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Why Integrate with SugarCRM?

SugarCRM integrates with your business application to boost its power and allows enhanced functionality in the CRM which the users can leverage to provide an exceptional experience to the clients. Some of the benefits of integrating software with CRM include:


Effective Decision Making

With multiple data at different places, here you sync them all at the Sugar and therefore you can analyze it in a better way and make decisions based on factual information.


Added Functionality

Features like Making Calls, sending documents and many others are not available in the default version, so you get that under SugarCRM.


Data Sharing

Provide exceptional customer care expertise once you create it simple for your customers to search out relevant answers quickly. Improve the productivity of your customer support team with Sugar’s knowledge base management system.

SugarCRM Integration Available

E-commerce Store

Without CRM at the back-end, it becomes very difficult to run an e-commerce business, with the CRM in the system you can easily manage sales, transaction, post-sales activities, and also the wind of customers scrolling through your e-commerce store.

Content Management System

Integrating Sugar with CMS, opens up a wide range of marketing and communication opportunities with all the information at one place, which will surely help to boost your business and which will even give a complete picture to the sales representative about the customer who contacted him.

Data Analytics

Everyday an e-commerce store business gets lots of visits, so managing all that data and focussing on insights hidden in the heaps of data can be properly and accurately managed, therefore the data can be proven to be extremely useful.

Email Clients

Maximum communication with the client is done over email, now you have the ability to integrate your email with Sugar. This allows you to find all user/customer related information at one place for a proper decision.

Social Media

For the promotion of your business if you want to post the advertising material directly and want to track the comments and feedback of your customers, so different social media platforms play a major role in each and every sales strategy.

Marketing Automation

The CRM software alone without the marketing tool integrated to it lacks in generating qualified leads, as with the help of marketing tool you can even plan a personalized way of communication with the customer. Therefore when both Marketing tool and sugar work together, it forms a powerful tool and drives sales.

Automate your e-commerce website with SugarCRM

The CRM provides a simple interface which moreover focuses on features. The CRM offers sales, marketing, and customer support automation in one easy-to-deploy package.

Our Package

Here are some key features of our solution that facilitate improved experiences for your website with the help SugarCRM integration.
  • CRM Reporting & Dashboards
  • CRM for Sales Forecasting
  • CRM Campaign Management
  • Product Knowledge Base Management
  • CRM for Sales Lead Management

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