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9 Top Shipping Addons of Cedcommerce magento marketplace

9 Top Shipping Addons of Cedcommerce magento marketplace


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All is well if it ends well. Same is with shipping. All the marketing, website product designing: understanding users psychology, great communication just go in vain, if the product is not delivered properly and timely. All in vain. Reputation ruined, business opportunities lost.


This is why shipping companies are back bone for any e-commerce business. They have a stake in the reputation of any e-commerce business. Better service translates to the higher user satisfaction.


And this made us cherry pick some of the great companies of the logistics industry and integrate them with our Magento Marketplace so its users can take relief for the fulfillment process.


Basically, all the logistics companies offer same functionalities whose information is fetched to our marketplace solution through establishing communication with their APIs:


The functionalities are:

  • Different Shipping Methods
  • Calculation of Rate based on distance, product dimensions, and weight
  • Multiple destinations
  • The complete control over addon. Admin can enable/disable them
  • and more.


Some of the below mentioned Shipping addons offer all the aforementioned functionalities while others not. But they all are the top performing due to their strategic placement in their geographies.


Here is the list of the top shipping Addons of the Cedcommerce Magento Marketplace:


1- Vendor UPS Shipping:

The National Carrier of United States, the UPS is one of the most reliable and authentic logistics carriers on the globe. It integrates their Shipping Services methods with the Cedcommerce Magento Marketplace. It performs all the functionalities which logistic companies are expected to perform.

Moreover, this shipping method is available for both Magento 1 and Magento 2 marketplaces.


2- Vendor Fedex Addon

The logistics behemoth. Fedex is USA based company but offers it services worldwide with its expansive infrastructure and sprawling network. It is known for its quality services and its customer-centric policies.

The addon comes with both Magento 1 and Magento 2 marketplaces.


3- Vendor Canada Post Shipping:

It is the national carrier of Canada and also an authentic brand. Using its services users can send their parcels to all over the world. The addon fetches the data from its APIs and shows the real-time values to the admin and vendors.

You can read it here for Magento 1 and here for Magento 2 for more details.


4- Vendor DHL Shipping:

DHL needs no introduction, a shipping behemoth and among the largest private carriers of the United States. It has put in place the best infrastructure and has a sprawling network. And is beknown for its quality service by its customers. We have integrated this addon as well with our Marketplace.

Also, Vendor DHL addon is available for both Magento 1 and Magento 2 marketplaces.


5- Vendor Delhivery Addon:

Vendor Delhivery Shipping Addon works on the Indian postal code system. It calculates the shipping cost based on the fixed price set by the vendor. It allows each vendor to enable/disable the Delhivery Shipping methods for their products.

This addon is also available for both Magento 1 and Magento 2 Marketplaces.


6- Vendor Free Shipping Method

Although this addon doesn’t integrate the marketplace with any of the logistics company, nevertheless it helps vendors define minimum order amount or the country for which the shipping would be free.

Read here for information on Vendor Free Shipping addon.


7- Vendor First Flight Shipping Method

It is the another Indian Logistics company that provides API-based integration. By integrating this addon with the marketplace, admin can get the rates of the shipment delivery in the real-time. Also, it offers different shipping methods.

The addon is available with both Magento 1 and Magento 2 marketplaces.


8- Vendor Distance Based Shipping:

It is another addon highly used by Cedcommerce Magento Marketplace users for formulating the rate of shipments to be shown to their customers. Using this addon admin can define the rates to be applied to the different circumstances and combinations of services chosen by customers.

This addon is also available with both Magento 1 and Magento 2 marketplaces.


As said first impression is the last impression and combining it with “all is well if it ends well”, choosing a reliable fulfillment company can turn the table in favor of you and otherwise can be detrimental to you.


Thanks for your interest!
Team CedCommerce

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