paul's liquor store sales grew 25percent
Paul’ Liquor Store Optimized Product Upload Process, Traffic Grew 25%

Paul’ Liquor Store Optimized Product Upload Process, Traffic Grew 25%


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Paul’s Liquor is a Shopify based online store that sells a wide array of premium liquor products like whisky, wine, beer, spirits, and more. The store was launched in 2021 to deliver superior liquor at a competitive price.

It is a family-owned business based out of Sydney that has been catering best-in-class alcohol for almost two decades, and the owner Mr. Prabh takes pride in it.

Paul’s Liquor Store Owner Sensed The Business Opportunity Ahead

The rise of on-demand alcohol delivery in Australia since the pandemic resulted in a sharp rise in online alcohol sales. Mr. Prabh being a passionate entrepreneur, took no time to understand that digital engagement is now an integral part of the customer journey during online liquor purchases. Hence, he decided to expand his liquor business by becoming a seller on (Australia’s finest e-commerce marketplace).

Paul’s Liquor Store Owner Decided To List Products on

Mr. Prabh Singh is an ambitious entrepreneur who desires to expand his liquor business and reach target audience at a global level by listing his Shopify store products on a popular marketplace. Hence, He decided to sell on Catch to target potential liquor shoppers at the global level (mainly in Australia).

paul's liquor store

Product Upload Complexity Was the Biggest Hurdle in Selling on Catch

Uploading hundreds of products is never an easy task. It requires a lot of man hours and is error prone too. Store owner Prabh Singh tried to list products on Catch manually. Still, his efforts were unsuccessful, as uploading a humongous amount of products without the right marketplace integration solution never fetched the expected output.

He tried multiple times but always got stuck with the complexity associated with uploading products. The process of manually uploading product images to the Shopify store backend, followed by copying all those URLs into the CSV, was a tiring task.

Soon, Prabh realized there was something wrong with his manual approach because it turned out to be a time-intensive process and also worried him about the possibility of manual error.

He was eagerly looking for the right solution to skip this tedious task and list products hassle-free.

The Dire Need To Simplify Product Upload Process On Catch.Com

Using a marketplace integration solution is the most widely trusted method to simplify the entire selling operations from product listing to shipping and all in between.

Mr.Prabh discovered CedCommerce Catch Marketplace Integration as a result of his quest for the right solution to streamline selling on Catch.

Keeping selling simple with an integration solution has a plethora of benefits.

  • The product upload process gets faster and error-free.
  • Minimal chance of discrepancy in the product description.
  • Error notification informs about possible product listing rejection in advance.
  • Crystal clear visibility about business relevant data of products, inventory, customers, and orders.

Apart from the benefits mentioned above, scaling a business to the next level is the next step. And managing thousands of products is possible only without fear of

  • Losing sales.
  • Order getting delayed.
  • Order shipped to the wrong address.
  • Denying customers due to items being out of stock.
  • Wasting money on procuring more than required stock.
  • Missing uploading product variants.

Therefore, Catch Marketplace Integration puts an end to the above worries of sellers irrespective of the product quantity.

Catch Marketplace Integration features

The Catch Marketplace Integration By CedCommerce Streamlined The Product Upload Process

Bulk Product Upload

Product upload process gets complex with an increase in product quantity. Mr. Prabh struggled a lot trying to import hundreds of products from his Shopify store to the Catch marketplace.

The bulk upload feature ensured all products got listed on Catch on the first attempt. This feature cheered up Paul’s Liquor store owner. He was happy that none of the products were rejected by Catch.

Moreover, it saved him loads of man-hours, and he had no worries about product variants not getting listed due to missing attributes.

Product Import Process From Shopify To Catch Made Easy and Fast

Profile-Based Products Upload

This feature allowed creation of product profiles based on a single category. As a result, every store product mapping was done with the most appropriate category on the Catch marketplace.

Efficient Product Management By Grouping Product Category Wise

Product Management

Our app’s product section provided a bird’s eye view to Mr.Prabh of all his products from a single dashboard. As a result, Mr.Prabh could access the latest product status without the hassle of switching multiple tabs. It included

  • Active products
  • Inactive products
  • Processing items
  • Not uploaded products

Thus, assisting in making informed business decisions.

Holistic view of all products in single dashboard

Additional Features of Catch Marketplace Integration That Benefitted PAUL’s LIQUOR Store

  • The custom inventory set-up to ensure accurate inventory details. Therefore, it proved helpful in avoiding overselling and underselling.
  • The custom pricing feature allowed it to set different prices at the Paul’s Liquor store and Catch for the same product. As a result, Mr.Prabh successfully set competitive pricing for every product.
  • Our 24/7 responsive tech support team guided step by step to set up and configure the Catch Marketplace Integration solution with Paul’s Liquor store. Mr. Prabh specially thanked CedCommerce BDA Akash for his outstanding expertise and unwavering commitment to resolving issues before they can become a hurdle in selling on Catch.
  • Made it smooth for customers to browse for products that belong to specific category like beer, whisky, spirits, wine
  • Every order received on the Catch marketplace gets auto-created on the Shopify store. Real-time sync of updates (price, size, specifications) made in the existing items. Real-time order and inventory sync for Shopify and Catch.

Catch Marketplace Integration increased profit

Summing It Up – Making Selling Easy is a Prerequisite To Maximize Sales

The success story of Mr.Prabh Singh is a testament that simplifying online selling significantly impacts your business’s bottom line.

Also, there is a negligible chance of success for businesses eyeing online expansion via selling on marketplaces but overlooking the importance of automating the selling operations.

Paul’s Liquor Store partnered with CedCommerce and found out to become a professional seller on Catch; the best solution is to streamline the selling process with Catch Marketplace Integration.


CedCommerce integration solutions have immense capabilities to power multichannel selling in true sense. Moreover, these have proved to be a game changer for sellers aspiring to become a successful online merchant on all globally renowned marketplaces.

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