eBay Managed Delivery
eBay Launches Managed Delivery Fulfillment Service

eBay Launches Managed Delivery Fulfillment Service


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Are you a seller on eBay and tired of the logistics management? Then for you, there’s something exciting here that will simplify your job and assist you to make more sales by Managed Delivery Fulfillment Service.

In this fast-growing world of eCommerce, eBay is an eCommerce marketplace in the US that facilitates Consumer to consumer(C2C) and Business to consumer(B2C) sales on its website. It provides the ‘shop, sell and give’ platform all over the world. It concentrates more on partnering with the sellers instead of competing with each other.

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What is Managed Delivery by eBay?

Next year in 2020, eBay is going to launch Managed Delivery in the US which is a cost-effective eBay fulfillment service that will provide the shoppers with faster and reliable delivery. It will also be beneficial for you as you can manage and track your inventory through the eBay Seller hub and third-party integrations. This conveyance will offer you the chance to ‘store, pack and ship’ the items by specialists that will be overseen by eBay.

This new service enables merchants to store stock nearer to purchasers in distribution centers across the country, bringing about quicker conveyance time and lower delivery costs.

The Managed Delivery will provide faster delivery to the buyers which in turn will help in consequently increasing the sales on eBay.

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How does eBay Fulfillment Service Works?

eBay will power the Managed Delivery experience through a worldwide technology platform and third-party partners will operate the activities establishing a seamless end-to-end satisfaction process for you to enable you to handle the stock through Seller Hub and industry-standard solutions.

With approximately 1.5 million packages sent by eBay merchants daily in the US, Managed Delivery will also be a lead in hundreds of millions of eBay branded boxes and packages being put on front porches across the US in the coming year.

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Benefits for Sellers:

Would you like to save yourself a headache of warehouse and logistics management and focus on expanding your company? Then this Managed Delivery is the correct option for you. Here are some benefits for you:

  • Lower Fulfillment costs-With Managed Delivery, you’ll save money on fulfillment and conveyance costs in light of the fact that eBay will arrange focused rates on 1-day, 2-day, and 3-day delivery choices.
  • Customer Support and Protection-Devoted eBay client service and improved budgetary and notoriety assurances on shipments. Merchants joined up with Managed Delivery will get the same protections as that of Top-rated Sellers for Managed Delivery transactions.
  • Customer Satisfaction- It will also remove any negative feedback, out of stock, or item not as described(INAD) flaws for Managed Delivery operations as long as the INAD output meets eBay’s demands.
  • Simplified and faster Shipping-The fulfillment service provides faster shipping and more reliability to the customers. It also makes the sellers focus more on the development of products and their selling instead of wasting time on product shipping.
  • Increased Visibility-Highlight seller listings, let their customers know that in 3 days or less their purchase will be delivered to them.
  • Save Storage Space-Stores your merchandise at a Managed Delivery Center that saves storage space and costs.
  • eBay Branded Packaging-For Managed Delivery Orders the Eco-friendly eBay branded packaging is done.

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Benefits for Buyers:

By the above benefits, you also need to understand how this eBay Fulfillment Service will benefit customers.

  • Speedy Delivery-The product is delivered faster at the doorstep of the customer.
  • Quality Packaging-Orders get delivered in high quality, sturdy, and in eBay eco-friendly packaging.
  • Reliability-Buyers can monitor their packages to know when will the product be arriving.
  • Customer Support-A quicker customer support for their queries.

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This initiative will allow high-volume inventory vendors to fulfill increasing consumer expectations while decreasing costs and complexity. So by now, you must have got to know about Managed Delivery Fulfillment Service by eBay and how will it be helpful for you as a seller.

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