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Fulfilment If you are a seller the word in itself holds immense value. If you are a new player in this field you must be wondering which fulfilment model would work best for you and incur the highest profit margin. If you are a veteran in the field you must have already settled for a model of your choice. Whatever the case be it’s never too late to explore new arenas. Here we bring to you the most popular models in the present day and age and how we at CedCommerce automate the workflow involved for you

Marketplace Integration

why cedcommerce

Marketplace Integration enables the utilisation of a real-time channel to push data which is product critical directly onto marketplaces through API communication, which would otherwise require tedious manual processes.

The integration enables online sellers using Magento 1 & 2, Woocommerce, Shopify, Bigcommerce, 3dCart, Volusion and etc. platform to offer their products for sale on marketplaces.

API based marketplace integration will help you sync your store with the marketplace as opposed to manual integration

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Affiliate marketing refers to the concept wherein an affiliate puts in efforts to market a businesses’ products and is in turn rewarded for each visitor or customer that comes in through it. This is often categorised as a type of performance based marketing.

Affiliate extension by CedCommerce enables the Magento store owners to connect with affiliate program of marketplaces, offer or advertise its products on their website and earn commissions.

Using the CedCommerce extension will help automate all the processes related to fetching data from the marketplace right from importing products to advertising to redirecting the purchase back to the marketplace.

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why cedcommerce

Dropshipping is a retail model that lets you fulfill your customers’ requirements without having to own a store or any inventory.

To start drop shipping the only prerequisite is to get into a partnership alliance with a drop ship supplier.Upon receiving orders you ought to reach out to the supplier for the inventory supply. You will then receive the product shipment from the supplier and you are charged for the product.

The biggest perk of dropshipping is the the fact that you can start with almost zero inventory which largely brings down the risks involved when you put in lots of money for initial infrastructure.

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The concept of importer draws largely upon the literal sense of the word. As an importer ( could be an individual, or a larger unit ) you are required to bring in i.e. ‘import’ your products from a particular marketplace on your online store for sale.

The advantage of opting for this fulfilment model lies in the fact that you can be rest assured of the product quality and also receive the products at their best prices since the import would be made from trusted sources.

The CedCommerce extensions for importers allow for the end to end automation of the process. As It imports the Product with complete details like multiple images , Description , Price , Qty , UPC/EAN etc.

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