 15 months

Rachel is super happy with the successful integration of the SEO Services by CedCommerce at her store. She has even signed in for a long-term collaboration with our expert digital services. Moreover, she is keen on trying different modules to upgrade her store and add digital wings to her loving brand.

Sign in for a tailor-made Digital Marketing Strategy

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