Experience multichannel selling with WooCommerce.
Success Story: ChruchGear simplified selling on multiple channels with Ced.

Success Story: ChruchGear simplified selling on multiple channels with Ced.


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Found & established in Texas, ChruchGear sells used music gears across the USA. Toby, the founder of the company, needed a new music system to replace the outdated old one. With the new requirement came the realization that the storage of the church has started to run out. Knowing that these old & used music gears still hold some value, he decided to sell them offline & online, hence making space & collecting funds for the new equipment.

sell music gears online

They found an easy and stress-free way for churches to sell their used production equipment. In addition to that, they actively help the churches reclaim their storage space back.

Since its inception, the brotherhood has evolved into a full-fledged team of former church personnel and worship band members who enjoy partnering with churches across the country.

The challenges:

Selling used gears online has its own challenges. Channels like eBay & Reverb require some tool that is capable of bulk uploading & managing the inventory data with no glitches. Additionally, the WooCommerce & marketplace stores need to be synced in order to make selling frictionless & smooth.  The product & inventory data that was stored on Airtable added more to the challenges. The issue revolved around the data sync & automation from Airtable to the WooCommerce store & further pushing it to the marketplace (eBay & Reverb) for selling purposes. 

Make selling a breeze on eBay with eBay Integration for WooCommerce.

The Solution:

Firstly, listing products with Woo-Integration for multichannel selling:

Ced’s designed & developed WooCommerce marketplaces integrations offer a smart & excellent solution for multichannel selling.

ChruchGears leveraged on eBay & Reverb with increased visibility of their products. Every feature, right from listing to syncing, WooCommerce integration was the answer to ChruchGear’s listing question. 

Following are the key features of the high-performing tools:

Complete Automation:

With friction-less synchronization of your inventory, you control the selling from a single WooCommerce dashboard.

Product Intelligence:

Bulk Upload:

The bulk action feature lets the seller upload and update the details of an unlimited number of products.

Category Mapping:

Manage your product catalog and increase the visibility of the products with intelligent mapping.

Product data validation:

Get the product details in line with the marketplace’s guidelines within no time.

Order Management and Regulation:

Avoid the hassles of manual order regulation & supervise and manage your orders easily from the app’s dashboard.

Want to give your musical products a global visibility? Simply sell on Reverb. 

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Secondly, single click 2-way automation from Airtable to eBay/Reverb via WooCommerce:

The job here was to sync the data from Airtable to WooCommerce. And further mapping the WooCommerce data onto the marketplace (eBay & Reverb) database.

The workforce from Ced successfully created efficient 2-way automation between the platforms for frictionless data flow.

Let’s break out the 2-way automation further:

Firstly, for new items/products on Airtable:

WooCommerce store & Airtable gets linked. Further, the same product data becomes visible on eBay & Reverb marketplace store.

Secondly, for offline orders:

Airtable stores the offline orders as well. This update in the stock gets updated on WooCommerce & also on the marketplace stores with just one click.

The Outcome:

ChruchGear has been sailing smoothly with multichannel selling on eBay & Reverb from WooCommerce. The tool comes enhanced with modern features & enriched with a round-the-clock excellent support system. Likewise, Ced’s WooCommerce marketplace integrations take away the time-consuming & tedious tasks. And additionally, Ced successfully created 2-way automation between the platforms.

Firstly, after understanding the business motives & model, Ced’s vision has always been reducing redundancies in the selling process for the ChruchGears. 

Secondly, customization focused on further producing 2-way automation for ChruchGear’s data from Airtable to more than one platform.

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Ced’s WooCommerce marketplace extensions deliver power-packed and cutting-edge features for multichannel selling for any WooCommerce store. To help online sellers like ChruchGear, list & sell products in a hassle-free manner, multichannel selling integrations offer the best shot.

Additionally, tailoring custom requests for the WooCommerce store for a better database flow. Leveraging their listing & selling strategy with the WooCommerce marketplace integrations, ChruchGear has been associated with Ced’s for over a year now. In conclusion, with excellent & prompt support from the team, the ChruchGear has effectively & efficiently listed & continues to sell smoothly on eBay & Reverb.

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