Etsy for small business
A No-Stress Guide for Small Businesses to Grow on Etsy! Tips Inside

A No-Stress Guide for Small Businesses to Grow on Etsy! Tips Inside


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Have you ever seen a small business growing faster? Etsy has empowered various small-scale businesses to grow and brand themselves in significantly lesser time. This fantastic platform has around 5.36 M sellers achieving heights. The pandemic period is the best example to witness how beneficial is Etsy for small business.

Etsy is the comfort zone of many small-scale business owners to jump up for global exposure. Around 80,000 shops and more than 42 million unique visitors every month, Etsy is one of the most preferable marketplaces for any micro business seeking to sell handmade or unique items. Lets us find out how Etsy has pulled up a small level and budding ventures.

Benefits of bringing Small Businesses on Etsy

No Doubt that the previous two years have been so tough on all of us, where small businesses have been hit so hard. Bringing them on a multichannel platform like Etsy was important as well as beneficial. The wonderful thing about this marketplace is that it helps and raises these microbusinesses in every possible way. Seek below for some amazing benefits.

  1. Spreading charm Globally
    When you bring your creative business to Etsy, you get to have an opportunity to sell worldwide. Since Etsy is a global marketplace, you tend to have buyers from various countries. If you have been selling your handmade creatives from home, selling on Etsy gives you a chance to increase your business’s reach.
  2. Brand the Skills
    Before selling on Etsy, you must have either had your physical store or standalone store with less popularity. But Etsy helps you build your recognition or brand, among various others. More traffic at your store means more fame.
    Small-scale business
  3. Welcome buyers
    On Etsy, various businesses are flourishing each day. Selling on Etsy increases the chance to invite and retain loads of buyers at your store. All you need to do is open an Etsy store and stay creative with your listings.
  4. Ship across globe
    Well, don’t worry if you are a seller sitting at one place and have a dream of selling worldwide. Etsy gives you a chance to ship your items anywhere in the world. Etsy shipping has specific rules but is easy and good with serene selling.

How to scale Micro-Businesses with CedCommerce ‑ Etsy Integration?

As a small business owner, you will find Etsy as an advantage to scale your business rapidly. Since you know how beneficial it is to bring your online store to Etsy from the above statements, let us now thrive on how simply you can plan out.

Give your standalone store a break

You often struggle a lot to push your online store to the level you desire for. It is because of less traffic due to less popularity. You also might face issues in budget and time to optimize your website designs most often. In this case, opting for Etsy can help you lessen your burden of over costing and struggle to fetch buyers. You can even link your already existing standalone store with Etsy to go in sync.

If it’s handmade and Unique bring it here

Finding a suitable marketplace for your products is the primary decision you can make to enhance your business well. Etsy is known for handmade and unique items. If you can create something that suits this platform, you are good to go. You do not have to work much harder to sell your creatives on Etsy. Your buyers will find you if your items are outstanding.


Experiment with Etsy free Ads

The most important aspect is how you promote your items to get to know about you. Advertising your items is the best way to tell people what you are selling. Etsy Ads gives you an enormous chance to promote and sell well. With Such simple steps, your items are advertised through various channels, and you pay when it’s sold only.

Expand your product line during events

Having a store on Etsy is just not enough; you have to be attentive and updated for your listings. To enhance your sales, you should be well aware of the list of events much before it arrives so that you can experiment with your items. Even though you are selling specific items, planning out something related to any occasion will be the icing on the cake.

handmade items

What if your website is not making good sales?

Sellers running an online store on Shopify or any other platform often have a concern that why their website is less popular and has less traffic? It is crucial to make a smart choice to improve sales and business. Moreover, unnecessarily shutting down your online store or keeping on investing to improve your website sales is vain. In fact, you can easily choose multichannel selling for a broader scope.

When you bring your own business on Etsy you hesitate and fear the risk, but it is so simple to handle that you will not regret choosing multichannel selling. Selling on both Etsy and Shopify will give you recognition, good sales, traffic, and integrating them well makes your selling serene.

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