CedCommerce enables merchants to sell on Kogan Marketplace with WooCommerce Integration

CedCommerce enables merchants to sell on Kogan Marketplace with WooCommerce Integration


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CedCommerce has announced a WooCommerce plugin for the Kogan marketplace. The extension enables merchants to expand their business in the Australian region. Thus, merchants can now list, sync, and manage orders centrally from the WooCommerce store itself and sell across Kogan Marketplace smoothly. 

Amid the pandemic, people are more inclined to do online shopping. Unlike the previous years, people are locked up at home and are looking for better opportunities to make purchases. Thus, selling on Kogan can help you showcase your best products, bring you a lot of revenue, and gain visibility. With this strategy, you can rule the market of Australia and New Zealand. 

What is Kogan Marketplace?

Kogan.com is Australia’s leading shopping destination, headquartered in Melbourne. It is prominent for price leadership with digital efficiency. The platform makes in-demand products and services more affordable and accessible.

Sellers can choose to sell from a wide range of product categories. The top categories include consumer electronics, hardware, appliances, homeware, toys, and many more.

Kogans gross sale

Furthermore, Kogan’s gross sales grew by 194.3% in the 1HFY 2021 compared to 1HFY 2020. The brands’ revenue and gross profit grew by 114.9% and 174.9% respectively. These figures can assure you, it is best to sell in the Kogan marketplace.

One question that must be continuously arising in your head is why you should be in the Kogan marketplace? Let us find out some reasons that will clear your head of uncertainties. Sellers on the Kogan marketplace get exposure to millions of new customers. Most of the time, products listed on Kogan get instant attention, and their demand increase rapidly.

In conclusion, sellers on Kogan enjoy the same benefits as loyal customers, including interest-free finance options and Qantas frequent flyer points. Above all, you can easily boost your sales with their comprehensive marketing options, ranging from email promotions to significant events like Black Friday, Boxing Day, and Kogan Frenzy.

Uncover the benefits of selling on Kogan

  • Get access to over 5,00,000 products from over 1000 brands and distributors.
  • Kogan.com runs marketing and promotional activities for its customers, and sellers can take part in those activities.
  • It is the leading shopping destination in Australia, thus listing products on Kogan can be fruitful.
  • It also emphasizes seamless customer experience, hence it is helping the merchants to acquire happy and satisfied customers which in turn become your regular customers.
  • Above all, connect your WooCommerce store with Kogan, thereupon sell without any friction.

Connect your WooCommerce store with Kogan

Become a Kogan supplier

Source: Kogan.com

As a result of the WooCommerce integration, you can experience effortless and efficient selling. Automating your stores, consequently, will allow you to get your products into the limelight and increase their potential of getting sold.

Let us now look at the features of Kogan Integration for WooCommerce.

Key Features of WooCommerce Kogan Integration


Simple configuration

Firstly, the integration has a simple configuration process and offers a hassle-free selling experience.

Automated and Simplified Listings 

Secondly, it allows automatic bulk-upload of products from WooCommerce to Kogan in a single click.

Centralized Order Management 

Thirdly, you can list, sync, manage orders, cancellations, and other updates from the WooCommerce store.

Inventory Synchronization based on Schedulers

With inventory synchronization, you can keep track of products and inventories between the WooCommerce store and the Kogan marketplace. Therefore, it helps you to avoid overselling or underselling.

Feed Management

Sellers can review the status of the uploaded products on Kogan. As a result, they can view, resolve the errors, if any, and re-upload the products on the Kogan marketplace.

Automated Order Fetching 

The merchants can import the orders from the Kogan marketplace to WooCommerce stores by filtering them based on order status.

Cron Job

The cron management feature allows you to automate the synchronization process of inventory, order, and price management.

Submit Shipment

An added key point is that the extension allows you to maintain transparency. By providing shipment details to buyers, you can boost customers’ loyalty and confidence.

Added Benefits By CedCommerce include-

  • Lifetime free updates with the plugin
  • Dedicated account manager

With such innovative features, sellers find it profitable and straightforward to sell on the Kogan marketplace. As there is no intermediate platform to interrupt the selling process, thus it is beneficial to get your stores automated with WooCommerce.


However, WooCommerce integration makes the selling process easier and affordable. The integration helps in the centralized operating of the selling process and is thus an all-in-one solution compatible with all your marketplaces.

CedCommerce helps people turn their dreams into reality by providing them with multi-channel marketing ideas and installing stores from scratch. Thus, it develops marketplace integration tools, Importer apps, and services such as theme customization, store development, and much more!

Integrate your WooCommerce stores with the Kogan marketplace to expand your business in the Australian region and increase your brands’ potential.

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