5 Reasons To Participate In The Etsy Cyber Monday Sales
5 solid reasons to take part in the upcoming Etsy Cyber Week Sales Event

5 solid reasons to take part in the upcoming Etsy Cyber Week Sales Event


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Etsy recently released a new 2022 Holiday Sales Event guide that detailed the early kick-off to their Sales Event. They also briefed that the Cyber Monday Sale will be a part of the Etsy Cyber Week Sales Event running from November 18 through 30.

In this article, we’ll give you 5 compelling reasons why you should be prepping your shop for the upcoming sales event to boost your Cyber Monday sales.

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What is Etsy Cyber Week?

Etsy Cyber Week is basically a 10 to 12 days sales event wherein Etsy promotes on-sale items in their marketing campaigns through their website, emails, social media channels, etc.

To take part in the Etsy Cyber Week Event, you just need to run a sale on your items. This allows Etsy to feature your items on the website and other marketing channels.

Why you should participate in the Etsy Cyber Week Sales Event?

If you’ve not prepped your shop and your products for the Cyber Week Sales event. Here are 5 compelling reasons why should seriously consider it.

More buyers on Etsy bring more opportunities

During the Holiday Season on Etsy, people are looking to buy all sorts of gifts for others and for themselves. They usually look for products at a discounted price, and the Cyber Week Sales Event is the perfect time for buyers.

In the Holiday guide released by Etsy, they told us that last year they saw an increase of over 30% in the number of daily visitors on Etsy during Cyber Week when compared to the months before.

More visitors means more eyeballs on your discounted items which means you have the opportunity to get more sales. This is why you should start preparing your shop as early as possible.

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Impressive numbers during the Cyber Weekend in the US

According to an article by CNET, the total sales on Cyber Monday in the US were reported as $10.7 billion by Adobe Digital Economy Index and $12.3 billion by Salesforce. This number is likely to grow higher this year.

According to an article by Forbes, the Cyber Monday Weekend saw a 501% increase in sales for small retail businesses which is higher than that of large businesses (Although this data is not exclusive to online retailers).

According to an article by SaleCycle, the cart abandonment rate went down through the day on Cyber Monday to as low as 76.49% at 21:00 hour.

Cyber Monday Cart Abandonement Rate

Source – SaleCycle

Watch this Etsy Holiday Season Webinar and learn strategies for having a successful festive season.

Growing Cyber Monday Awareness in European countries

During Cyber Monday Sale, the US records the highest sales numbers globally. However, its awareness is growing considerably in European countries as well.

According to an article by FinancesOnline, the current level of awareness of the Cyber Monday Sale in different European countries looks like this (data has been sourced from Simon-Kucher & Partners).

Awareness of Cyber Monday Sales in European Countries

Source – FinancesOnline

Sell your discounted items well before Cyber Week Starts

Etsy’s Cyber Week Sales Event will officially start on November 18. However, the Holiday Sales will start as early as October 24. This will give you opportunities for more sales for about a month before the Cyber Week Sales Event commences.

Etsy will promote your items during the early Holiday Sales Event between October 24 and November if you offer a minimum discount of 20%.

Get featured in Etsy’s marketing campaigns

Etsy features on-sale products in various places on the website during the Holiday and Cyber Week Sales Events. But that’s not the only way Etsy promotes your products.

Throughout the Event, Etsy sends out marketing emails to its customers and also features products on its social media channels. It’s no surprise that you start selling more when your items feature in Etsy’s Holiday marketing campaign.

Etsy has written a standalone guide to help sellers understand what makes a listing feature worthy. Check out the Etsy Seller Handbook to get tips on getting featured.

Watch this exclusive interview with Anna Beck, a 6-figure Etsy Seller, to get some insights into what it takes to become successful on Etsy.


Taking part in the Cyber Monday Sales on Etsy is a surefire way to earn more money from your business. The Cyber Week Sales Event features other important occasions like Black Friday and Thanksgiving as well. So this is the best time for you to start preparing your shop for the upcoming sale.

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