updates for google shopping and AliExpress integration
All New AliExpress and Google Shopping Integration Features Served Express Style

All New AliExpress and Google Shopping Integration Features Served Express Style


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Portland, Oregon–(January 20, 2020): To help merchants in stepping up their selling, CedCommerce the official Developing Partner with Magento has updated its AliExpress Magento 2 Dropshipping Extension and Google Shopping Magento 2 Integration. This update is intended to make selling easier with the advanced features for sellers. Both these integrations are now available on the marketplace of Magento.

Google Shopping Actions US is open for Merchants in India and Canada: Start selling cross-border to customers in the US, from either India or Canada without any fuss, right away.

Updated Magento Extensions are:

  1. AliExpress Magento 2 Dropshipping Extension
  2. Google Shopping(Express) Magento 2 Integration

Elated with the updation of the extensions the Director of CedCommerce Mr. Abhishek Jaiswal enunciated that,

“This is a great move for sellers to automate their business. Our team is constantly working on improving our products in these groundbreaking years. Their efforts are appreciable, and this integration update will be more useful with the latest features for you to sell smoothly.”

Mr. Himanshu Rauthan, the other co-founder of CedCommerce shares his thoughts by saying,

“We are pleased to provide our customers with regular updates and services that streamline technology. CedCommerce’s hardworking developers are doing their best to ensure that our client’s business achieves its dream quickly.”

Features of the Updated AliExpress Magento 2 Dropshipping Extension-

The updated AliExpress Magento 2 Dropshipping extension facilitates with the following features:

  1. Get Product Data by chrome extension for the selected product or any searched category product.
  2. Add Product data in Magento as Jobs.
  3. You can Product Import Jobs Executed by Cron Or manually (it means once the products are selected in jobs then you can easily import products by cron)
  4. Easily update inventory and price by getting updated inventory and price reports.

Features of the Updated Google Shopping Magento 2 Integration-

The features of the updated Google Shopping(Express) Magento 2 Integration are as follows:

  1. As on every 30 days, the items get expired so we have provided with a feature where you need not upload products every 30 days, the crons will be doing this for you.
  2. Global Sales Price in the Configuration
  3. Enabling Tax Price sends tax to the products.

CedCommerce is the Official Integration Partner with Google Shopping Actions.

Additional Benefits by CedCommerce-

  1. 24 X 7 Customer Support
  2. Dedicated developer for your account
  3. Extension Documentation
    1. AliExpress Magento 2 Dropshipping Extension
    2. Google Shopping Magento 2 Integration

About CedCommerce-

CedCommerce, a one-stop eCommerce solution provider, which was founded in 2010. It provides retailers with the best of the services worldwide. Helping businesses build their own marketplace, online stores, and solutions for mobile apps. CedCommerce also develops integration solutions for retailers to help them grow the outreach. The integrations also help in the product syncing with several renowned marketplaces. 

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