Another Feather in Cap for CedCommerce, becomes Official Fruugo Channel partner
Another Feather in Cap for CedCommerce, becomes Official Fruugo Channel partner

Another Feather in Cap for CedCommerce, becomes Official Fruugo Channel partner


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Portland, Oregon [October 3, 2017] – Tuesday morning came with a delight as CedCommerce added another feather in its cap as it became the Official Channel Integration Partner of UK Based e-commerce marketplace – Earlier, cedcommerce also got the partnership of,, and


Addressing the colleagues at this moment the company co-founders – Abhishek Jaiswal and Himanshu Rauthan – said, “The partnership will add gravity to CedCommerce’s prowess in the Multi-Channel e-commerce vertical. And Since Fruugo is now a UK based company it will enable us to get our feet established in British marketplace and enable us partner with more e-commerce marketplaces”.


It is to be noted that earlier all the e-commerce marketplace companies with who CedCommerce partnered with – Walmart, Sears and Newegg – were US based.


They also said, “It will also add the tooth to our marketing efforts and will enable us to gain the confidence of more and more small and medium businesses to help them sell online.”


SaaS and Plugin Based e-commerce multi-channel Solution


The CedCommerce provides inventory listing & Order and Inventory management software for small and medium businesses. The company offers both Plugin based and SaaS-based solution enabling online sellers cutting across all the framework use its highly affordable solutions.


The major framework with which company provides multi-channel marketing solutions are – Magento (both 1 & 2), Shopify, Woocommerce, Bigcommerce, Opencart, 3dcart and other.


Currently, Magento, BigCommerce, and Woocommerce users can connect their online stores with Fruugo marketplace and offer their products on this U.K. based marketplace.


The Progress:


Multi-Channel e-commerce integration constitutes the core functionalities of CedCommerce and within 9 months of its inception in Multi-Channel vertical, the company has over 3500+ customers who have earned 500,000+ and in the process have sold $20,000,000+ worth GMV.




Headquartered at U.K., the company was previously based out of Finland. The company is now combined with British Directory Technologies Limited (DTL). The company has 1,000,000+ products of 1000+ brands and 100+ retailers listed on its platform.




Established in 2010, Multi-channel e-commerce solution constitutes the core functionalities of The company is the official partner of various e-commerce marketplaces. The company provides integration with 30+ marketplaces with 25+ e-commerce frameworks.

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