selling on etsy
Shape your journey of selling on Etsy. Handcraft it with WooCommerce!

Shape your journey of selling on Etsy. Handcraft it with WooCommerce!


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With this blog, all your questions on ‘How to start selling on Etsy?’ ‘Why sell on Etsy?’ ‘Why Woocommerce plugin for Etsy’ everything will be answered!

About Etsy

All the beautiful metaphors fall short to describe the beauty of Etsy. A marketplace showcasing various home decors and handicrafts, a home to 1.7 million sellers who join the cult to sell their amazing products. Etsy is a place where all your desires of aesthetics are found, It is all about art, creativity, and amazing handcrafted products on Etsy.


Having started its operations in 2005, Etsy has become a vast pool 190.37 Million unique products/patrons and it also recorded for generating a humongous $441 Million revenue in 2017. Etsy has expanded its reach worldwide and in all nooks and corners of the world, it has recorded its presence.

selling on etsy

WooCommerce has become the preferred platform for sellers

Etsy with WooCommerce

Alright, so let’s first understand why selling on Etsy is better with Woocommerce!

Among the various reasons, I’ve compiled up a few which have a direct relation to the selling process and which can result in an increase in your ROI.

  • Cheapest among all

Unlike Shopify and Magento, WooCommerce is a free WordPress plugin and it can be downloaded easily and can be configured in minutes. With various plugins available in the market, WooCommerce is highly customizable and is an open source platform. However, not all the plugins that you require will be free of cost, but when compared with the other frameworks, you’ll have a huge margin in the expense that you’ll have to incur.

  • Highly Customizable

As mentioned above as well, the plugin is free and open source. WooCommere is blessed with the treasure of extensions, WordPress and to make any of the desired changes, you’ll need to do tweaks with WordPress itself. Every other day, the Woocommerce community is releasing new and fresh plugins based on the needs of the market, so all one needs to do is get the WooCommerce plugin and get started with it.

  • Comes with Analytics

The neat and clean dashboard of WooCommerce is all equipped with the analytics and data that prove to be very useful for the vendors and businessmen.

Be it the sales visual or display analytics or traffic related data and even insights to conversion funnel WooCommerce has got it all for you and you’ll have the independence to enjoy all of it at our fingertips.

  • SEO-friendly

The game of SEO is the ‘must have’ in the eCommerce world and WooCommerce has quite well grasped the pitch on it. With its parent software WordPress, the merchants get to have an amazing SEO friendly experience for their businesses which let them rank organically over the internet on the SERPs.

  • Huge Community

The most customizable eCommerce plugin WooCommerce has a huge community of developers and users which makes up a large pool of ‘coding and testing’ experts who are constantly developing new extensions and features. The helpful community of WooCommerce sits there to solve each and every issue that surfaces up. So, you do not need to be worried about the bugs or any obstacles that come along your way.

Have a query? The WooCommerce Community has got all the answers for you.


Features of Integration

  • Bulk upload

The automated and bulk upload feature of our integration will let you upload your products on your store at one go! Doesn’t matter if you have 100 products or 1000, just select them and with a single click get them all updated to your store hasslefree and with more convenience.

  • Automate inventory

With the complete inventory management of your store, our integration will handle all the issues related to your inventory. Set a limit for the inventory and never ever again you’ll have to be worried about going ‘out-of-stock’. The inventory management feature of our integration will take care of the rest for you.

  • Order Management

Get a complete order management feature with complete synchronization. As soon as an order is placed on your store, it gets reflected on WooCommerce in real time so that you can have control over your orders, cancellations, and shipping all from one place. With this, the hassle of running between both, your store and WooCommerce.

  • Simplified variation

Along with your simple products, you can also upload variable products having multiple attributes and properties. Set the values once and upload the products in future in bulk with no hard work.


  • 24*7 Customer Support

With our integration, you’ll also have a 24*7 uninterrupted Customer Support with which you never have to worry about any of your issues. Give us a call or leave your query at our mail address and within hours you will have the solution for your trouble.

  • Accounts Manager

Plus, for a complete 3 months, a dedicated account manager will be aligned to you with our integration who will guide you throughout the process until you get it all on your own.


The Summary

With WordPress captivating the whole eCommerce scenario and WooCommerce grasping a tight hold over the market, the right thing to do right now is getting a WooCommerce plugin and get started today!

The amazing features of Bulk Upload, Inventory/Price/Order Management, choosing WooCommerce can cater you with enormous benefits.

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