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Build a Magento APP for your Online Store WITHOUT ANY CODING SKILLS FOR FREE

Build a Magento APP for your Online Store WITHOUT ANY CODING SKILLS FOR FREE


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Since building an app is similar to creating an art, with many elements and each one amalgamated in the appropriate proportions, it is a craft that requires mastery. Same holds true for MageNative Magento app.

And with the pervasiveness of Smartphones, it becomes quintessential for businesses especially e-commerce ones, to better have a presence or lose the healthy stream of revenues.

However building a website which has exceptional navigation, is user-friendly and visually appealing is no joke. It requires carefully crafted strategy, U/UX, Design, development and other various factors to finally get a feature-rich app; until now.

Cedcommerce has done it all for you: be it brainstorming about the best design, icons, theme and other aspects. The MageNative app that converts any Magento website to a feature-rich Magento app into a feature-rich app without any fuss.

No coding required. Just enter your business details and personalized content and get ready to launch your own Magento app. The MageNative app is developed to cater all your and your customers needs.

Take a look at features that we included to give you the best solution

For Your Customers:

1- Seamless Navigation:

It is uber important to weed out all the guessing work from the navigation and embed a user-friendly design that weeds out all the guessing work and ensures easy navigation and fluent user actions. For this your customers get:

  • Social Login,
  • Advanced Search Features,
  • Multilingual & Multi-Currency

2- Aesthetically pleasant interface:

The interface must convey interactivity or your consumers will leave the app immediately. Therefore, the pleasing Interface of the Magento app ensures your customers engage and understand the app almost instantly.

  • Legible text,
  • Precise and lucid icons,
  • Subtle adornments,
  • color,
  • fonts,
  • graphics


3- Redundant Buying Journey:

With each extra page, you kill the enthusiasm of the visitor to purchase and your chances to earn revenue. Thus, the app is optimized to ensure Redundant buyer journey, killing all the extra pages and steps and ensuring the buyer journey is optimum and compels decision making, minimizes the cart abandonment rate and maximizes the conversion rate. To ensure this, the app has:

  • Multi Filter & Sorting,
  • Voice Search,
  • Transparent pricing,
  • Faster Checkout page,
  • All payment method support


For You:

Aforementioned embedded features ensure whenever your user visits your website he has an awesome experience. But it doesn’t end here, MageNative app has all the feature which puts you on the full control of your app and help you scale.

1- Marketing the Products

The app has a Multifarious approach to marketing. Which ensure maximum outreach of your products to your targeted audiences and help you influence. To achieve this, the app contains several tools that ensure you to run your marketing campaigns aggressively.

  • Coupons,
  • Promotion addon,
  • Social Product Sharing,
  • SEO friendly,
  • Countdown-based Deals,
  • Feature product Carousel,
  • Review and Ratings,
  • Push notification,

2- Personalize The App

Another important facet. If you can’t stand out you can’t sell and we understand that. Therefore, the MageNative app lets you personalize your app. You just need to be prepared with eye-ball grabbing graphics and upload them into the app and ensure complete personalization.

  • Login Page & Home Page Personalization,
  • Logo,
  • Pictures, Product View

3- Customers Instantly Reach You

Also, the app almost has all the measures put-in-place that ensures your customers instantly contact you which further helps in building trust and establishing authority

  • Google connect,
  • E-Mail
    Google Map

4- Track Your Performance

If you can’t measure your growth, you would always be short of your goals. Most Certainly. Therefore. The app has all the provisions and tools that help you track your marketing efforts and create reports to outperform your competitors.

  • Tracking Audience Overview,
  • Regional Traffic,
  • User flow page-wise,
  • All traffic Status,
  • Website Conversion,
  • Product sales and more

5- Other Exciting Features

The app ensure Real-Time Synchronization with your online store so any changes made into your e-commerce platform are immediately reflected in the mobile app and vice-versa.

Barcode Scanner: Your customers can scan the barcode of any product and search it at your m-commerce store:

RTL (Right to Left Language) Compatibility: Supports Arabic, Hebrew, and other right-to-left compatible languages.

OTP and Phone No Login: for you to ensure hassle-free sign-up and login (in the pipeline).


Available with 30 days free trial period, the MageNative app ensures you start your mobile commerce journey in the whisker and you don’t have to run after developers, designers and then push them to comply with deadlines. All of it and everything ends with MageNative app. The Magento 2 app is also available on Official Magento Marketplace now.

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