Indian start-ups, Technology, business, multi vendor marketplace,
Taking Your Business Online, Or Looking To Startup in India?  Let Us Take Care Of Your Technology For You!

Taking Your Business Online, Or Looking To Startup in India? Let Us Take Care Of Your Technology For You!


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India has its share of entrepreneurs. The country has given birth to some seriously notable personalities in both business and technology. Indeed, the only reason why the country hasn’t got an even greater density of start-ups and businesses, is the lack of technology. There is no dearth of good ideas however, in today’s tech intensive environment, mere ideas can only take you so far.


Towards the same, we at CedCommerce have come up with a range of tech-intensive solutions that are capable of empowering would-be entrepreneurs and startups that are already operational. The former can use these solutions to get their business off the ground, while the latter can deploy them to scale and achieve new heights.


Indian start-ups, Technology, business, multi vendor marketplace,


What this means is that even if you lack the technical know how, but believe that you have what it takes to successfully launch and run a business  — we can help you turn your business ideas into a real, tangible enterprises. After all, an entrepreneur shouldn’t be limited and unable to deploy his business acumen just because he decided to graduate in history, or commerce, instead of computer science.


Which is part of why we came up with a specialized roster of products specifically aimed towards Indian businesses. Whether it is an e-commerce marketplace like Amazon, a booking platform like MakeMyTrip, or a food ordering service like Zomato — we have solutions for all your needs.



And that is only the least of what we can do. Apart from these, and a whole range of other ready to deploy solutions, we can also set you up with customized applications that respond the way you want them to respond and cater to the specific problems you are trying to solve. After all, there is a reason why we are one of the most trusted technology development partners to the Indian startup community.


So whether it is an innovative auction platform you have in mind, or a unique platform to facilitate online education — we have you covered. With us by your side, technology shall never be where you get stumped.


Here are some important features you will be getting when you opt for either of our packages meant for giving Indian entrepreneurs and merchants a quick start.


Some features of the Indian Multi Vendor Marketplace





Make sure that your store, or marketplace, or platform, is superbly responsive and easy to use for customers — with our super cool CETA theme. After all, usability and ease of access are some of the first concerns a prospective customers is going to have when he opens up your platform on his computer.




If it’s a marketplace you are going for, or any other such platform which involves you inviting other vendors to actually sell their products on it, well, invite away! With our marketplace, you can invite one hundred, one thousand, ten thousand, and more merchants to list and sell on your platform. After all, the more the merrier, right!




If you or your vendors have a lot of products to go around, we have made sure that it is supremely easy to upload them all into the system. This ensures that you — or the vendors who will be using your marketplace — don’t waste all their time uploading each and every product onto the platform. Instead, upload products in a matter of minutes, and with just a few clicks.




Moderate every single aspect of your website. Whether it is your vendors, or your customers, our robust systems ensure that you can keep an eye on every process taking place on your platform. After all, it is your business and it is only going to take off, if it has you to keep a watch over things. And that is exactly what our platform will let you do.




Our platforms are all highly SEO friendly. What this means is, that you can rest assured that your web store or auction platform, or whatever else you come up with, will be ranked highly by the search engines — ensuring that you will start receiving customers almost from week 1.




When we said we were going to make it really easy for you to set up an online e-commerce platform, we actually meant it. Yup. Focus on sales while we make sure that things like order processing and shipments continue taking place in the background.




Reach out to a global audience with out Multi-lingual support, which ensures that your audience are always able to relate to your products and your platform, regardless of the language you are operating in. Our offerings will make sure that your website automatically conforms itself to the language of the reader.




Catering to customers from two or more countries? Looking to create a global brand? No issues. Cater to your customers in the currency they are comfortable paying in. Whether it is dollars, or Yen, or Indian rupees you want to collect — we have you covered.




Provides customers with the freedom to choose from one of the multiple payment methods. This makes sure that your sellers are able to tout their wares and make sales regardless of whether they are using credit/debit cards, cash on delivery, or some other platform. Mode of payment will never be a pain point with our extensions.




Do you have multiple types of products on your platform? Well, no problem. Whether you are selling used cars, to freshly grown oranges, our platform allows you to set commission rates that you will generate from your clients. The commissions rates can be both fixed, as well as variable, depending upon how you want to handle it.




You want to make sure that the commissions from sellers on your platform reach you, and the sellers are also able to rest in peace knowing that they will receive their due money. Well, our platform makes this possible thanks to an extremely reliable system of transactions between the admin and the vendors.




Lets your customers be informed in real-time about the status of their orders with online tracking capability and allows vendors to generate order reports.




Handle all disputes between customers and vendors without any trouble. Bind the merchants selling on your platform with a service level agreement, and call upon it to resolve all disputes associated with merchandise return and so on — ensure that your platform is able to maintain its credibility at all costs and under all circumstances.




We love customizations. The more you want to personalize your platform, the more facilities we will provide to power your efforts. After all, you are setting out to create something unique, right? That is going to take some customizations and we are only too willing and ready to provide them.





A robust customer support structure is the backbone of any business. We understand it, and that is exactly why we strive to provide top-notch support to our customers — that is YOU. And when we are designing a platform for you, rest assured that we will do our best to ensure that your customer support structure is state-of-the-art, with easy communication between the admin, vendors and the customer.





Deploy seriously heavyweight applications on behalf of your business and bump up its capabilities bt several notches. Whatever applications you want, chances are that one of our 3rd party partners have you covered. Integrate applications from Sugrcrm, Odoo, Salesforce, Netsuite, Sap, Vtiger & Zohocrm, and make your platform that much more powerful.


These customizations, along with the other features available with the Indian Multi-Vendor marketplace are quite enough to give your business a running start. And when it is time to scale and take your business to thousands, or millions of users spread across the world, well, we are very good with scaling as well.


Let us in on your team!


Indian start-ups, Technology, business, multi vendor marketplace,


With us by your side, it will be like having a very, very hard-working Co-founder with degrees in almost every branch of computer science you can think of. Let us help you set up your business now!
So what are you waiting for? Give your dreams wings with our highly affordable, state-of-the-art, multi vendor marketplace for Indian entrepreneurs. Click here now, and let’s do it!


Thank you for your interest!


Team CedCommerce


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