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7 ‘Must-Have’ Features of an m-commerce mobile app

7 ‘Must-Have’ Features of an m-commerce mobile app


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Shopping is all about the experience. The smoother, the better. Shoppers expect no-nonsense and expect everything in front of them. Therefore, it becomes critically important to develop an m-commerce mobile app with the seamless experience.


Although, it’s a bit difficult nonetheless not impossible to achieve a design that works best for your e-commerce business, you just need to follow certain principles.


1. Prioritize Speed

In the rapidly moving world, offering slow app means preparing to go out of business. Nothing comes close to a sin as offering an m-commerce mobile app with slower speeds. You must optimize the pages, pictures, and other important elements to deliver the faster page loading speed.


Here nothing comes close to the performance of a native app. Built specifically for a dedicated platform, all the elements and functionalities are optimized for faster speeds.

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2. Include Analytics

If you can’t measure it, you can’t scale it. Recording, tracking and analyzing the data, certainly, stands in the first row of important features to embed in the world of big data. Analytics lets you and your users make decisions. The changes in data points correspond to user behavior. And if they’re tracked user experience can be enhanced significantly.

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3. Social Media Login and Social Product Sharing

Another while developing your m-commerce mobile app is not providing social media login options. It offers a seamless registration process and you get the required information of users with minimal fuss.


However, social sharing is the altogether different phenomenon. It lets your users share the products they love on their social media profile and you get the free marketing of your products. Also, it serves as word-of-mouth campaign. Thus it becomes an integral part of an m-commerce mobile app.

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4. Seamless Experience:

Simple and uncluttered navigation, seamless usability and experience are not mere jargon but the soul of an app. The simpler, the better. No one wants to navigate through an app riddled with useless information and design, and navigating the app becomes equivalent to solving a quiz. Everyone wants an app with a design that makes instant sense. The users don’t have to scratch their heads before proceeding a step ahead. And, it’s the same for all the app, be it m-commerce mobile app or any other.

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5. Featured Product Display

Like every store, your m-commerce mobile app too must have a slider/banner to display the featured products. It’s an integral element of the app. Not only it provides you a place to display feature products but with data-points tracking in place, you can also track its popularity.


6. Advanced Search and Filter options

In an m-commerce mobile app that has thousands of products in it, the advanced search is a must. Not only does it save the users time to arrive at products also, it prevents them from leaving your app.


Filters can be considered as an extension to search. Everybody knows the importance of filters. By applying the combination(s) of required filters, users can zero-in set of desired products.


And another element trending in search vertical is Bar Code reader. The Barcode reader enables users to directly search for an item in your m-commerce mobile app just by scanning through the barcode. Indeed a faster and effective way to look for your products online.


7. Unlimited Push Notifications

Push Notifications are among the most effective methodology to make yourself heard by your consumers. With push notifications, you can inform your customers about all the latest developments, future sales, discounts and other marketing activities. Therefore, a must.


The experience is the soul of shopping and your m-commerce mobile app must reflect it. It should offer users a seamless experience with the elements that drive customers to take action and boost sales.

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