woocommerce ebay integration

Woocommerce E-bay Integration

The eBay WooCommerce integration is an up-to-the-minute extension developed for WooCommerce store owners to enable them to upload and sell their WooCommerce store products on eBay marketplace in the easiest way possible. Not only this but the WooCommerce eBay integration module also synchronizes the products inventory, price, order, and other details between the WooCommerce store and eBay marketplace.

  • The eBay WooCommerce integration enables the product upload from WooCommerce to eBay on the basis of the profile.

  • Our eBay WooCommerce integration enables the admin to import orders from eBay marketplace to WooCommerce, to convert them into regular WooCommerce orders.

  • Experience easy debug process with eBay integration for WooCommerce, for hassle-free product upload on eBay Marketplace.

  • Perform product related tasks such as product upload, and product archive, using bulk management system.

  • Our eBay WooCommerce integration synchronizes the product inventory and product price in real time between WooCommerce and eBay marketplace.

  • Cron job of the WooCommerce eBay integration module automates the process to fetch eBay orders from eBay to WooCommerce store.

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Latest Version: 1.0.5
Compatibility: WooCommerce 2.6.0 & above
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eBay is known across the world as a multinational e-commerce giant that facilitates C2C and B2C sales. Today, eBay is a multibillion-dollar organization that operates the e-commerce business in about 30 countries. With such a wide geographical presence, eBay has as many as 171 million active users as of Q1 of 2018.

To empower the WooCommerce sellers across the world to sell on eBay, CedCommerce has developed the eBay WooCommerce integration extension. The advanced eBay integration for WooCommerce not only helps you send and feature your products from WooCommerce store to eBay but it also synchronizes the product details such as price, inventory, order, etc between your WooCommerce store and the eBay marketplace. With such exemplary features, it becomes inevitable for you to reach the heights of success with ever-growing profits and sales.


Product Category Mapping: The eBay WooCommerce integration facilitates the many-to-one category mapping. It means that the admin can map many categories of the WooCommerce store to a single eBay category.

Profile Based Product Upload: The admin using our eBay WooCommerce integration can create a profile and map eBay categories and attributes to that of the WooCommerce store. Now after assigning the products to the profile, the products can easily be uploaded on eBay.

Simple and Configurable Products Upload: The eBay integration for WooCommerce helps the admin upload both simple as well as the configurable type of products from the WooCommerce store to eBay marketplace.

Rejected Products Notification: In case a product gets rejected by eBay in the uploading process due to invalid data, its information gets fetched and listed on the WooCommerce admin panel along with the error due to which it got rejected.

Synchronized Inventory and Profile Based Pricing: The extension facilitates the inventory synchronization at regular intervals between the WooCommerce store and eBay marketplace. Similarly, the profile based pricing helps the admin increase or decrease the product price on the basis of the profile.

New Order Notifications: Whenever a new order is fetched from eBay marketplace, the admin using the eBay integration for WooCommerce receives a notification. Thus, the integration keeps the WooCommerce seller updated about the recent orders.

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How to start selling on eBay?

    The easy steps to start selling on eBay have been listed below:

  1. Register yourself on eBay marketplace to create the eBay seller account.

  2. Choose how you'll pay the eBay fees at the next step, from the following options - PayPal, credit or debit card or bank account.

  3. Once verified contact CedCommerce and connect your WooCommerce store to eBay marketplace.


Review and Rating

Zubair Mohammad
Customer services and professional experienced team!!
Zubair Mohammad

We were looking for a company who could help us in expanding our web store to other marketplaces. Luckily, we met CedCommerce and we can happily say, our search is over. The company CedCommerce comprises of professionals who are willing to go an extra mile for you and your business. They have covered almost every aspect from helping you build the simplest website, to your personal web store or any leading project you are interested in. When we met CedCommerce, we shared our plan and needs with them and they came out with many positive solutions that could help fulfill our requirements. They dealt with us in a very friendly way and whatever questions we had, they responded calmly and gently. They looked carefully over our budget and other limitations and provided a feasible solution to meet our needs.

by Zubair Mohammad on 10/17/2018
<a href="https://www.facebook.com/clinton.hamner" Target="Blank">Clinton Hamner <i class="fa fa-facebook-square" aria-hidden="true"></i></a>
Remarkable Plugin and great support!
Discount Outlet

I have used other marketplace integration software (ChannelUnity), but the problem was that it pushed all products that you listed on your online store to the marketplaces.. For example selling a vaporizer on your online store and having it push to eBay and Amazon no problem right? Well yes problem because you can't sell vapes or any tobacco product on Amazon. Well with using Channel Unity wasn't any unity with Amazon that's for sure. You couldn't get around it unless you just didn't post that product (Vaporizer) to any of the marketplaces. With CedCommerce you are able to move around this an post the vaporize and select which marketplaces you would want it to appear by creating the profiles. At first the profiles are a little cumbersome, but they are much need in order to get around such issues as tobacco products to the marketplaces... Cedcommerce Team is always willing and able to answer all of your questions and help you in the process of setting up the integration and also getting your feet wet on created you profiles for your products. Again what a remarkable plugin and needed plugin for anyone looking to integrate online store to the marketplaces.

by Clinton Hamner on 4/19/2018
<a href="https://www.linkedin.com/in/vincenzo-armato-036487117/" Target="Blank">Vincenzo <i class="fa fa-linkedin-square" aria-hidden="true"></i></a>
Best Support Guys!!

The guys of support are the best that I ever seen. Courtesy and fast, they solved all problems quickly without issues!

by Vincenzo on 9/14/2017
Joe Horn

Great Plugin, really easy to use and customize, highly recommend...

by Joe on 5/19/2017

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