MultiChannel Selling – Integrate Your WooCommerce Store with Amazon
MultiChannel Selling – Integrate Your WooCommerce Store with Amazon

MultiChannel Selling – Integrate Your WooCommerce Store with Amazon


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Multichannel selling on Amazon? Online retailers today vigorously sell on Amazon with WooCommerce.

Amazon multichannel selling has left no stone unturned in raising your ROI and making the most of your WooCommerce store.

Therefore it is the need of the hour for any retailer to explore the dimension of multichannel selling.

Integrating your WooCommerce store with the Amazon marketplace and selling on various channels (also known as multichannel selling) will undoubtedly increase your ROI and maximize your sales in no time.

Multichannel Selling is easier said than done when proceeded with the apt multichannel strategy. Thankfully, with the advent of the Internet, making money online is no more a dream for all the online retailers out there.

Firstly, when speaking of multichannel selling it is best suggested to diversify your eCommerce store with various selling channels viz. Comparison shopping engines, marketplaces, establishing your name in affiliate marketing, and more. Refer to our complete guide to making multichannel sales easy-here.

Secondly, it is time to heed on WooCommerce and Amazon Marketplace. Both of them go hand in hand when it comes to driving huge traffic on your store. And lastly, we can say that the two platforms, Amazon and WooCommerce, are tech-legends in their respective arena of eCommerce.

Why is Amazon the perfect spot for you?

Amazon accounting for unique visitors every six months is the perfect marketplace to sell your products upon. Therefore, with such a tremendous audience base, Amazon Marketplace puts fronts your products on a global platform instantly. In other words, it is the one-stop solution for online retailers.

Amazon's Traffic Collection

Amazon’s Traffic Collection

Having exceeded more than 100 billion prime members, Amazon marketplace accounts for a global rank of 11 and holds the 4th position in the country. However, similar web data brings in the good news stating that Amazon marketplace holds the first rank in its category.

Amazon's Global Statistics.

Amazon’s Global Statistics.

Amazon Marketplace brings in more than 20 open categories to sell on. Hence implying that you can list more than 20 categories on Amazon without acquiring specific permissions from Amazon.

Explore the complete list of all categories supported by Amazon Marketplace (here.)

How about hassle-free product import?

Owning a WooCommerce store is your first step towards success. Moreover, just as every other online multichannel retailer- importing products becomes a major headache for all. However, with Cedcommerce’s WooCommerce Amazon Importer extension it can be done within a few clicks. (here). With the amazing exposure on the marketplace, additionally, you will get the leverage of the seamless experience of importing your products from Amazon Marketplace to your WooCommerce store instantly.

Elite features of WooCommerce Amazon Integration:

  • Migrate all the simple and configurable products instantly to your WooCommerce store.
  • Avail of the dynamic category creations along with a hassle-free dynamic attribute.
  • Fetch orders from Amazon to your WooCommerce dashboard on complete automation and speed up the fulfillment process.
  • Get notified with error-handling messages.
  • Benefit the automated upload of descriptions, images, variations, and stock information. Hence, avoiding manual labor.
Features of the Amazon Integration for WooCommerce

Features of the Amazon Integration for WooCommerce.

How to sync your WooCommerce store with Amazon Marketplace?

The simplest yet trusted way to grow your WooCommerce customer base and get the most of your eCommerce is by selling your products on one of the renowned marketplaces. For, these marketplaces act just like a cherry on top of the cake. Along with bringing in increased exposure without adding further inventory- marketplaces, integration additionally does wonders in the lives of online retailers.

Well, now that you own a WooCommerce store it’s high time to integrate your store with the giant marketplace Amazon. In conclusion, we can say that the splendid WooCommerce Amazon Integration solution of CedCommerce leaves no stone unturned in adhering to the best features possible.

About WooCommerce Amazon Integration Extension:

The WooCommerce Amazon Integration extension enables you to integrate your WooCommerce store product categories with your Amazon inventory. Therefore, it creates perfect sync between the two stores.

You can:

Manage your listings from your WooCommerce dashboard, automatically synchronize the inventory orders between the two platforms.

Once Setup:

Patrons will purchase your products from the Amazon Marketplace. And in turn, the WooCommerce Amazon Integration extension will automatically update your WooCommerce inventory once you make a sale on either of the platforms.

Avail of the outstanding features of WooCommerce Amazon Integration Extension:

Bulk Upload:

Leverage a large number of products upload on a single go and optimizing all your manual work via this extension. Get facilitated with an easy upload of products in bulk.

Centralized Order Management:

All your order acknowledgment, cancellation, inventory updates, refund management everything can be looked upon from your WooCommerce store.

Real-Time Stock Updates:

Stay updated with real-time order updates. In other words, as a result of the synchronization with the integration stay updated with the order status on both the stores.

Auto-syncing of orders:

Instantly sync all your orders in one go with your WooCommerce store and the Amazon Marketplace. Thus, depriving you of the manual work.

Automated Profiling Feature:

In order to automate the upload procedure on Amazon Marketplace, the WooCommerce Amazon Integration extension enables assigning and creating the profiles much efficaciously. hence, making it a frictionless selling experience for the sellers.

24*5 Support service:

What can be better than availing the 24*5 support service all for FREE? Whether you need help setting up the tool or facing any technical difficulty while using it, our team is just a text away from you. We understand that every business has unique requirements, and we strive to provide customized solutions that meet your specific needs. 

Multichannel Selling: Start with Amazon.

Building an online presence of your products is a daunting task if you don’t have the right set of tools and expertise. Going with WooCommerce as a platform, will assist you with all sorts of features especially when you’re planning to sell on multiple channels altogether. And, when it comes to multichannel selling with WooCommerce, selling on a giant marketplace like Amazon must be the first priority.  

How can CedCommerce assist you?

CedCommerce has the industry leading expertise when it comes to assisting online sellers with the modest yet affordable solutions. As an ecommerce multichannel enabler we provide easy-to-use plugins that integrates your WooCommerce store with Amazon and any other popular marketplace of your choice. 

Amazon integration for WooCommerce is an effective and reliable tool for sellers looking to expand their growth on Amazon using complete automation systems. With top-notch functionalities the extension comprises everything that a modern business would need to outrank competitors. 

Let’s have a chat and discuss how you can deploy the extension for an optimized and sustainable growth of your business- SkypeWhatsApp or drop us an email.