Online Auction System

Online Auction System

Online Auction System allows the admin to set auction for his products. This system enables the admin to decide the starting bid price as well as the maximum bid price.

  • Admin can extend the auction period

  • Admin has the option to set the start date and end date of auction

  • Admin can decide the maximum bidding price

  • Allows only registered Customers to place the bids

  • Notification Emails are sent at every event of the auction to the customer

  • Separate Auction page to view the products currently running under auction along with timer

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Compatibility: Magento 1.6, 1.7, 1.8, 1.9
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Online Auction system enables the admin to specify bidding for his products. Auction information is sent through email to customer as well as admin. Admin can add starting bidding price as well as maximum bidding price. If the customer places the highest bid for a product then, he directly wins the auction. If the time period specified by admin expires then, the bid which is maximum and is approved by admin will be the winner. If the time expires and the max bid remains unapproved then, the second max approved bid will be the winner.


  1. Admin can see the list of the customers who have bid for his product.

  2. Admin will get an email for each bid.

  3. Auction winner will be informed through e-mail.

  4. Admin can set the increment bidding price.

  5. Admin can approve or disapprove the customer bid.

  6. The customer who places the max bid within the given time directly wins the auction.

  7. If the customer wins the auction then, he gets a mail with the purchase link.

  8. The product has to be purchased within 2 days of the winning the auction otherwise the bid price will not be applicable.

  9. A customer cannot place a bid higher than the max bid or a bid lower than the min bid.

  10. If the customer places an invalid bid then, the corresponding error will be displayed over there.

  11. A customer cannot place two consecutive bids.

  12. The current bid status is visible in customer account section and is also updated via mails


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