WooCommerce Amazon Integration
CedCommerce Upgrades Amazon Integration For WooCommerce

CedCommerce Upgrades Amazon Integration For WooCommerce


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Portland, Oregon [Oct 06, 2022]: CedCommerce, the leading provider of multichannel e-commerce solutions, is ready with a subscription-based model of its Amazon Integration For WooCommerce.

The subscription model brings price flexibility that adds to its affordability and lets more sellers leverage the opportunity to sell on Amazon. Newbies sellers with limited budgets can also sell on Amazon from their WooCommerce store.

This integration solution is feature-rich for WooCommerce merchants aspiring to sell on Amazon. It helps sellers with bulk upload, easy category mapping, product feed optimization, order and inventory management, and more.

The Amazon Integration for WooCommerce has also been updated in multiple aspects as below.

Woocommerce Amazon product features

Setup Wizard

The solution’s primary focus is to be seller-friendly, and the setup wizard is one such feature to enable it.

It helps sellers cut the clutter and easily prefill required details (mandatory to upload products on Amazon). Sellers will find details about data to be filled in the field, a helpful feature when the mouse hovers on the field’s top right corner.

As a result, it saves time by speeding up the product upload process on Amazon. Now Upload more products than your competitors and in less time.

Product Template

A fantastic update allows sellers to categorize products based on attributes before uploading. Hence, making it easy to match it in the correct category on the marketplace.

Product templates to streamline the product upload process. It Lets sellers add the mandatory data required to list their products in a specific Amazon category by Amazon as well as optional data if needed.

Amazon Feeds

Amazon feeds lists products uploaded on Amazon and their status (successfully uploaded and failed). Hence, sellers can find the reason for the failure to fix it and get it uploaded eventually. Now, no more worrying about product upload failure.

This feature assures that it will eventually list products a seller desires to list on Amazon.

Moreover, more products uploaded on Amazon boosts the likeliness of sales.

Inventory & Order Sync

Near real-time inventory and order sync bring an end to the biggest pain for every seller.

Inventory and order data are crucial to business success. Our Solution helps in ensuring the data gets synced across Amazon and WooCommerce store without any delay.

Moreover, it helps in avoiding overselling and underselling.

ASIN Based Syncing

It helps sellers to sync a product’s ASIN in bulk on the WooCommerce store as soon as the ASIN gets assign to a product uploaded on Amazon.

On this occasion, CedCommerce co-founder Mr. Abhishek Jaiswal gleefully said, “Becoming a successful seller on Amazon is the dream of many ambitious sellers. Our updated Amazon Integration For WooCommerce solution is more financially feasible than earlier. It is also updated module-wise to let WooCommerce sellers seize the opportunity to sell on Amazon and support scaling the business to new heights with minimum hassle.”

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