Want to make your store a multi-vendor marketplace and mobile app like EBAY, AMAZON, SNAPDEAL, FLIPKART or ETSY?







CedCommerce Multi-Vendor Marketplace

A complete marketplace solution for your eCommerce store.

CedCommerce Multi-Vendor Marketplace is an all-in-one marketplace package with plenty of features to streamline your presence in the world of ecommerce. The seamless management of vendors enables the marketplace owner to keep the entire process under his control and alternatively provides abundant functionalities to the suppliers to conveniently sell & handle their products. CedCommerce Multi-Vendor Marketplace also gives you the freedom of using your marketplace the way you want it with as many features as you need with the use of addons.

Highlights of CedCommerce Multi-Vendor Marketplace

Key features that will insist you to try this extension.

Full Marketplace Suite

Get a Marketplace in your own geographical language with all the features required to turn your store into a Multi-Vendor platform.

Responsive & Manageable Vendor Panel

Completely responsive vendor panel for elegant view on mobile devices. Easily access the vendor panel with your fingertips.

Simple to Customize

Easily customizable and standard quality code with no encryption techniques to make the understanding process simple.

Easy to Monetize

Proper commission distribution to the vendors with Fixed/Percentage rate calculation methods for Admin to Vendor Transactions.

Characteristics of CedCommerce Multi-Vendor Marketplace

To transform your E-commerce Site into a marketplace with multiple sellers at one place.

Analytical Dashboard

Get a summary of the entire vendor panel on a single page with a graphical and systematic view.

Available Product Types

Simple, Configurable, Bundle, Grouped, Downloadable & Virtual product types are available for vendors.

Order Management

Orders can be Invoiced, shipped, and refunded by the vendors from the Vendor Panel.


UPS Shipping, Flat Rate, Free Shipping, BlueDart, DHL, FedEx and many more shipping methods are available.

Commission Management

Fixed rate, Percentage rate and miscellaneous commission rates are available and can be applied conditionally.


Check/Money Order, PayPal, Bank Transfer, PayPal Adaptive, Brain Tree and many more payment methods are available.

Advance Reports

View Out of Stock, Sold Products, Product Views, Sales Report and Payment Report from the vendor panel.

Multi Currency & Multi Lingual Support

Multiple Store, Multiple Currency and Multiple Language features are supported based on your default locale.

Social Login

Login to the vendor panel with your Facebook, Twitter, Linked or Google account, even without having to fill the registration form.


Provide your customers with the facility to return the products they are not satisfied with using the Return Merchandise Feature.

3rd Party Integration via APIs

Integrate your system with Multi-Vendor Marketplace and keep all your data intact by the use of integration API.


Have a complete mobile app of your own with all the Multi-Vendor Marketplace functionalities needed to run your store.

Custom Event Extendibility

Availability of Events to introduce additional custom logic in specific parts of the Multi-Vendor Marketplace work flow.

Premium Theme Integrity

Theme Integration Support for Multi-Vendor Marketplace to make it compatible with all the popular Magento themes.

RTL Compatibility

Right to Left Language feasibility for languages that follow right to left format like Persian, Hebrew and Arabic.

SMS Notification

Receive SMS alert messages for every activity performed in the Multi-Vendor Marketplace like Checkout, Placing Order, etc.


Charge vendors for late delivery or cancellation of orders as per the Service Level Agreement between the Owner and the Vendor.

Advance Shipping & Order Facility

Get auto-shipment and auto-invoice feature, assign tracking numbers to orders and impose weight-wise commission for every product.

Email Notifications

Notify Vendors as well as the site owners on the occurrence of each and every important event via email messages and notifications alerts.

Groups & Membership Plans

Create Vendor Groups and assign Memberships to vendors to give them special offers or subscription plans to retain them on your site.

Assign Attributes to Vendor Profile

Get extra information from your vendors by adding different types of attributes to their profile.

Rating for Vendors

Customers can rate vendors and provide their reviews as feedback regarding the quality of their products, service, price, brand value, etc.

Vacation Notification

Let the vendors display a vacation notification message on their shop whenever they go on vacation & keep their shop on vacation mode.

Attractive Shop Page

Allow your vendors to create attractive shop pages by adding custom style, layouts & content thereby making the shop pages more user-friendly & beautiful.

Import Products in Bulk

Vendors can upload products in bulk along with their images by using csv files having complete product information.

Add Attributes to Product

Give the vendors a facility to add attributes to their products to enter vital product information with the help of a uniquely assigned attribute set.

Assign Products to the Vendor

Assign the already existing store products to a specific vendor from the admin panel in a few clicks.

Customer-Vendor Interaction

Customers can contact vendors via email messages to get feasible solutions for their queries. Vendors can also interact with admin, if needed.

Select and Sell

Allow vendors to sell the existing store products by selecting & modifying them with different stock units, price, description, etc.

Amazing Deals & Offers

Customers can have the pleasure of exciting deals offered by vendors on their products. The deals can be shown along with some message and an end-timer.


Your vendors can add FAQs for their products which will be shown on the product page for customers. Customers can also post their questions from the product page and receive replies from vendors.

SEO Suite

Modify the URL of vendor related pages from the admin panel, create SEO-friendly URL as per your need & map the vendor panel at a subdomain of the site.


Allow vendors to add tax rates for their products by managing multiple tax classes which can be selected at the time of product creation.

Favorite Vendor

Customers can mark any particular vendor as their favorite vendor and can see all the new products added by that vendor.

Manage Inventory

Vendors can keep a note of their low stock or out of stock products to manage their inventory in an efficient manner with required email notifications as well.

Product Based Commission

Vendors can apply product wise and vendor wise commission from their vendor panel with product wise commission having high priority.

Pickup from Store

Customers can select the nearest store of the vendor from where they can pick up their orders by locating the stores on Google map.

Auto SKU

Generate automatic product SKUs both for admin & vendor products with random SKU code generation and the ability to add Vendor name & Product name as prefix.

UPS Shipping Label

Vendors can generate shipping label for UPS shipping method for their orders from their vendor panel having Barcode & AWB number.

Product Reviews

Customers can rate the products of the vendor and provide their reviews on the basis of quality, price, services, etc.

Multi Step Registration

Vendors can enter step-wise information during registration to provide vital information to the admin for his records.

Incentive for Vendors

Admin can provide incentive to his vendors on the basis of some configuration settings to encourage more vendors on his store.

B2B System

Convert your current B2C marketplace into a B2B marketplace with Pre Order, Group Buying, Purchase Order, Credit Limit, Request Quote, Bulk Purchasing & many more features.

Working of CedCommerce Multi-Vendor Marketplace

It's simple. Install CedCommerce Multi-Vendor Marketplace and rest we will manage.
  • Vendor Signup and Account

    Vendors manage their profiles and payment methods

  • All vendor activities are under control

    Admin controls the marketplace flow

  • Vendors add their products

    Products get approved, vendors get notifications

  • Multiple brands, Multiple choices

    Popularity of products increase

  • Customers purchase products

    Buy products from multiple vendors

  • Vendors can manage orders

    Vendors get related notifications

  • Admin handles transactions

    Vendor confirms the offline payment method

  • Marketplace keeps commission

    Vendors get their share i.e Net Earned Amount

  • Support and Reviews

    Customers request for support and provide reviews

CedCommerce Multi-Vendor Marketplace Outline

To make the magic happen, we used Magento.

Therefore, CedCommerce Multi-Vendor Marketplace is compatible with all the popular Magento versions.

CedCommerce Multi-Vendor Marketplace Admin :

These are the Admin Panel features that have been provided by CedCommerce Multi-Vendor Marketplace. Admin has complete control over the activities of the vendors.

  • Can approve/disapprove any vendor.
  • Can approve/disapprove the products of vendors.
  • Can set different commission rates for individual vendors.
  • Can credit/debit order amounts using vendors payment methods.

CedCommerce Multi-Vendor Marketplace Vendor:

This is the responsive Vendor Panel which is offered with CedCommerce Multi-Vendor Marketplace. Vendors have a separate panel for managing the profile, sales, products, reports, settings, etc.

  • Can view the snapshot of their total orders and total transaction amount.
  • Can view country wise sales statistics and total sales.
  • Can view weekly, monthly and yearly sales report by sales analytics graph.
  • Can view the recent activity on their associated products.

CedCommerce Multi-Vendor Marketplace Admin :

This is the Marketplace Page which comes with CedCommerce Multi-Vendor Marketplace Extension. It is a dedicated page for listing the active vendors.

  • Can set the details of the vendor.
  • Can set a banner for Marketplace page.
  • Can set the height and width of the images on Marketplace page.
  • Can set the introductory text for Marketplace page.

CedCommerce Multi-Vendor Marketplace Vendor :

This is the Shop Page of CedCommerce Multi-Vendor Marketplace. CedCommerce Multi-Vendor Marketplace has a separate Vendor Shop page for each and every vendor.

  • Can set a company logo for profile page.
  • Can set a banner for shop page.
  • Can set place-holder image for shop page.
  • Can set the introductory text for shop page.