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CedCommerce celebrates its successful association with Shopify

CedCommerce celebrates its successful association with Shopify


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CedCommerce, an e-commerce company, commemorates its association with Shopify. CedCommerce has been serving the Shopify sellers since 2015 and continues to do so.


CedCommerce provides a wide range of services to the Shopify sellers who aim to make a mark in the e-commerce industry. The company is in consistent efforts to help them sell on leading marketplaces.


Besides this, the company helps the merchants selling on different marketplaces to create their own brand by building a Shopify store.


CedCommerce has also stepped into the digital marketing arena to help the Shopify store holders to gain increased visibility and outreach.


In a conversation with Mr. Abhishek Jaiswal and Mr. Himanshu Rauthan, co-founders of the company, various Shopify ventures by CedCommerce introduced in 2018 were brought to the surface.


They informed us of the following-


Shopify Oriented Products launched in 2018-


1)  Marketplace Integrations Apps- CedCommerce launched Integration apps for Shopify to help the sellers easily list products on Etsy, Best Buy Canada, Bonanza and many more. These were an add-on to the already existing bucket of Marketplace Integration apps for leading marketplaces like  Walmart, etc.


The Marketplace Integration Apps, as informed by the co-founders, was introduced with a perspective to ensure effortless Product Listing, Product Syncing, Price Management, Inventory Management and much more.


2) Omni Importer- Omni Importer had been introduced by CedCommerce in 2018 to help merchants selling on different marketplaces build their own brand. Omni Importer helps the merchants to import products from the marketplaces they sell on to the Shopify store.


CedCommerce Importer is available for marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, etc.


3) Store Development- CedCommerce leaped into the Shopify store development to help the seller successfully register themselves as a Shopify seller and grow their business.

The company developed stores for the following sellers-


3) Digital Marketing and SEO- CedCommerce executed the idea of helping their associate merchants with digital marketing and SEO, the previous year. CedCommerce helps in digitizing your Shopify store by helping you in social media promotion, content marketing, and search engine optimization.


Google Partners awards partnership badge to CedCommerce for its performance, revenue, client growth and passing Google Ads product certification exams


This is an attempt by the company to help Shopify sellers increase their brand worth.


Unique App Upgradations of 2018-


1) Introduction of Polaris theme in Walmart Marketplace Integration App- CedCommerce introduced Polaris theme in its Walmart Shopify Integration app so that a Shopify seller finds the look and feel of the app to be similar to that of their Shopify store. This feature was introduced last year to make the app user-friendly.


2) Server Upgrades- CedCommerce upgraded its server with RabbitMq to quickly help a seller execute the desired changes made on the Shopify store. Rabbit Mq is a queue based system, introducing which has made the app users stay updated about their marketplace.


3) Enhanced Compatibility with Marketplaces- In 2018, the CedCommerce team worked upon making their apps compatible for marketplaces with a view to reducing a seller’s effort. For instance, POD (Print On Demand)  compatibility was brought in Etsy Marketplace Integration App to help the drop shippers skip the tedious task of tracking the inventory.


Power Packed Partnerships of 2018-


CedCommerce became partners with leading marketplaces like Best Buy Canada, Bonanza, Fruugo, Tophatter, and Pricefalls. The company says that partnership has proved out to be beneficial for CedCommerce as it has helped it gain more trust and recognition among e-commerce sellers.


The leading authorities of the company stated that-


The partnerships achieved in 2018 have provided the company an added motivation to come up with helpful ecommerce solutions.


Events attended by CedCommerce-


In 2018, CedCommerce attended Shopify Pursuit, an event held at Hotel ITC Gardenia in Bangalore.


The event was organized with a thought to help the Shopify associates to discuss their issues and resolve them collaboratively. Shopify Pursuit is 2 days’ event and comprises of various talk sessions, meet-ups, and learning sessions.




CedCommerce Agenda for 2019-


The co-founders of the company threw light upon the agenda of the company for 2019-


  • The company plans to extend its Marketplace Integration business by launching Integration apps for marketplaces like Rakuten, OpenSky,eBay, etc.


  • The company is about to launch importer for Walmart, Etsy, and other leading marketplaces.


  • The company will expand the Polaris feature all its apps.


The company is working with a view to helping e-commerce sellers surge their business in an effective manner by exploring every possible business implementation.


More From CedCommerce-


CedCommerce is emerging as a leading company that helps Shopify sellers to expand their business on leading marketplaces. The retailers selling on different marketplaces can also build their own store on Shopify.


CedCommerce is now Partners with Google. With this achievement, CedCommerce has held a grip over digitizing online store of Shopify sellers.


The company offers 20% discount on its pre-orders for Rakuten Marketplace Integration App.


You can easily avail the app from




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