Magento Marketplace extension
Business1.X to Business2.0: Magento 2 users guide to Higher Sales!..

Business1.X to Business2.0: Magento 2 users guide to Higher Sales!..


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Magento is the most used e-commerce platform in the world. This popularity is attributed to its extremely flexible and easy structure, intriguing themes, compatibility with platforms are few of its multifarious features.

Magento Marketplace extension.

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And with the inclusion of new structure, CSS preprocessing as a replacement for Bootstrap, new layouts, Under the hood and Magento UI Library, Magento 2 has improved the performance and scalability for businesses operating on it. It, also, brings down upgrade costs and efforts.

It comes as no surprise that most of the websites using Magento 2 for selling their products feature among the top websites. And the growth in the Magento users is phenomenal. Following graph shows the rise in the Magento users from December 2015 to November 2016.

Magento Marketplace extension.

Also, Magento is being used for the diverse range of websites as its extremely flexible. Whatsoever may be the vertical of business and howsoever may be the scale of business, Magento serves all. As it is e-commerce platform, following diagram only confirms the authority of the Magento being used for shopping and business websites.

Magento Marketplace extension.

Now that everything converges to Magento being the market leader, the question remains, how to take your business on notch higher?

Magento almost provides all the functionality that helps facilitate the smooth operating of businesses. However, with some further measures, the businesses can be catapulted to the NEXT level.

1. Streamlining the Shipping:

Often online sellers subscribe to services of shipping company through tie -ups or they install the extension of the respective company that informs online sellers about the rate to applied for sending a specific product. Vendors inform the Shipping company, they cone and pick up the offer for shipment. Simple!

However, this can be made simpler by structuring the entire shipment process. You don’t require multiple shipping extension so as to compare who ships the product on the lower charges. Rather once for all define the all the routes, shipment modes, and charges for different products or different charges for the same product in the different countries.

This can be done with Advance Rate Shipping. It is an extension that lets online sellers define the rules, enter the shipment modes and their charges. Therefore, whenever any customer wants to purchase any item, it looks out for the destination and informs you of the total shipment charges as per the table rate created by you.

2. Make products more appealing:

One of the Major reasons that visitors don’t convert to sales is their dissatisfaction towards the product arising due to incomplete or inadequate information. Mere putting up all the required information is not enough, they must be structured properly and it requires different file types.

For example, if you’re selling Garments, high quality of pictures are of the products is essential whereas for selling software not only image but DOC files are also required, Therefore each product requires specific types of file for displaying the information in the most appealing manner.

There are many Production information extension and add-ons available at Magento Connect. Purchase one to display the information in the most appealing manner.

3. Deliver Quality Content:

For persuading your prospects to buy from you, the quality content is indispensable. Not only it spreads the awareness of your products but educates the prospects about the benefits, how to utilize it for maximum benefit, and helps you cover different aspects of the product.

By providing quality content that customers has an appetite for, you can quickly climb up the ladder in the SERPs (Search Engine Ranking Pages) as Google rewards those serious about troubleshooting all the problems of the searchers in the most meaningful way. Also, it establishes you as an authority.

This objective can be achieved by installing CMS (Content Management System) add-on or extension. The extension helps customers to easily create, curate, manage and publish the content.

4. Effective Communication:

No one can undermine the importance and the significance communication plays in making the foothold stronger for the businesses. Communication is the soul for establishing great business ethos, nurturing the business relation and finally making it ever stronger bond that last for a long time.

Effective communication translates that the seller is responsible, serious and means business. It also helps to deliver the promotional activities to the customers. Twilio messaging extension is considered the leader among the messaging extensions.

All the above measure if utilized meaningfully, further adds new customers, makes their experience rich and compels them to visit again. These helps in shaping businesses to BUSINESS1.Xs. However, to take the businesses to next level altogether, MultiVendor Marketplace Extension can be used.

5. Convert to Marketplace: BUSINESS2.0

It promotes community selling, Alike sellers can sell on the same platform. They can pool their resources and can divide the expenses of running online stores. Converting a website into the marketplace is the best opportunity to make it big. As the global e-commerce trade is to touch $1.5 trillion mark by 2018, prospects of new players entering the e-commerce vertical are bright as ever.

Not the only Magento MultiVendor Marketplace adds new products to the website, it also brings new customers, helps in marketing the website to new people. Also, it brings the fresh source of revenues in form of commission. The marketplace extension makes you the admin of the websites. You can invite or accept requests from other sellers willing to sell on your website.

To scale the businesses up it is critically important that all the productivity increasing tools must be used. Restraining from any measures that evolve the businesses only stagnates the growth – an undesirable trait for ambitious sellers.

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