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woot integration


Woot is an American-based Internet retailer, debuted in the year 2004. Woot is an alluring place for its daily-deal activities, and widely popular as a fun place to offer great deals. Woot is celebrated for its "Woot of the Day" sale and has interesting, funky product narratives solely meant for entertainment purposes. Mainly Woot offers deals for t-shirts, wine, children's items, household goods, and other sorts of various offer on discretely categorized items.

On June 2010, Woot announced an agreement to be acquired by as the parent and the fiscal year 2008 project gathered US $164 as generated revenue with 39.7% increase from previous year.

What is Woot Integration from CedCommerce?

CedCommerce Woot integration offers clients to manage their Woot orders along with the rest of their sales channels from one central location. Also, as per the Woot policies, there is no direct method to integrate, except linking API so you as a store owner can now allocate inventory within CedCmmerce Integration for Woot, ensuring that you have stock available for all your orders.

Integration manages your Orders that can be easily imported, with no requirement to reconfigure the Woot order file, and are shipped from a single platform. Further tracking list can be exported to be upload on Woot, assisting customers with their orders status and shipment details. While any order to be shipped, Woot-formatted invoices can be printed to be included in the shipping package. Integration also offers to export into Quickbooks so to generate invoices for payment and future references.

What all can be done and managed through Woot Integration By Cedcommerce ?

The multifarious Woot Integration extension encompasses every element that facilitates selling. :

Easy Product Export

woot import product

Synchronize Inventory

woot sync product

Automated orders

woot automate order

Benefits associated with Woot Integration Extension By CedCommerce

woot integration benefits

Product Listing

Saves your precious time.

woot integration benefits

Bulk Upload

Store owners with massive inventory may upload quickly.

woot integration benefits

Update Status

Tracks your product status being live or pending.

woot integration benefits

Flawless Integration

The complete integration is well tested and technically approved.

woot integration benefits

Manage Orders

Avoids order delay and checks fulfillment.

woot integration benefits

Inventory Update

Inventory gets auto-updated as per any alteration and modification made.

woot integration benefits

Flourishing Business

Integrating with fastest growing marketplaces ensure's high revenue generation.

woot integration benefits

Friendly Support

Dedicated support to assist you, whenever required.

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Why CedCommerce Woot Integration?

In order to gain massive sales of your products with one of the growing, marketplaces Cedcommerce offers absolutely FREE technical support from API activation to the listing of the products on Woot store.

Soon after your purchase CedCommerce will assign one of the best developers as for technical assistance to automate Woot integration process for an e-commerce store.