How to become an Amazon Prime Seller
4 Amazing Reasons Why You Should Be a Prime Seller on Amazon in 2023

4 Amazing Reasons Why You Should Be a Prime Seller on Amazon in 2023


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Do you plan to be a Prime Seller on Amazon this 2023? But do you know if your business is doing enough to be a Prime seller, or do you sell eligible products to join the league of prime sellers? Well, this piece of the blog will help you with everything you need to know about How to become an Amazon Prime seller, Amazon Prime Seller Benefits, Amazon prime Seller fees, Amazon Prime Seller Requirements, and some popular FAQs. So let’s begin.

What is Amazon Prime?

Amazon prime is a subscription plan that gives customers the privilege of free and faster shipping, early discounts and offers during festivals, and high-rated good, quality products. So, what’s in for Amazon Prime sellers? Well, you get a wide range of audiences looking for products with Prime badges. Not just that, when competitors are selling the same products as yours, you get higher and more visibility with Prime Badge and, of course, with all the other strings (benefits) attached!

Do I even need to become an Amazon Prime Seller?

If that is your question, here are some scenarios where your enrolment for Prime selling is a must

  • If you have your brand, but competitors are selling similar products with Prime Badge.
  • If you are selling products from a third party and others are selling the same products and have Prime badges.

In situations like these, owning a prime badge is a must to get sales over others who might win Buy Box easily if you do not enroll in for Prime seller program.

On the other hand, if the following is your business scenario, you need not become an Amazon prime seller.

  • If you are a seller with a customer base, your sales are guaranteed.
  • If your price is lower than your competitors, you might even win a Buy Box without being a Prime seller.
  • If you sell used media products or products that are hard to ship or find on Amazon.

Hmmm…so now that you have understood when to go for Prime and when not to go, you must understand that becoming a Prime seller has enormous benefits when it comes to customer experience and conversion rates.

What are the benefits of becoming a Prime Seller on Amazon?

Faster Delivery/ One-day or Two-Day Delivery

Not to mention, customers now expect an offline-retail experience from online platforms. If you can make deliveries and shopping as instant as possible, you win the sales. With a Prime Badge, you give the best shipping services to them. Also, with FBA, you deliver faster, safe, and well-packaged products to your Shopper’s doorsteps.

More Product Visibility

With the increasing number of Prime members, the search for products with prime filters has also increased since 2016. For SERP with prime, prospective customers can see, open, and buy your products, thus adding value to your business.

Early Reach to Customers

Yes, with a prime badge, your offers and discounts are visible and can be availed by customers earlier than other sellers competing in the market with duplicate product listings. Many festivals, like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Thanksgiving, etc., are significant times to hook on your customer before others.

Prime Day is your Day

With Prime subscribers enjoying the best deals and discounts on Prime Day, you, as a Prime seller, get an opportunity to attract as many prime customers as possible.

With higher product visibility and conversion rates, Amazon Prime sellers always have the upper hand. Now let’s answer how you can avail yourself of these excellent benefits by enrolling in the Prime selling program.

How to become an Amazon Prime Seller?

Becoming an Amazon Prime Seller needs some eligibility criteria. Below are some Prime seller requirements:

Become a FBA Seller

Products eligible for Amazon FBA can be listed with Prime Badge for Prime sellers. What it implies is that you must be a Prime seller on Amazon. To become a Prime seller, you must enroll for FBA selling. Navigate from Seller Account> settings>Account info>My Services and then register for FBA.

Local Shops on Amazon

Under the program, a seller with a physical store can register on Amazon. Thus, a seller can deliver more value and services to customers in the local area. With this service, the seller is eligible for a ‘Prime Badge’ that helps you rank on Prime SERP.

Seller Fulfilled Prime

An invite-only program, SFP helps you with faster shipping services by Amazon directly from your store. You pick and pack, and Amazon is responsible for shipping the product to your customer’s doorsteps within 2-3 days. And yes, you, of course, get a Prime Badge on your products.

Seller Flex

To save the cost and efforts of shipping inventory from seller premises to Amazon’s fulfillment center, Amazon offers Seller Flex FBA services. This means you get all the benefits of FBA, including Prime Badge, now at your doorstep.

How can CedCommerce help?

Whether you are a Prime or non-prime seller, CedCommerce will give you the best integration tool for managing your multichannel selling operations on your Amazon and Shopify stores. Being an Integration Partner with Amazon, CedCommerce is known for its world-class integration built for Amazon’s Multi-account and single-account business. The solution has automated features that help you manage every minute feed between your Shopify store and Amazon.

CedCommerce-Amazon Integration ensures seamless connectivity between the Shopify store and Amazon Marketplace. Quickly figure out how to sell on Amazon from Shopify with this app. Create and synchronize Shopify and Amazon listings and average 200+ million unique visitors per month by selling on Amazon. The app supports selling on Amazon for merchants in almost all parts of the world from the Shopify store.

Link Shopify store to Amazon to allow the selection of suitable promotions and pricing, range of products and categories to sell, choice of fulfillment model, etc., through the app. Explore further to figure out how to sell products on Amazon Marketplace from the Shopify store:

  • Connect Multiple Amazon Accounts
  • Support all Categories
  • Product Template
  • Create Listings & Offers
  • Sync & Track Inventory in near Real-Time
  • Manage Orders & Shipment
  • Free 24×7 Support

And here we come to the end of the blog! Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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