Pre-customization Consultation

CedCommerce offers you 1-hour of pro bono UX consultation. Following the complimentary hour, you can get further UX work done by hiring our team of veteran designers and coders for highly affordable rates ranging between $10 to $15, depending upon the complexity of the task at hand.

Complete theme renewal as per latest market trends

Our experienced designers will make sure that you site theme follows the latest trends and looks completely refreshing.

Fully responsive layout

Your site will have a totally responsive structure for viewing on mobile devices such as cell phones, tabs, etc.

Use of Sprite images wherever applicable

To avoid the image load process which is quite time consuming and results in the slow speed of the site, we will make use sprite images so as to optimize your site to some extent and make it load faster.

Easy site navigation with enhanced user experienced

The great UX design will make the navigation experience of your site pretty smooth and much more interactive.

Impressive use of icons and effects

The icons to be used on your site will clearly complement the feature which they are signifying. The use of standard and magnificent jQuery effects will make your site worth surfing.

Use of fully optimized images

The images which cannot be converted into sprite will also be optimized completely to avoid unnecessary space utilization on the site thereby making it fast.

6 months support and maintenance

You will be offered support services related to theme customization regarding the discussed points only, up to 6 months. Thereafter, anything extra to be done would be charged.

Theme Customization Overview

CedCommerce provides excellent theme customization service which is aimed to completely transform the look and feel of your site. Our exceptionally proficient UX designers having profound knowledge and hands on experience will provide you consultation regarding the current design pattern of your site and how should it be changed.

More on Theme Customization

Highly professional design with optimized images especially sprite images will be used to avoid delays in image loading. High end integrity will be maintained with the current layout with only a little and genuine change in the structure of the layout. To interact with our designers and share your theme related requirements with them please add us on Skype: cedcommerce and see the difference.


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