Amazon marketing tools for sellers
5 Top Marketing Tools & Services to Excel on Amazon in 2023

5 Top Marketing Tools & Services to Excel on Amazon in 2023


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Marketing on Amazon means opening oneself to a broader set of tools ranging from keyword research to market analyzers, ad tools, and many more. Marketing isn’t a tiny term but a whirlpool of several components that a brand strategically uses to define and build its image amongst its target audience. If you are a passionate Amazon seller, this article will be helpful to you in covering the best Amazon marketing tools for sellers and marketing services. These tools and services can help you scale and excel in your marketing endeavors on Amazon in 2023 and beyond.

Let’s dive in.

4 Ps of Marketing to Excel on Amazon that every Seller should know!

Before deciding what you need to market on Amazon, you should consider the 4 Ps of marketing and why they are core to it.


First and foremost is your list of products you want your target audience to purchase on Amazon. You, as a retailer, need to understand your products and what description and keywords will best suit to rank and attract customers to click on your product.

Remember that your product must use some stand-out features or descriptions to beat the competition on Amazon.


Price is a huge factor in why a prospect will convert into your customer. Your price involves your manufacturing cost/acquisition cost plus profit margins. But given that your competitors will leave no stone unturned to grab prospects, you cannot keep a price much higher or lower than the standard set by Amazon. However, you always have a choice to play in between.


Though essential, since you are an online seller, you already have the vision to scale your business on Amazon. Online is the way to go; however, you can sell on multiple platforms, like Shopify.


Next comes the best thing, Promotion. Promotion involves ads, social media marketing, and everything else that needs to get your brand message across to your target customer. What makes promotions worthwhile is the number of sales flowing in.

Once, as retailers, you have figured out what these 4 prominent Ps of marketing are, now is the time to look for tools and services to make your business profitable on Amazon.

Top Amazon Marketing Tools & Services to Scale Business in 2023

When it comes to reliable tools and services for Amazon, what can be more reliable and promising than what Amazon offers to the sellers? Here are some tools directly offered by Amazon which you can integrate into your marketing strategy.

Amazon Ads

Amazon helps retailers by allowing them to capitalize on ads through various ad services like Amazon Sponsored Products, Headline Search Ads, Product Display Ads, etc. On these ads, you invest in keywords and product descriptions for which Amazon ranks your products on the search bar and incur costs on every click. Lets’ see each of them one by one.

Amazon Sponsored Ads

Sponsored ads are cost-per-click ads that allow retailers to promote individual listings on Amazon. However, one can create a campaign in just a few minutes, start advertising on Amazon, and get placed on top of others.

Headline Search Ads

Headline Search ads are similar to sponsored ads, but their display realm makes them different and more exciting. What it means is unlike sponsored ads, the headline search ads show three products along with the logo and brand content as SERP. It makes the voice and image of the brand more visible and comprehensible to the audience.

Product Display Ads

Product display ads show results based on customer purchase history and shopping behavior. They appear on the home page, Search page, product detail pages, and third-party websites and apps.

Outside of Amazon are various companies offering good marketing services from scratch. Helium10, Jungle scout, PPC Entourage, and many more. However, we at CedCommerce encompass leading integration and marketing services for Amazon. Therefore, it will not be a misnomer to say that CedCommerce, is a one-stop solution for all your Amazon business needs.

CedCommerce’s Amazon Marketing Services that you must know about!

CedCommerce leads the eCommerce integration world with its massive grasp on online marketplaces and platforms. Helping thousands of retailers worldwide in simplifying their Amazon sales journey, CedCommerce is now also known for its first-class marketing services.

We provide services ranging from

  • Product Listing Optimization
  • Amazon Sponsored Ads Management
  • A+ Content/EBC Management
  • Store designing and Set-up

Product Listing Optimization

Firstly, the services include keyword research, brand analysis, competitor research, improving listing quality, optimizing product description and backend terms, and so much more. The central idea is to make the listing more relevant, easy to rank, and attractive enough for the prospects to convert into customers.

Amazon Sponsored Ads Management

Furthermore, the team of experts shall look into ACos maintenance, audience targeting, Campaign strategy building, Bissing strategy analysis, Sales Funnel strategy, Location and Demographic analysis, and many more. While selling on Amazon, while you take care of what products you want to appear in SERP, CedCommerce is there to make good enough for sales and better conversions.

A+ Content/EBC Management

Additionally, a highly optimized content helps you to get higher visibility, and this makes CedCommerce enthusiastic about helping retailers achieve A+ content with a perfect layout, giggly quality images, and a creative layout complementing the brand themes.

Store Creation

Lastly, people will stay on your website if it delivers more than what they have expected out of it. With an appealing page layout, easy navigation, banner and image designing, header, content creation, and a dedicated designer, CedCommerce promises to make your store more appealing than ever!

That’s a wrap

Finally, this blog helps you find suitable Amazon tools and services to accelerate your sales journey on Amazon during festivals and beyond. Let us know if you want to be a part of the CedCommerce family and wish to know more about Amazon-Shopify integrations and services.

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