cedcommerce joins IWD break the boas movement leading to ender equality
CedCommerce Joins IWD #BreakTheBias Movement: Stepping Together towards a Progressive Tomorrow

CedCommerce Joins IWD #BreakTheBias Movement: Stepping Together towards a Progressive Tomorrow


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8th March, International Women’s Day 2022: The most awaited day of celebrating #her.

A day when we talk about empowering her, the sacrifices she has made, cherish her efforts and determinations. This year to raise awareness for equality, the United Nations declared the theme of the day as – Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow, making this world a more diverse place for women to thrive. 

Making this world more inclusive and equitable, we at CedCommerce take pride in manifesting and spreading the message of gender equality and working together to make a better society with no gender bias. 

“As a future-oriented organization, CedCommerce leverages the power of diverse teams to drive better outcomes,” says Mr. Abhishek Jaiswal, CEO and co-founder of CedCommerce. He adds, “We celebrate women’s achievements, value their differences, and forge women’s equality to enable an excellent work environment and experience for our clients, partners, employees, and the overall CED family.”

We know how these past years have highly impacted women’s lives in so many different ways. While many found it challenging to maintain a work-life balance, we also saw how the pandemic had a near-immediate effect on women’s employment. 

Celebrating women who are redefining the future of business, we collected stories from womenpreneurs worldwide to help them raise their voices and inspire several budding women leaders to step up and start their revolutionary journeys.

#SheLeadsTheChange: Bringing voices from across the world

Lauren from infinitydieseltrucks tells us that the auto industries, especially diesel trucks, are male-dominated. She is firmly #breakingthebias by working in this industry for over four years now, and how she loves to explore something new every day. 

Eleftheria, a working mom of three adorable kids owns her family’s online coffee grinder store, called TheRoasters.gr, is a woman with a cheerful “can-do” attitude and enjoys painting, photo shooting, and video creating. Eleftheria tells us how gracefully she welcomes new ideas and feels motivated to create them because it allows her to expand her knowledge and skills. She also thanks and credits CedCommerce to guide her to the pathway of developing a powerful website.

I wanted an entirely new and simplified solution for my e-commerce website and team CedCommerce developed a customized solution that exactly matched my requirements. The highly skilled and experienced team members of CedCommerce helped me through the journey of creating The Roasters. The Roasters now is growing and on its journey to success. I already associate CedCommerce with my new projects as well and I am sure it will be awesome too!” says Eleftheria.

Charmi is #breakingthebias through empowerment

Charmi from Decorrifylife shares, “I am someone who has believed in women empowerment since I was a little girl, and now I am a mother-in-law with the same belief. We came up with the idea of decorify when I started redecorating my house three years back. It got me a lot of appreciation from my friends and family, especially for my choice of one-of-a-kind products and the rates I got them in. And this was a eureka moment for me.

I decided why not come up with an idea where all such vendors can be helped, and people like me can sit at their homes and shop, and that’s how we landed on the decorify lifestyle idea. Since we were planning to help a lot of vendors who weren’t that tech-savvy, a multi-vendor platform was a must. CedCommerce not only helped us reach the goal but also guided me on what other options or customs can be made for an excellent user experience.”

Noelia is #breakingthebias with her passion

Noelia, the creator and director of El Yoga Mola shares her secret of being shy and that we cannot find her very active across social media platforms. She is a fashion designer and a yoga teacher by profession and tells us how El Yoga Mola was born by uniting two of her great passions. She further shares, “When I turned 30, yoga burst into my life and turned everything on my head. Since then yoga has been my life mission. Yoga Mola obeys gratitude for all the good that yoga has given me. As the modern yogini that I am, I try to capture everything that surrounds me, vibrates me, and makes me evolve in my designs.

I take care of every detail when creating a mat, I look for the best qualities at responsible prices. Along with me, a team of professionals make El Yoga Mola become a reference brand at the European level. We have a lot of ideas and a lot of energy put into El Yoga Mola. And thanks to you, they are shaped day by day. If you are reading this, I am sure that you also vibrate at the same frequency as me. Thank you very much for stopping by!” 

On the list, we have Jasmine Gan, a Philippine-based entrepreneur working with Cedcommerce to set up and manage a2z2go, an up-and-coming e-commerce platform. She tells us to thrive today, “customer service and innovation are the two things driving us to do better and to work harder.”

The CedCommerce Warriors: A tribute to who are making it happen

As we celebrate her, we are honored to have the best women workforce at CedCommerce. They thrive diligently to make it all happen and are #breakingthebias by voicing their opinion in every possible way. We asked some of our women warriors to share their heroic journeys and recorded in the form of videos and texts. Let’s hear from them: 

Tuba Bano Qureshi says, “I am glad to be the part of a firm that celebrates women’s individuality and always keeps its female workforce at the forefront. And I, being a Strong, Independent & Confident woman, feel extremely grateful to be a part of this progressive organization. I am proud to have always voiced my opinion and thoughts, loud and clear especially when it comes to pursuing my dreams and career. And I feel incredibly proud of my journey of not giving up.”

Neha Singh, Senior Business Development Manager at CedCommerce, reminisces joining the team with three other female colleagues. She tells us that they were the first women candidates to join the team. They never felt any gap in conveying their inputs or issues with the team. She further extends her gratitude to the co-founder and CEO, Mr. Abhishek Jaiswal, for his exceptional guidance at every point.

She tells us how “Mr. Jaiswal pushed us hard to take challenges at every moment and prove to others that yes, we are contributing equally to this company.” Leading her team with complete confidence and dedication, Neha affirms how she maintains equality in the team and maintains a progressive nature of every member. 

She adds, “No doubt women are challenging themselves every day for a new start, and here in CedCommerce, I can see they are presenting themselves as leaders. In content, marketing, development, designing, and the rest other teams, they are giving their best.

#BreakingTheBias shows the equality between males and females, and I support the real meaning of feminism that allows you to respect women and men.

I just got married last year and now manage my work and my family. Apart from being someone’s wife, daughter, sister, you must have your own identity. This will give you strength and improve your personality. My work and presence in CedCommerce is my identity, and I love to take this forward.”

Sanover Tasneem shares her experience with us and tells us, “the last 2.5 years at CedCommerce has been a remarkable and learning journey for me that has incarnated my career trajectory to another level. Having supporting managers, seniors, and peers, CedCommerce feels like another home where you are valued, heard, and poked to become the best versions of yourself. Rooting for growth and inclusion even more to all my peers and mates. I wish great luck to all the aspiring techies out there who wish to bring the change!”

Moving along Shreya Srivastava says, “IWD, a day to celebrate the contribution of women worldwide and devalue gender discrimination. But can we do that? Is a day sufficient enough to celebrate Women and accelerate gender parity?

Deliberately or unconsciously, somewhere down the line, we come across many instances that reflect our uneven mindset every day. This year I would like to shatter the bias around the notion that “Women can’t fully contribute and be 100% productive at the workplace”, especially after marriage.

This is just one example;

Let’s promise this #IWD; we make these women feel included. 

At CedCommerce, I have seen gender equality since day one; now, we need to accelerate positive change with our vision. Let’s #breakthebias and give every woman equal position, equal pay, and equal opportunities without any preconceived notion and allow them to deliver their full potential at work.

“She is the shadow of the house,

She is the light of the home.

She is the one who speaks of love,

She is the one who deserves to be served.

She is a brave woman who stands still and strong,” shares Shreya.

Umme Hani tells us, “I am a privileged woman of the modern times with amazing opportunities all open and available to explore and exploit. So here’s my story. While working for CedCommerce, I got married in 2020, and by mid-2021, got pregnant.

All of these are very normal parts of life and are pretty common. We hear of these things every day. But when it happened to me, I was surrounded by fears, challenges, skepticism, and whatnot! Self-doubt filled me.

The fear of losing my career, failing to deliver optimum performance, and so much more. Thanks to my husband and our CEO Mr. Abhishek Jaiswal who supported me beyond possibilities. 

When you are a woman in the corporate world you can neither pause your personal life nor let go of your career. You have to find a balance. Things are already complicated but they become tremendously painful when you face the stereotypical mentality judging your competence as a woman. Expectations dramatically increase and you end up putting so much more effort than you would ordinarily do to simply break the bias of She is a woman, she comes with a lot of baggage. 

With my continued dedication and efforts I made sure that the trust that my CEO, my leaders, and my team have in me remains justified. And with the sacred faith and unlimited support from everyone in CedCommerce, so many women like me are breaking the bias every day.

Thank you and Happy Women’s Day to all the fellow humans out there.”

Hearing all such inspiring notes from women across the globe, I believe, “as business itself is changing, it is important that women feel that their gender isn’t a factor at all. Gender balance plays a key role in driving our confidence, and helps us present the best of ourselves. Especially in senior management teams, when every other decision you make leads to a huge impact on the internal teams I feel diversity plays a crucial role.” 

Lets’ enter into a world full of sustainability, equality, and peace, leaving no one behind. To turn promises into action, we need to step it up now and transform gender equality into a lived reality.

In the comments below, let us know your thoughts on the progressive world or what inspires you to thrive and survive every day. 

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