best eCommerce marketplace software for UAE
Best eCommerce Websites in UAE and Southeast Asia

Best eCommerce Websites in UAE and Southeast Asia


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The Middle East is surfacing apace as a space for the evolution of eCommerce, which has attracted a colossal chunk of entrepreneurs lately. With the ambition of winging themselves, surge the most important question in their mind and that is what are the best eCommerce websites in UAE?

We will answer that question but first, let’s check out those eCommerce giants that are sailing smoothly in the vanguard.

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Best eCommerce Websites in the UAE

Some early birds have already picked their worm. Sensing the vast opportunity, these eCommerce companies have deeprooted themselves long before others even started to think about dilating themselves in the Middle East. Some of them are: 


B2C marketplace



best eCommerce websites is known as the best eCommerce websites in the UAE. Endowed in 2005 as an online auction website linked to an internet portal known as Makhtoob, soon captivated the locals of the Middle East and became vogue while scaling rapidly. 


If you are inspired by the roadmap of souq and want to anchor your online auction store, we have just the solution for you


  • Our solution is entirely equipped for catering to a vast customer range on a global scale, that is necessary for an online auction site.
  • Plus the system is multicurrency compatible i.e it can handle transactions in multiple currencies.


The company went for a switch and waxed as a B2C eCommerce site and the site was put up for auction. It was bought by Amazon who was already looking for a foothold in the Middle East. Souq is now the most popular eCommerce site in UAE.



best eCommerce websites



This site is another name on the list of the best eCommerce websites in the UAE. The biggest hub of any type of electronic gadget you can think of. They even sell the latest gaming CDs and consoles as the UAE has become a gaming centre.



best eCommerce websites


Another dyed-in-the-wool eCommerce site is A one-stop-shop for everything related to pre and post maternity for mothers and babies. They have brilliantly gone through the demand


We have previously provided our assistance and solution to an entrepreneur with a similar idea.


best eCommerce websites


This is another eCommerce site that where can get almost anything not only this, the goods are delivered within 24 hours by Awok’s own delivery service.


Are you on the lookout for a solution to tower up a B2C marketplace just like or any of the above mentioned? We have got you covered on that aspect as well. 


  • Our solution is groomed with multiple facilities including a delivery module similar to Awok.  
  • It is easily configurable and can be modified as per future needs 
  • We have various extensions and add-ons to provide you with your unique website 
  • Our frame is infinitely scalable which means you can expand your marketplace to any extent. 




Blowout & Go


best eCommerce marketplace software for UAE is another site that has sensed the turn of the tide and sprouted out well as an eCommerce company in UAE.

This site provides doorstep beauty service for any kind of occasion as well as professional shoots.


If a booking and appointment eCommerce business is your forte and you are intrigued by the idea of blowout & Go, we have what you need to grid up your business.


  • Our solution is well apt to promote your business in myriad ways.
  • In conjunction with that, it also has multiple facilities for your customers to save their time.  
  • The online scheduling is dedicated to reminding the clients by sending them notifications via email or message on phone. 
  • The model is totally mobile optimizable. Now you won’t have to miss any potential client just because of a rigid frame


All these eCommerce companies are versatile and looming in smoothly. These companies are malleable to the ongoing trends and it’s furtive behind their survival and boom in the cut-throat competition in the UAE eCommerce market. 


To build websites like these the best kind of software solutions are opensource frames. 


Now there is a huge variety of open source software but the one suitable for you as per the trend of the Middle East depends what kind of site you want. 

The choice of software solution totally depends on whether you want a B2B, B2C, C2C Hyperlocal or a totally different kind of platform.


Most Popular eCommerce Sites in Southeast Asia


Southeast Asia is one of the biggest eCommerce hubs already. It is an eminent fact that countries in Southeast Asia have grown tech savvy.  


Countries at the end of both the hemisphere like Australia, the United States, Canada etc. have made the Southeast Asian countries like Singapore, Malaysia etc. their warehouse to cut the cost of freight. Becoming the centres of global trade had been the very reason behind the accelerated technological growth of these countries that in turn pushed the button of eCommerce growth as well. South Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong-Kong etc. are some of the popular tech-savvy Asian countries.  


Southeast Asian eCommerce

Source: Yuspify


Most prominent Southeast Asian eCommerce companies are: 


B2M (Business to Many )







Spawned by Jack Ma along with a team of 17 people on 4th April 1999, presently Alibaba is one of the largest B2B B2C and C2C eCommerce MNC. You can deem it as a giant eCommerce conglomerate. 

Alibaba has drastically changed the form of local eCommerce in China. It has since launched many other popular eCommerce sites like Alipay, Taobao marketplace, Alimama, Lynx, Aliexpress etc. (Source Wikipedia)  





Southeast Asian eCommerce



Endowed in 1997 by Hiroshi Mikitani Rakuten is a B2M company (Business to Many also known as B2B2C ). Largest of its kind in Japan and among the largest eCommerce company in the world by sales(revenue).  


Southeast Asian eCommerce is by far more versatile than other countries. First off they had dipped their toe in the sea of eCommerce way earlier than other countries. Being tech sagacious it was just natural that eCommerce developed in the South Asian countries at a much higher speed than other global spheres. 

This is another eCommerce site that where can get almost anything not only this, the goods are delivered within 24 hours by Awok’s own delivery service.

Branching all kind of eCommerce zones and forming multidimensional canopies is what these Southeast Asian countries have presently achieved while the world is still at developing and expanding their eCommerce companies only as a single zone. 


The most preferred frames for these kinds of Multidimensional eCommerce platforms is an open source frame.


  • Our solution is based on Magento opensource frame which is not only incredibly robust to support these kinds of platforms but also are infinitely scalable.
  • It can be moulded and branched according to the need with an open source solution which is not possible with the restriction of SaaS-based platform. 
  • The multifaceted frame can support each and every kind of eCommerce platform that you may want to proliferate in future just like Rakuten or Alibaba.  


B2B Marketplace



Southeast Asian eCommerce, as mentioned above, is a far-reaching B2B eCommerce website that provides a podium to the wholesalers to get good quotes.



eCommerce solutions based on Magento frame is the most preferred even in Southeast Asian countries. It is known for its strength to support  B2B sites without any hitch.


  • Our B2B solution not only offers a frame that is sturdy but also multiple unique features with it. 
  • The facility of mass import export makes sure that there is never a mass delivery issue which is important for B2B transactions. 
  • The facility to put bulk order quickly saves time for the customers. 
  • The customer has the facility to request a quotation and negotiate the price as well. 


B2C marketplace




Southeast Asian eCommerce



Founded in 2010 this B2C eCommerce site is owned by Alibaba. Aliexpress is one of the most popular B2C platforms, not only in Southeast Asia but also in Russia and South American countries like Brazil.  


Roket internet

Founded in 2011 by Rocket Internet, Lazada had scaled the Southeast Asian eCommerce paramount quite nimbly in the following years. According to a weekly newsletter by Chris Osborne, this eCommerce startup has aimed at becoming the “Asian version of Amazon. ” eCommerce giant like Alibaba has invested a huge chunk of capital witnessing the popularity and brisk dilation of Lazada over the past few years.





Southeast Asian eCommerce



Founded by Forrest Li in 2009, the CEO of  Sea Group (Garena previously) one of the world’s biggest manufacturer of online and PC games that are free to play, Shopee provides a wide platform to multiple vendors from different Asian countries to list and sell their products.


To actualize your idea of any such B2C  platform our sturdy marketplace solution that is thoroughly customizable in every dimension like scalability and flexibility is what you need.


  • Our Solution provides a concrete frame for a platform that can be inflated immensely
  • As an admin, you will always be able to earn miscellaneous commissions on every sale. 
  • The RTL support offered by us makes your site translatable in any RTL language (Arabic, Hebrew etc.) as well. 

eCommerce Trends and Prospects in The Middle East and North America 
What is The Best Customizable Marketplace Software?

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CedCommerce is a perfect solution provider for any kind of eCommerce whether it is B2B, B2C, C2C or even B2M.eCommerce Trends and Prospects in The Middle East and North America
What is The Best Customizable Marketplace Software?

Specialised in providing solutions based on Magento and many other open-source as well as SaaS-based frames, CedCommerce aims to be the ultimate solution provider with the most flexible and scalable solutions.  

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