Advance Jet  Multi Fulfillment Addon
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Advance Jet Multi Fulfillment Addon

This Addon enables Jet Magento extension users to fulfill the orders for their items from multiple distribution or fulfillment centers.

  • List as many fulfillment centers

  • Decide the inventory levels for each fulfillment center.

  • Assign Shipping prices for items fulfillment center wise.

  • Assign price of items fulfillment center wise

  • Synchronizes the inventory according to fulfillment centers

Note: This Addon is heavily dependent upon Jet Magento extension

Regular Price: $299.00

Special Price $199.00

Compatibility: Magento 1.6, 1.7, 1.8, 1.9

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Regular Price: $299.00

Special Price $199.00



Since, rely heavily on providing deals at cheapest prices, distance optimization is one of the measures, besides building bigger baskets and return waive off, it takes to achieve its purpose. Therefore, it becomes critically important for sellers at to not only price their products in a most competitive manner but also strategically place inventories of particular items at particular locations.

Advanced Jet for Multi Fulfillment enables Jet Magento users to specifically achieve this. With this extension in your kitty, you can.



Decide the Shipment Prices: Also, e-commerce industry is brutally competitive, we understand your need of quoting different prices of shipment for items stocked at different distribution centers. Now, you can easily list down the shipment prices for items stored at different locations.


Decide the Inventory levels: Because let’s face it, some part of the country has more of your targeted customers living than other parts, so it is essential to have a larger stock there to meet the increased demands, you can easily distribute the inventory between different fulfillment centers.


Price the products fulfillment center wise: Last but not the least, as distance optimization matter a lot in winning an order at Jet, therefore Jet encourages you to compete for orders on the location where you can easily fulfill. For this, you too can differ the prices of items stocked at different distribution centers.

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