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Fruugo Magento Integration

Fruugo Magento Integration by CedCommerce – the Official Channel Partner of Fruugo – helps the sellers in integrating their Magento store with Fruugo marketplace. What's the result? You sell on Fruugo and grow your business and sales like you always wanted.

This extension keeps your hassles away by the mechanism that helps in easy Order Processing, Product Handling, and Product Management.

  • Product Listing: Upload the products you want to sell on Fruugo in bulk now, along with the synchronized product edits.

  • Automated Inventory Updates: For automation of changes in the inventory and better management.

  • Price Synchronization: It's easy to synchronize the product prices between Magento store and Fruugo with this extension.

  • Orders: Get the Fruugo orders listed on your Magento Admin Panel, automatically.

Regular Price: $399.00

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Compatibility: Magento 1.7, 1.8, 1.9

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Regular Price: $399.00

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Why to choose Fruugo marketplace?

Fruugo is a global online marketplace where buyers head towards to buy from hundreds of retailers worldwide. It's a modern day marketplace that makes the cross-border shopping easy. Buyers can shop on Fruugo using the language, currency, and payment method recognized in their country.

Fruugo has a wide coverage worldwide with hundreds of sellers taking care of the needs of millions of users. Selling about a million of products, Fruugo sells under the categories such as – Sports & Leisure, Health & Beauty, Clothing, Home & Garden, Kids & Toys, and many others.

To sellers' delight, it lets those sellers sell on Fruugo who deliver quality products and after-sales services. Sellers who're registered in one of the 32 countries that Fruugo operates in, are welcomed by Fruugo.

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Archive and Unarchive Products: The feature allows the sellers to enable and disable products on easily. While archive disables the product(s) on Fruugo, unarchive enables the archived product once again.

Product Category Mapping: Experience the Many-to-One Mapping Mechanism as with this feature, the seller can map multiple categories of Magento store to the single category of Fruugo. And that too with utmost convenience.

Profile based product upload: With this feature, it becomes helpful for merchants to upload products on Fruugo easily as they can upload the products on the basis of the profile they have created for particular type of products.

Inventory Synchronization: The product inventory along with the details keeps getting in sync after a regular interval of time between Magento and

Bulk Product Upload Mechanism: The merchants can upload as many products as they want to sell on Fruugo, in bulk, using the Bulk Product Upload Mechanism.

New Order Notifications: Get notified of every new order placed on which is fetched from Fruugo to your Magento store.

Low Stock Notifications: Recieve a notification everytime the stock of products that you sell on Fruugo diminishes lower than the set threshold.

Rejected Product(s) Notification: In case a product gets rejected by while uploading due to some invalid details, the information is fetched automatically with the error that's the cause of the rejection.

Profile Based Pricing: Get the price of the products increased or decreased on the basis of the profile.

Some Irresistible Free Services

Duration (hours) Fee
1. Installation

$100 Free
2. Basic Configuration

$50 Free
3. Unlimited Listing on Fruugo

$30/per 1000 Free
4. Free support
90 Days

30% of Extension Price Free
5. Unlimited Orders Synchronisation

$150 Free
6. General system review & Knowledge Base

$50 Free
7. One to One training

$150 Free
8. Premium(On call) Support

$300 Free


$900 Free

Our Collaboration. In Fruugo's Words.

  1. With an extensive background in partnering with aggregators and channel partners, we knew from the beginning that partnering with CED Commerce would be a great move for Fruugo and our worldwide shoppers. This has quickly proven to be the case with Fruugo already helping CED Commerce retailers gain significant additional revenues.

  2. Fruugo’s partnership with CED Commerce is quickly benefitting retailer’s international ambitions - with an innovative B2B approach (especially in emerging markets) and easy onboarding Fruugo is seeing very valuable and growing volumes of shopper transactions for CED Commerce retailers. We now want to share the ongoing success of the partnership with all other CED Commerce retailers as soon as possible.

-Fruugo-Magento Integration by CedCommerce-

  1. As soon as you buy the extension, we align an Account Manager to you instantly to help you sell on Fruugo.

  2. The expert Account Manager makes you familiar with the Fruugo Operations and Processes.

  3. We will guide you throughout the API activation process and will also assist to enable the Fruugo Live API.

  4. The Account Manager gives the support while going through the Configuration Settings, Product Critical Data, Product Upload Process etc, until you complete a live order successfully.

  5. Summing it up, we are there to help you round the clock to sell on Fruugo, till your business reaches the soaring heights.

-Unleash How Easy It Is To Sell on Fruugo-

  1. Register Here on Fruugo to become a seller.

  2. Upon being verified by Fruugo marketplace, get the seller details from the seller panel.

  3. Once you've received the details, Contact CedCommerce and integrate your Magento store with the Fruugo marketplace and sell on Fruugo the easiest way.


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