Amazon By CedCommerce App: Give Your Shopify Store A Boost

Amazon By CedCommerce App: Give Your Shopify Store A Boost


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The Amazon by CedCommerce app has brought a number of practical and feasible solutions to tackle sellers’ problems. Furthermore, it offers you an edge over the conventional apps that help you manage the syncing aspects only. Here you can not only sync your products to the Amazon marketplace but perform a number of actions that’ll make the selling process way easier and more efficient for you. With over 1.2 Million Monthly visitors, there just can’t be a bigger and better marketplace than Amazon to sell on. Try Amazon by CedCommerce sales channel app and see your Shopify Store flourish like no other.

As of February 25, 2023, New and Improved version of Amazon by CedCommerce is now known as “CedCommerce Amazon Channel”.

Amazon By CedCommerce

Before you start wondering about the usage of such an app, allow us to introduce its perks to you, the intricacies shall follow suit. Here’s what the Amazon by CedCommerce app has in store for you:

Link or List Existing Amazon Inventory with Shopify

For all your existing inventories on Amazon, it is possible to connect them to the corresponding Shopify inventories in just a few clicks.  

Simplified Order flow from Amazon to Shopify

Without switching platforms manage your Amazon orders from the Shopify store and perform all essential operations required from here itself. 

Real-time Product Data Synching

Synchronize your Shopify product description, price, stock, and other relevant information in near real-time for effortless listing. 

Intelligent Bulk Editing with predefined Templates

List your Shopify products on Amazon through predefined product templates and save yourself from performing repetitive category mapping and other redundant steps every time. 

Steady Multi-Account Connectivity

If you have multiple Amazon accounts within the same country, then effortlessly sell through all of them from your Shopify store itself. Individually tackle all inventories and orders from different accounts at one spot i.e. your Shopify store. 

Amazon By CedCommerce App: It’s Time Your Shopify Store Gets The Amazon Treatment

And much more. That’s just the surface; the app bears more robust features than you can imagine.

A unique solution for Shopify sellers: Step your selling spree up a notch

Being a seller, it becomes imperative for you to manage and keep track of everything that happens in your business. Managing your online store can be a tricky ordeal at times. And that’s where the Amazon by CedCommerce app comes into play.

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The Amazon by CedCommerce app lets you manage everything with a few clicks. You can manage accounts, inventory, pricing, bulk uploads, etc., with ease. Let’s just get on with the features in detail, shall we:

Product Status

Sellers can always see the number of products that have been synced successfully. Furthermore, they can also witness the errors that are prohibiting the products from being synced in the first place. The statuses are clear and self-explanatory, giving the seller all the information they need to get started with their selling spree.

You can watch it all unfold, sync products, get notified about their status, and plan ahead as per the situation at hand.

Notifications for Failed Orders

At times certain complications can result in the failure of the order management process. For the most part, it is either due to failed SKU details or API failure; it is indeed painful to witness.

But now, you can brush those fears aside and carry on with your business as the app informs you about the orders that have failed due to the aforementioned reasons. It’s pretty neat and informative at the same time.

Easy Listings

Here’s the thing, you can experience the same on Amazon by CedCommerce app. You’ll find your products with the following pieces of information attached:

  • Image
  • Title
  • Amazon Seller ID
  • Amazon Status
  • Template
  • Action

And that’s not all, you can edit listings on an individual level as well, here’s what you can pull off:

  • Product title
  • Product description
  • Inventory fulfillment latency
  • Amazon parent SKU
  • Variants and their attributes

You can also select multiple listings and perform the following actions:

  • Sync inventory
  • Search product(s)
  • Sync price
  • Delete product(s)
  • Sync image
  • Upload product(s)
  • Sync product(s)


Templates are your presets; you can choose the one that defines your product in the best way possible. If you’re not sure what options you need for the custom template, fret not, for there’s always the default template. That should solve your problem; however, if you wish to add more custom features to the template, you can always define the fields you need.

Amazon By CedCommerce App: It’s Time Your Shopify Store Gets The Amazon Treatment

The default template contains the following attributes that can be edited:

Inventory fulfillment latency: Set the probable latency value that’ll dictate the handling time.

Warehouse settings: Choose a warehouse from the list of warehouses that serves your selling process well.

Price settings: Manage different kinds of prices such as Sale price, Business price, and Minimum price. You can also define the trends these prices shall follow, such as the minimum price threshold, etc.

Product settings: Choose the attributes that you wish to be synced to the Amazon Marketplace such as the Title, Description, and Images.

The custom template allows you to be a bit more flexible with your approach toward the products. You can create one and edit the same based on your choice. Here’s what you’ll get to see while creating a custom template:

Template name: Name your custom template the way you want to.

Category settings: Choose a category from a wide list of categories, product filters can also be applied to the selected category.

Inventory settings: You can manage all the aspects that’ll help you manage the inventory better such as threshold value, out-of-stock deletion, reserve inventory value, and more.

Warehouse settings: Described above

Price settings: Described above

Product settings: Described above

Filter products: Create conditions based on which the products shall be filtered.

Currency conversion

Now that your Shopify store has gone on Amazon, you’ll be stumbling upon multiple orders as well. Now, you can manage and convert currencies to the one that serves you the best.

And now, you have one more reason to start selling on Amazon with no hassle.

And there you have it

There’s a lot more to look at when we talk of the Amazon by CedCommerce app, but that’s a topic for another day. It’s time that you start reaping the benefits and watch your sales figures skyrocket. Your selling spree begins now, and we’re more than glad to help you out with it.

Have you read this integration news yet?

Sellers now have the power to manage everything they were looking for, from syncing products to getting them delivered; everything can now be managed from a single platform. That’s what the app is there for. And there you have it, simplicity, robustness, and ease of access, all packed into a package that makes the selling process seamless.


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