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Roadblocks Faced by Budding Entrepreneurs and SMBs

Growth Limitations

Small and medium-sized businesses often struggle to scale due to limited resources and market understanding. This hinders their ability to compete effectively in the market.

Technical Barriers

Lack of technical expertise hinders the adoption of advanced technologies like AI. This prevents businesses from leveraging the full potential of smart solutions.

Insufficient Resources

Expense limitations can be a significant issue for entrepreneurs that restrict their ability to invest in innovative technologies to enhance their operations.

Time Constraints

Often businesses find it challenging to efficiently allocate their resources and manage time, leading to missed opportunities and unsatisfactory growth.

Outsourcing Dependency

Many businesses rely heavily on third-party services which incurs extra costs and reduced control over crucial aspects of their operations.

Innovation Gap

Small and medium-sized businesses may struggle to innovate and stay competitive in rapidly evolving markets, hindering their growth potential.

We, as an organization, believe that the best innovations and resources should be accessible to all kinds of businesses, specifically entrepreneurs. And CedIQ is here to do just that.

Abhishek Jaiswal CEO

What Can CedIQ Do For You?

In a world where innovation is confined to the elite, CED IQ emerges as a guiding light, introducing tools that are deeply coupled with Machine Learning (ML) for every entrepreneur and business eager to succeed in the realm of multi-channel selling.


Enhances channel selection with data-driven insights, tailored to your catalog & industry growth.


Optimizes catalog for better performance on various channels, increasing visibility & conversions.


Effectively advertises your catalog across retail media networks, reaching a wider audience.


Offers actionable insights into your distribution and media strategy, fueling your growth journey.

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