Bonanza Shopify Integration App
CedCommerce launches Bonanza Shopify, Adds to the list of MultiChannel apps available at the Shopify Store

CedCommerce launches Bonanza Shopify, Adds to the list of MultiChannel apps available at the Shopify Store


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Portland, Oregon – (March 28, 2018) – Enabling Shopify users to reach their potential audiences, CedCommerce, the official channel partner of Bonanza, has launched Bonanza Marketplace Integration app. The app is now available on Shopify app store.


The Bonanza Shopify Integration App is an API-based multichannel inventory & Order management software which will enable 1 million+ Shopify users base willing to sell on Bonanza or already selling manually through their booth to automate the online sale related operations.


At the Product Launch, Co-Founder and Director of CedCommerce said,
E-commerce marketplace are proving to be one of most contributing factors for online sellers to scale up their businesses and boost revenues”.


The share of Marketplaces in Online B2C Retail spending:


A study conducted by Forrester states that “Half of the online retail B2C spend came from marketplaces in 2016; by 2022, this share could rise to 66% if current growth trends continue”. Another study done by USPS & comScore finding that 97% of the customers browse products on marketplaces before making purchases verifies the findings.


Features of Bonanza Shopify Integration App:


Bulk Products Upload:

This feature allows sellers to upload the desired products in one-time to create listing at This gains the significant position as sellers have to create multiple listings which become a cumbersome task.


Error Notification:

The utility of this feature comes into picture while creating a listing at the respective marketplace. Different marketplaces have their distinct guidelines for the item listing, thus this feature alerts sellers for any inconsistency in the item information.


Order Management:


This is one aspect of the app which enables sellers to accept orders from Bonanza, save, edit and delete order history and more


Near-Real-Time Sync:


This feature lets sellers update all the item changes, order changes and other information on the Bonanza marketplace through automated cron jobs, scheduled at regular intervals. This process maintains the consistency in the listing information and reduces manual work.




This feature empowers sellers to send unique information for their items. With features to customize price/inventory/shipping rules for their products.


Pricing & Availability:


The Bonanza Shopify Integration app can be downloaded from the official Shopify app store by following the link ->


Shopify App Store


To know the Pricing Plan Of The Bonanza Shopify Integration App Click Here.


Furthermore, the app comes with 7-day free trial and requires no credit card for activation.


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About Bonanza:

Voted as the “Most Recommended Marketplace” in 2016 over eBay, Amazon, Etsy and all other competitors by over 50,000 sellers in the largest seller survey online, is a fast-growing online marketplace headquartered in Seattle Washington. It connects buyers and sellers from all over the world to transact directly.


About CedCommerce:


Featured among the winners of Technology Fast 50 India and Technology Fast 500 APAC for two years in a row, CedCommerce is the official Channel Integration of behemoths such as Walmart, Sears, Best Buy, and Newegg, etc. facilitating onboarding of e-commerce sellers on these e-commerce platforms.


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