EachForEqual: CedCommerce brings the real stories of Women entrepreneurs

EachForEqual: CedCommerce brings the real stories of Women entrepreneurs


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It’s the time of the year again when we cherish the efforts, sacrifices, determination, and the selflessness of all the women out there. Celebrating in line with the theme of this year’s International Women’s Day #EachforEqual, CedCommerce takes pride in thanking every woman.

Be it social, cultural, or economic contributions. Women have continuously been raising the bar. Following this year’s International Women’s Day theme #EachForEqual which focuses on the differences individuals make, we brought out some of the empowering stories from our strong, motivating, and inspiring women, who aim to bring a BIG change in society and are still thriving.

A glimpse at their inspiring journey

Yvette, a mother of three and a grandmother of four, shares her journey as an entrepreneur and says, “unlike most of the other women in her age, she continues to be socially active and loves it. She has been helping a lot of people fight with drugs through her care organization in the Netherlands. Sharing her journey, Yvette continued how online training was useful and came up with her online shop called Gorgeousboss. She now sells her products globally and praises how CedCommerce has always been available.

She further adds how she wants to leave a good legacy for her children. On being asked, “what encourages her” she referred to the second chronicle 15:7 of the Bible, which says, “But you, take courage, do not let your hands be weak for your work will be rewarded.” She added, do not let your low self-esteem stop you, for your work will be rewarded if you don’t give up. Her second go-to is “face it until you make it” Yvette continues telling us how women should keep the never-go attitude every morning and set up targets.

She says how each one of us should have a plan to fulfill our dreams and visions. Ending the session, she shares how exciting it is to be a woman and achieve everything through our continued motivation. Yvette gives us the perfect goals to start again and make it all happen.
nadean bartonNadean Barton, a Navy veteran in the U.S., currently runs the Can a girl catch a break shop is a perfect example of a truly empowered woman. “Let your tragedies become a triumph,” she says, and that’s how she succeeded in her life’s tragedies and brought her online shop to such great heights. Having gone through a miscarriage, Nadean never looked back at the old pages of her life. Fighting with everything, she stands firm, becoming a real role model for everyone out there. Nadean’s friend quotes, “trust yourself against all the thoughts,” and don’t let fear overpower you under any circumstance.
michelleHaving had the desire to live her life on her terms Michelle– a woman of faith shares her life mantra of living life audaciously despite seeing the invisible, doing the impossible, and inspiring others to do the same. She served the U.S. military and was a part of the military intelligence community for several years. Michelle shares, “helping the women in need, the one facing health challenges, mental trauma, making them feel viable charges her to wake up every morning, wanting to see women win. Michelle runs her non-profit organization “Healing women healing nations” in northeast Florida. She goes on telling us how her other business venture, “Michelle speaks with a zeal,” perfectly syncs with her non-profit organization. She goes on saying no matter how dark the beginning is you must go on. Ending the note with inspirational words, she adds, “You can have all the dreams that you want, by establishing the vision of identifying everything needed to achieve your goals. Be bold, be persistent, follow your heart, be true to your vision, be true to your mission, and do not compromise.”

Strive until you achieve it

“A woman with a voice is, by definition, a strong woman.” – Melinda Gates

Everyone has a story; all you need is a perfect balance. No matter what, stand up for your goals, stay strong, and continue making names.

More power to the women who are working hard to turn their dreams into reality!

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