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Why Integrate with Salesforce CRM?

SalesForce is the widely used and most popular CRM application used worldwide. SalesForce integration will cover the business flow related to customers, their details, and leads. It even helps sales agents to track a lead from the Sales funnel in SalesForce.


Real-time Synchronization of customer and contact information in Salesforce CRM is an instantaneous process. The synchronization of the information is bidirectional and hence if you create a new customer/contact in one system or update an existing one the other system is automatically updated.


A CRM system is always good only when it contains the data, so give your Salesforce CRM person the data they need and a reason to use Salesforce on an everyday basis and bring the relevant forecast of the business.


Combine Customer, leads, sales data with the order, financial, service, and marketing data so that your sales teams can improve their sales process and the customer experience.

Benefits you achieve from Salesforce CRM Integration Available for your Business

Increased Sales

By integrating your website with Salesforce CRM, it shortens the sales method, as potential leads are within the system in real time after the initial contact, and it provides your sales team higher information to work with, ultimately resulting in higher conversion rates.

Increased Productivity

By opting for automated integration between the CRM and your website, you can reduce your admin overhead as all that manual copy and paste, or export and import gets removed. This leads to increased productivity as it frees up your staff to work on other tasks.

Accurate Date Entry

As there's no manual entry is needed in adding the data to the CRM, there's less probability of errors duplicate records created. Similarly, it's possible that a lot of data is captured, and by consolidating all that data into one place, a correct profile of your customer is achieved, leading to a better conversion rate.

Better Client Profiling

Better client profiles enable you to more effectively manage and target marketing campaigns and different activities, whereas the website integration allows you to track the effectiveness of those campaigns online through conversion rates and client response.

Automate your e-commerce website with Salesforce CRM

The Salesforce CRM offers Insight data management and analysis for customer, sales, marketing, and customer support automation in one easy-to-deploy package.

Our Package

Here are some key features of our solution that facilitate improved experiences for your website with the help SugarCRM integration.
  • CRM Reporting & Dashboards
  • Customer Management
  • Sales Lead Management
  • Sales Forecasting
  • Campaign Management
  • Product Knowledge Base Management

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