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Avoid these things to meet Partner Performance Targets at WalMart

Avoid these things to meet Partner Performance Targets at WalMart


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In order to keep a ‘TrackUp’ and maintain up with the seller credibility – ‘Partner Performance Expectations’ are methodologies of ensuring an excellent customer experience and exuberance. Thus it is advisable for the Sellers to adhere with the performance targets established by Walmart Marketplace.
Further, In certain scenarios, if a particular Sellers fail to meet these targets, they risk losing selling privileges and account suspension.

Partner Performance Targets:

Following are the ‘Performance Targets’ that a Sellers must adhere as per criteria set on behalf of Walmart:

The Service Level Agreements (SLAs) as outlined by Walmart Marketplace Retailer Agreement. These Performance Metrics have to include:

⦁ On-Time Shipment > 99%

⦁ Cancellation Rate < 1.5%

⦁ Refund Rate < 5%

⦁ Assisting and rendering quality post-transaction support to customer (that includes customer questions, refunds,  cancellations request, email and other query) thus delivering the best customer experience.

Walmart incorporates and brings into practice, various methods to review post-transaction such as Partner feedback from Walmart customers.

Partner Performance Notifications:

Now, in order to check up with performance of seller, ‘Walmart’s Partner Performance team’ regularly reviews and monitors the performance of all Sellers and notifies them when they are off-target.

Currently, there are nearly 3 type of notifications that are being issued by Walmart:

Performance Notification 1: Walmart team will contact seller with poor performance to ask for making measurable  improvement within 15 days of this first warning.


Performance Notification 2: Walmart team will contact Sellers with poor performance to ask for measurable improvement within 15 days of this second warning.


Suspension Notification 3: Finally, If the Seller’s performance has still not improved, their selling privileges may be removed temporarily.

Note: As a Seller, its your sole responsibility for maintaining the correct contact information with Walmart. Please make sure the Customer Service email and phone number listed in your Partner Profile Settings in Seller Center are correct. If any business contacts have changed, please file a case with Partner Support with the new contact’s name, phone number and email address.

Important Points to catch up:

Improving Performance

CedCommerce encourage you to take appropriate steps to improve your performance metrics

⦁ Ship and deliver orders on time by making sure all the customer orders are shipped by the ESD (Expected Ship  Date) and delivered by the EDD ( Expected Deliver Date)

⦁ Monitor your performance on your Seller Scorecard ( on Walmart Seller Pannel)

⦁ Provide quality post transaction customer support to ensure great customer experience

Monitoring Performance:

Seller Scorecard help you to track record your performance on ( relating to both aspects i.e. (‘Fulfilment’ and ‘Delivery’ metrics) as well as on (‘Ratings’ and ‘Reviews’). Follow the procedure to access your Seller Scorecard:

⦁ Log in to Seller Center.

⦁ Under the INSIGHTS & ANALYTICS section in the left menu, click Seller Scorecard.

⦁ Scroll through the page to view different metrics and download details on:

⦁ Fulfilment and Cancellation summary

⦁ Ratings and Reviews

⦁ Fulfilment

⦁ Cancellations

walmart partner


This is the example of summary score calculated on monthly overview and color-codes are also highlighted on performance so one can easily see if its meeting the targets. Ideally, all three metrics should be green. One can choose to see previous months by selecting a recent month next to Viewing at the top.

Improving Seller Scorecards

A time to time continuous monitoring from ‘Walmart’s Partner Performance team’ also offers an equal opportunity to seller on their score improvement. As already quoted the best means to enhance and credit with good score is by offering excellent services, such as by avoiding delay in shipping, considering and maintaining appropriate delivery standards and time.

Further, its also advisable that you should not approach ‘Walmart’s Partner Performance team’ who keeps on monitoring your performance on score improvement or any sort of adjustments although you might be performing as expected. Also neither you should communicate if you failed to meet your Performance Expectations.

But, in certain case if the performance drop has been significant due to massive problem and also that was not because of your fault 9such as in case of API’s update, mass cancellation due to pricing issue, inability to deliver at EDD etc..) the Walmart Performance Team can be approached via filing a case under ‘Partner Support ‘ option, mentioning one of the following reason:

⦁ Reason for massive problem

⦁ Proof of your claim that you are not at fault (e.g., a case number regarding an API failure where it was validated that you were not at fault, a list of the warehouse addresses that have been impacted by a storm)

⦁ Date range orders were impacted

⦁ Affected order

Post verification of the claim, no further action will be taken regarding your Seller Score Card.
Kindly note, your Seller Scorecard will still display the lower performance rates, until they improve over time.

Further, If you still experience this type of problem but your performance is still within the targets, you do not need to contact Partner Support rather need to open a case under ‘Partner Support’.

Finally, if still you do not receive a response within 3 business days, please send an email to with the case number in the subject line.

The following information is communicated on behalf of Walmart, via CedCommerce to its clients for easy reference and guide. The information communicated are best sourced from Walmart Knowledge base and is likely to change as per direction / modification / improvement incorporated by

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