Jet WooCommerce Integration

Jet WooCommerce Integration

Jet-WooCommerce Integration, by CedCommerce, provides easy integration of inventory, price, and other product details between your WooCommerce store and by making use of REST API.

  • Product data validation: in accordance to the standards and values specified by Jet.

  • Automatic synchronized requests: for orders, products, inventory, return, etc. are regularly sent to Jet for keeping the system up to date.

  • Bulk management: is possible for product upload, product enable and product disable features.

  • Order import & shipment: can be easily done from your WooCommerce store panel by providing the required information.

  • Return & Refund: of Jet products can be done easily from your WooCommerce store panel.

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Latest Version: 1.1.12
Compatibility: WooCommerce 2.6.0 & above
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Merchant information setup to sell on

WooCommerce is a free E-Commerce plugin for Wordpress which allows the users to sell anything. It is designed to handle any kind of load and supports small sized & large size businesses running on Wordpress. To facilitate WooCommerce store owners to sell their products on Jet which is one of the fastest growing marketplace, CedCommerce has launched Jet-WooCommerce Integration. Loaded with powerful features, this plugin connects with Jet marketplace to achieve the synchronization of product data, orders, returns and stock units. Jet WooCommerce Integration provides the management of following features with help of Jet API:


Synchronized Product Listing

For any product uploaded on Jet, this plugin makes sure that the entire product information may it be qty, price or other details remains updated both on your WooCommerce store and Jet whenever the product is edited. If any modification is noticed in the product inventory due to the addition of stock units or due to the purchase of any product, it is updated accordingly at every required place by using the available features


Mass Product Upload

The bulk product upload feature provides the flexibility of uploading any number of products on Jet. The bulk feature is also available for archiving or unarchiving the products on Jet. Products can also be uploaded by category in bulk. Current version allows uploading Simple and Variable products on Jet.


Rejected Products Error

If the products uploaded on Jet contain invalid data then, they are rejected by Jet and the error which caused it to be rejected gets listed in the upload product grid. These errors can be rectified by the merchant and the product can be uploaded again on Jet.


Order Management

As soon as the order is placed on Jet it gets imported to your WooCommerce store with the help of automatic requests. The orders get acknowledged automatically after being imported.



The shipment can be managed by the merchant from his WooCommerce store. Multiple shipment of an order can also be done. If Shipstation is installed, then shipment is done automatically.


Return & Refund

The returns created on Jet can be easily imported to your WooCommerce store and the merchant can accordingly choose to accept or reject the return. If any customer directly approaches the merchant for returning the product, then the merchant can easily create its refund from his WooCommerce store and it will get updated on Jet.

uploading error

Upload Error Files

List all the files that are processed with errors during product uplaod on woocmmerce panel.

profile setting

Profile Setting

Ablity to set a profile for a global attributes to product .

mass close

Mass Close/ Reopen Products

Ablity to Archive and Unarchive live products on from woocommerce panel .


Automatic Order Fetching

Ablity to get orders automatic by setting a server cron for jet orders .

User Guide

These Documents will Explain Everything.....!!

  • jet woocommerce integration.pdf

  • jet woocommerce integration 1.1.12.pdf



Stable Release

1) Auto Repricer

Stable Release

1) Auto Repricer

Stable Release

1) Auto Repricer

Stable Release

1) License update 2) Notification mail for return

Stable Release with new Functionality & Minor changes in Category attributes api.

1)Validate ajax call by nonce. 2)Map Profile on single Click. 3)Add Search Functionality on manage product and mass category assign.

Stable Release with minor changes

- Api Update - Bug Fix

Stable Release with minor changes

1) Automatic Inventory Update 2) Bug fixes

Stable Release with minor changes

1) Bug fixes

Stable Release with minor changes

Dashboard for order history and product status Vacation Mode

Change API

Change Api and sales data

Stable Release with minor changes

  • Change Api call as per new updates by jet

Stable Release with minor changes

    Ablity to send notification of low inventory on mail on per product basis.
  • Bug fixes

Stable release with new functionality


What's New

  • Ablity to send amazon item type keword
  • Category mapping on manage product page

Stable Release with minor changes in Archive Missing Product Api


Bug Fix

  • Change Api call in archive missing product

Stable Release with new Functionality & Major changes in Category attributes api.


What's new

  • Validate ajax call by nonce.
  • Map Profile on single Click.
  • Add Search Functionality on manage product and mass category assign.
  • Get Category attributes by using jet api.

Stable release with minor fixes


Bug Fix

  • Optimize site loading by remove admin notice.
  • Load plugin update on admin section only.

Stable Release with new Functionality & Minor changes


What's New

  • Upload Product in bulk by category.
  • Assign Profile to product in bulk
  • Assign category to product in bulk.
  • Modify Interface for Category mapping.
  • Product Validation before upload.
  • Automatic shipment by shipstation.

Stable Release with Minor Fixes


What's New

  • Modified Order Return Functionality.
  • Modified Order Refund Functionality

Stable Release with new Functionality & Minor changes


What's New

  • Inventory Syncronization
  • Enable Jet Api
  • Bulk Product Upload

stable Release with Minor Fixes


What's New

  • Minor Changes in Multishipment order, return and refund Process
  • Automatic Order Acknowledge

According to customer demands with Minor Fixes


What's New

  • Modify Category section by Category Mapping

Stable Release with new Functionality & Minor changes


What's New

  • Added Profile creation features
  • Added mapping to any custom attributes to any Meta field Key
  • Added Multiple Price and Stock option for Simple and variable products.

Stable Release with new Functionality & Minor changes


What's New

  • Added Variable Product Upload
  • Added Extra Attributes details for Simple and variable products
  • Added Shipping Exception and Return Exception for Simple and variable products.


  • How to setup jet configuration settings ?
  • How to configure/set Jet API setting and get Live Jet api credentials ?
  • What are necessary information's regarding product upload ?
  • What is the Use of Brand in jet ?
  • No errors files were generated but still the product was not listed on after uploading the product?
  • What the reason for the uploaded product to be Under Review on after uploading ?
  • Automatically syncronize jet orders with woocommerce ?
  • How to Acknowledge orders generated on jet ?
  • How to Create shipment from place order ?
  • How to know Reason for failed jet order ?
  • What is the Return Procedure for completed Order ?
  • How to Upload the product in bulk on ?
  • How to upload the products on ?
  • How to assign Mapped Jet category to product ?
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    Great Support Service!!
    Belinda Jewelz

    CedCommerce is a wonderful bunch of people to work with. They have resolved every issue I had and continue to provide great service. Working with @Andrerussel and Stephen jones was a very positive experience for me.

    by Belinda Jewelz on 10/31/2017
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    Hard Working Support!!
    Sticker Talk

    These guys always work incredibly hard to get my products online. We have over 8600 products which presents its own unique challenges. Thanks for the hard work and for helping to grow our business.

    by Jeff Chambliss on 7/25/2017
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    Wonderful Support!

    Excellent support, always to help problem shorted out very soon Product..

    by Himmat Singh Dhaliwal on 7/3/2017
    The go to place for all you integration plugins from multiple E-Commerce platforms
    USBMART Onlline

    Best solution to integrate with from WooCommerce. The technical team here is extremely professional, knowledgeable and friendly. 5 stars all the way. THANK YOU.

    by USBMARTONLINE.COM on 5/31/2017

    If you are selling on Jet, you need this extension! We use this for our Woocommerce store and it is fantastic. The plugin is very easy to use and the support is excellent. Getting setup to sell on Jet would be very complex with out this extension. Highly recommend this to anyone with a website ready to start selling on!

    by Pixel on 10/20/2016
    <a href="">Elem <i class="fa fa-linkedin-square" aria-hidden="true"></i></a>
    Good Plugin with Great Support
    Elem Technologies

    I ran into some bumps with an early version of the plugin, but the support team helped me right away. They have made huge strides in usability since then also. The support is definitely above and beyond expectations. I was having trouble with's support because their side of the API was not working properly and they do not living up to the quoted timeframes on their website (for example if said 24 hours then it might be a 5 days). CEDCommerce went above and beyond and helped deal with directly.

    by Elem on 10/19/2016
    Feature Rich Plugin. Support at its finest!

    The plugin itself had some initial issues but the support CED provides will overcome any and all obstacles. The plugin is comprehensive, easy to use and offers an excellent UI. These guys genuinely cared about seeing that was up on and things are right. The CED team is absolutely great! Highly recommend.

    by on 9/8/2016
    The best customer support that I have dealt with in a long time....

    The best customer support that i have dealt with in a long time. Plugin works fine and when I had a few small issues they where there to help immediately. I recommend buying any of the company's plugins due to the high level of profession support.

    by mj on 9/3/2016
    Amazing Extention, Brilliant Team, and Best Customer Service and Tech support Ever

    When we decided to list our products in the, we realized that the integration of WooCommerce and Jet is not as easy at we thought. We contacted several companies and companies like Channel Adviser and hub commerce that offering to list seller products in different channels like As soon as we found CedCommerce Extention, it grabbed our attention because of its fair price and their unbelievable offered support. I have tried many software and plugins, but I have never seen such a helpful, patient, brilliant and skillful, technical support and developer. I can't express how glad we are for the best business decision that we made in this week and purchased this awesome product and became friend with an amazing developer team.

    by Ryan.G on 8/30/2016

    Quite a useful extension for me. Not only the integration was smooth but the transfer of product was also perfect. I must say the interaction that I had with development team before the purchase of extension was the key reason why I actually bought the extension. They explained everything in detail and also helped me in the installation. Great support guys and keep up the good work I would recommend to all.

    by Stokes on 8/2/2016
    Great plugin with excellent support.

    The Jet-WooCommerce Integration plugin works pretty well. We ran into a few problems installing it, but the support team was there to provide assistance at whatever capacity we needed and as many times as we needed it. We now have our products on Jet and are making sales thanks to this plugin and the customer service team behind it.

    by Michael on 7/15/2016
    The leading Jet WooCommerce integration

    Really impressive Extension with lots of compatible option available + Great support. Thank You!

    by Alona on 7/6/2016

    I have been using some of the best extensions in my store and this extension is right their in their in the list. I could manage my store form WooCommerce very easily. Extension work great and the support provided by the team is also good.

    by Ray on 7/6/2016

    The plugin is good, and the support team is awesome! They've always helped me from the very beginning until the end. I love their support, they're patient and pleasant to talk to. They always explained it well to me. Best technical support ever! Never change please, keep up the great work. Thank you so much.

    by Adon on 6/8/2016
    Very Useful Extension !

    The features are good but it was the support which I got from them that fully convinced me to purchase the extension.I really like the feature how it converts the Jet,.com into regular WooCommerce Orders. Highly Recommended!

    by Christos on 5/18/2016

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