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5 TIPS to get BEST API Integration Service

5 TIPS to get BEST API Integration Service


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The story of is nothing short of fairy tale and its developments are every entrepreneur’s dreams. is not functional anymore. If you want to continue selling your inventories, we can assist you in shifting them to Walmart till July 16, 2020. This is not an automatic process, sellers will have to place a request through the Walmart Seller Center or Contact us. If you are a new seller wishing to sell on, don’t be disheartened, we can help you sell on instead.

$800 million in funding, becoming 4th largest marketplace within first months of its operation, growing 280 times than market leader Amazon in its first year and, finally, it’s acquisition by another market giant Walmart for $3.3 billion dollars – highest in United States E-commerce history – are accomplishments bound to roll heads and eyeballs towards itself.


It’s offering of 5-15% fewer prices than other competitors is compelling new customers to visit the website. Every month 400,000 new members are registering with Given the huge response of consumers, sellers, also, are willing to integrate their store with




However, the pre-requisite for getting orders from is customers should have their online stores. They can be based on any framework such as Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, 3D cart, Volusion etc.


And then they can integrate their stores with through 3rd party JET API Integration. The 3rd party API integrations are the extension or SaaS-based services that connect sellers store with by establishing communication between extension and’s APIs.


It is here that dilemma surrounds them, which service/product to choose? How much should I invest in the integration services? Would it be the quality investment? And which product/service is best?


Choosing a great product/service eases thing out for sellers while the latter turns the things into the nightmare. However, if you consider 5 parameters before choosing the product/service, you’re most likely to get the best service/product out there:


1. Technology:


The prime factor. As the has started mere a year ago, some companies find it difficult to understand how things work in How to established a seamless communication between their service and’s APIs.


Though, one can’t control the glitches their frequency can be easily controlled by writing easy and quality codes. Due to mediocre technology glitches occurs often and that can lead to cancellation of orders, poor management of shipment and the integration not working or crashing, This not only causes frustration but also causes monetary losses which can be considered as the sin.


To get the supreme quality product, ensure you buy from the official app store of your online store’s framework such as the Shopify store, Magento store etc. The apps listed are approved by the framework companies itself, therefore, products can be trusted for their quality of the technology.


2. After Sales Technical Support:


This is the second most important parameter to consider. Buying the Jet API integration extension, installing and configuring it is not the end of the road. Instead, the actual parts start from here. As the uploading product to sell on, managing inventories, updating the product information or getting orders and fulfilling them is frequent, it requires greater support. What if anything happens after purchasing the product?


Ask them whether they provide the support for free or are there charges involved (Mostly these are the hidden costs)? What is their availability? How quick they act? Are they willing to go the extra mile to satisfy you? Like Cedcommerce, even, helps sellers to upload the products and if the sellers want they upload the product for sellers. Sellers just have to sit and witness the proceedings.


Any company whose after sales support is always available, prompt to act and ready to go extra mile for you must be preferred, and what if, sellers get the after sales support for free? Then, grab it with both hands! Because in the longer run support matters, a good support will be a great asset and the opposite, again, a nightmare.


3. Expert Training:


The Jet API Integration is not a single click process and after the extension or services are installed, some changes occur in the control panel of sellers, and it is quintessential to adapt or get familiar with the changed navigation.


Inquire from the company whether they provide only USER MANUAL or provide LIVE TRAINING. Mostly each company provides the user manual. However, they can be poorly written and difficult to understand or the terminologies used by them may differ from what you make of it.


If they provide Live Training? What is the duration? Is it for a limited period or one time? Most companies offer one-time training or limited period training. What if you’re unable to understand the whole thing in the allotted time? Would they be willing to train you further? If the answer is YES. Then it is your company.


4. Recurring Updates


As has only one-year-old company, it is working relentlessly to improve the seller and buyer experience. Hiring is at full throttle and they are working on new technologies that usher in easiness in all the operations.


Inquire from the company whether any update will be done free of cost or will it cost some money. As updates are inevitable and would be frequent, buying from the company that provides all the recurring updates for free is the smart move.


5. Comment and Reviews:


This is the most important aspect of the shopping. Look for the reviews of the clients that purchase the same product. See what’s the major problem. Are their problems coincides with yours as well? As the comments and reviews are from different customers, mostly their reviews are different, it helps you to understand the product/service as the whole. And, the great reviews translate to the great product from them.




If you purchase from the official store of Shopify, Magento etc, the technology problem is solved. That leaves the most important aspect is AFTER SALES TECHNICAL SUPPORT. As selling is the daily job, errors can occur frequently, therefore it must have great support.


Thanks for your interest !

Team CedCommerce

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