Amazon Hanukkah Deals
Best-reviewed Gifts and Products to sell on Amazon this Hanukkah Festival

Best-reviewed Gifts and Products to sell on Amazon this Hanukkah Festival


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The festival of lights is finally at the onset. What people love to buy from Amazon is what retailers on Amazon must know. To make it easier for you, we have brought this quick list of bestselling Hanukkah products and Hanukkah marketing tips, especially for your Amazon-Shopify store. Also, learn about the best integration tools you can use throughout the festive season to yield the best results out of your sales & marketing efforts!

As of February 25, 2023, the New and Improved version of Amazon by CedCommerce is now known as “CedCommerce Amazon Channel”.

Bestselling Hanukkah Products on Amazon you can add to your store for sale

There are so many products that are highly rated and best reviewed on Amazon. Adding these products to your store too for sale can bring more search and conversions to your store.

Dripless Deluxe Hanukkah Candle Sets

Hanukkah marketing ideas

Hanukkah Hanging Ball Lanterns

Hanukkah prodcuts

Festival Hand-written Pillow cover

Hanukkah best selling products

Hanukkah Ornaments

Hanukkah best selling prodcuts

Happy Hanukkah Table Decorations

Hanukkah Bestselling products
Hanukkah Table Runner

Hanukkah Bestselling products

Traditional Hanukkah Window clings

Hanukkah Bestselling products

Hanukkah Fun Headbands

Amazon Bestselling products


Hanukkah Marketing Tips while selling on Amazon

Amazon can be tricky as being the leading platform, the chances of ranking higher are compatible. However, with these sure-shot Amazon marketing tips, you can increase your product visibility and henceforth increase conversion rates.

Use your keywords wisely: You must know what words and keywords your shoppers use while searching for products on Amazon. You must use those keywords in your product Title & descriptions.

Use good & clear pictures: The better the quality of the product image, the more appealing it will be for your shoppers. Good images always capture the mind. Click good pictures and show your products from every angle so as to convince your customers completely before freezing their purchase decision with you.

Add appealing payment options: Buy Now Pay Later, is one of the trendiest payment options run by many online retailers and brands. You too can look for payment methods that are in trend and are bringing good conversions.

Give FREE Shipping Options: FREE shipping is what every shopper is looking for during the festive season. If not FREE shipping, you must cut-down the charges or extend same-day delivery options.

Give Buy Two, get one free offer: Gift your shoppers a FREE product on their purchase of two or more products. This special treatment can be a reason for their conversions or even staying up with you for future purchases.

Place really good discounts: Good discounts can go a long way for your store! Shoppers are looking for super saver deals and if you can provide them with what they have been looking for, conversions are guaranteed.

Run Sponsored Ads: Sponsored ads boost your product visibility on Amazon. Out of millions of sellers, selling the same Hanukkah products, yours stands out and that is truly a big deal.

Nail your store look: Let your shoppers get an immediate vibe of landing on something amazing and vibrant. Set up your store with festive layouts, banners, offers, and themes.

Sell high-rating products: As shared above, you can look at what is in demand on Amazon for each festive season. These high-rating products are the ones people looking for and you too can take advantage of strong SEO, customer experience, and good marketing.

Keep in touch with social media platforms: Last but not the least, Omnichannel advertising is always good to capture as many customers as possible. Your prospects can be searching for you on any social media platform and if you have a good SM plan in place, it’s surely going to work for you!

Besides, keeping an automated tool handy that can help you manage all your Amazon and Shopify orders and listings in place, can help you with zero human efforts & errors. These tools are also experts at preventing overselling or underselling challenges.

Manage Your Hanukkah Listings & Orders with Expert AMZ-Shopify Integration Services by CedCommerce

We know the hassles of managing hundreds of orders at the same time and servers going down or inventories going haywire resulting in order cancellations and bad customer experiences. And it can be really scary when you are a seller on Amazon. But wait, we can help with such Hanukkah eCommerce Challenges!

Amazon by CedCommerce App ensures seamless connectivity between the Shopify store and Amazon Marketplace. Easily figure out how to sell on Amazon from Shopify with this app. Create and synchronize Shopify and Amazon listings and reach 200+ million unique visitors per month on average by selling on Amazon. The app supports selling on Amazon for merchants in almost all parts of the world right from the Shopify store. The countries currently excluded from the list are Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and Egypt.

Link Shopify store to Amazon to allow the selection of suitable promotions and pricing, range of products and categories to sell etc., through the app. Explore further to figure out how to sell products on Amazon Marketplace from the Shopify store:

  • Connect Multiple Amazon Accounts
  • Support all Categories
  • Product Template
  • Create Listings & Offers
  • Sync & Track Inventory in near Real-Time
  • Manage Orders & Shipment
  • Free 24×7 Support

Additionally, a dedicated account manager will walk you through all operations and would set up all your store requirements in the first go.

And here we come to the end of the blog! Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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