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Add Custom Attributes to Vendor Profile

Add Custom Attributes to Vendor Profile


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To add custom attributes to vendor profile you can use our Vendor Attribute Addon. This blog will define the process of adding custom attributes to Vendor’s profile with an option to display them on vendor registration page as well. First let us understand the use of Vendor Attribute Addon.

Many a times a case arises where the admin wants to retrieve some information from his vendor like their Identity Card Number, Marital Status, etc. In such a case, you can make use of Vendor Attribute Addon which will allow you to add custom attributes to the vendor’s profile. These attribute can be of following types:-

  1. Text – For adding text type attribute i.e. if the value to be obtained from the user is some kind of text.
  2. Dropdown – For adding values in a dropdown whenever several options have to be provided but only one can be selected.
  3. Multiple Select – For selecting multiple values as input to a field
  4. TextArea – For adding multiple lines of text or a string as input
  5. Yes/No – For obtaining the input as Yes or No for a particular field
  6. Date – For date type values as input
  7. Image – For adding any kind of images
  8. File Type – For adding any type of file like some kind of document has to be uploaded, etc.

Now let us see how the attributes can be added by the admin and where will they appear at frontend in the vendor panel.

To add the attributes on the vendor profile page, go to the admin panel and select CsMarketplace > Vendor Attribute.

Vendor Attributes


Click on the “Add Vendor Attribute” button to add a new attribute for the vendor. Now enter the attribute code (it should be a unique code with no special characters except underscore), Vendor Input Type for Store owner (text, multiselect, dropdown, file, image, date, yes/no and textarea), Default Value (if any), Unique Value (if any), Values Required (if any) and Input Validation for Store Owner (if any).

Attribute Value


Now, if you want this attribute to appear on vendor registration page then select Yes in the appropriate field and provide its position (in numbers) where you want it to appear.

Attribute on Registration Page


Now, if you want to display the attributes in the vendor profile edit form then select Yes in the “Use in Vendor Profile Edit Form” and specify its position (if needed).

Profile Edit Page


For displaying the attribute on the Shop Page in the Left Profile view, select Yes in the required field, provide its position and the font-awesome class if you want to display an icon next to it on the Shop Page.

Attributes on Shop Page


After saving this attribute if you view it at frontend in the vendor panel on the profile edit page, they will appear as shown

Vendor Profile Edit PageProfile Edit Page


  1. Text – Unique Id
  2. Multiple Select – Event Location
  3. Date – Manufacturing Date (mfg)
  4. Dropdown – Size
  5. File – File
  6. Image – test_image
  7. Textarea – Factory Address
  8. Yes/No – Married

If we see on the profile view page of the vendor then all the custom attributes get listed in the General Section as shown

Profile View Page


On the vendor registration page, the attributes will be shown as

Vendor Registration Page

On the Shop View page in the Left Profile view, the custom attributes will be shown as

Attributes on Shop Page

This was all about how to add custom attributes for vendors. This blog tried to explain all the scenarios of adding custom attributes to vendor profile or registration or shop page.

If you find this blog useful, please share your valuable comments and if you have any suggestions, please let us know.


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