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The Amazon Magento integration is a leading edge Magento native solution that enables you to upload and sell your Magento store products on Amazon marketplace effortlessly. The advanced Amazon Magento integration empowers you to easily synchronize the product price, inventory, order, and other details between the Magento store and Amazon marketplace.

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  • Amazon Magento integration facilitates the profile based products upload on Amazon marketplace*.

  • The Magento native solution automates the inventory and price synchronization between Magento store and Amazon marketplace*.

  • Import Amazon orders into your Magento store with the Amazon Magento integration so that the orders can easily get managed.

  • The Amazon Magento integration enables you to take product related actions such as product upload, in bulk*.

  • Cron jobs of the Amazon Magento integration automate the process of automated fetching of the orders from Amazon marketplace to Magento store.

  • The Magento native solution provides easy debug solution for hassle-free product upload on the Amazon marketplace.*

  • Note: The extension currently has order related functionalities (Order Import, Order Fulfilment, Order Cancellation etc).

Regular Price: $699.00

Special Price $499.00

Compatibility: Magento 1.7, 1.8, 1.9
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Regular Price: $699.00

Special Price $499.00


Why choose the Amazon Marketplace?

Amazon marketplace is the world’s largest online retailer today. The e-commerce giant that was originally a bookseller has expanded itself over time and now sells a huge variety of consumer goods and digital media across the globe. Creating new benchmarks in the world of e-commerce, Amazon also has its own electronic devices such as the e-book reader, tablet, and so on.

With US$ 177.86 Billion as its net revenue and US$ 3.033 Billion as its net income, Amazon is the biggest internet retailer in the world when it comes to revenue and market capitalization. Owing to such tremendous statistics, Amazon today is not only the aspiration of the sellers but is also becoming the need for the sellers.

Why choose Amazon Magento Integration Extension?

  1. The Amazon Magento integration extension is a cost-effective Magento native solution that helps you to connect your Magento store to the Amazon marketplace.

  2. The advanced Amazon Magento integration facilitates the real-time synchronization of product inventory, price, and orders between the store and Amazon.

  3. It provides an ease of creating the Amazon marketplace attributes and their dependent attributes on the Magento store.

  4. It also enables you to map many categories of your Magento store to a single relevant category of Amazon marketplace for automated submission of the selected product to the same category of Magento store.

  5. With Amazon Magento integration, you can create a profile to which you can assign a similar type of products and can upload them on Amazon marketplace.

  6. Skyrocket your business at Amazon by integrating your Magento store with it as the Magento native solution creates a link with the Amazon APIs to connect your Magento store to the Amazon marketplace. Thus, you have the opportunity to cover a wide range of customers.

  7. The integration enables the Magento store owner to manage the Amazon orders on the Magento store without making any significant changes in the operational functionalities.

  8. Our Amazon Magento integration is the only Magento native solution with No Pay Per Order Commission and No Recurring or Hidden Charges.

-Glance over the Features-

Product Category Mapping*: The Magento seller may experience the many to one category mapping methodology and map multiple categories of Magento store to a single category of Amazon marketplace.

Profile Based Products Upload*: Using our Amazon Magento integration, the admin can create a profile and after assigning the products to the profile, can easily upload the products on Amazon.

Simple and Configurable Product Upload*:Amazon Magento integration enables the admin to upload simple as well as the configurable type of products from Magento store to Amazon marketplace.

Product Data Validation*: Our Magento native solution enables the validation of products in accordance with Amazon standards and policies.

Rejected Product Notification*: If a product gets rejected by Amazon marketplace due to invalid product data, its information is fetched and recorded in the Magento admin panel with the error due to which it got rejected.

Automated Synchronization*: Our native Magento integration synchronizes the product listing, order, inventory, return and refund, and pricing between the Magento store and Amazon marketplace at regular intervals.

New Order Notification: If an order is placed on Amazon marketplace for admin’s product, it gets fetched from Amazon to Magento and a notification is sent to the admin.

Auto Acknowledgement of Order: While using the Amazon Magento integration, admin receives an acknowledgment for orders automatically, as soon as the orders are created.

Low Stock Notification*: Whenever the product stock diminishes lower than the fixed threshold, a notification is sent to the admin informing the status.

Some Irresistible Free Services

Duration (hours) Fee
1. Installation

$100 Free
2. Basic Configuration

$50 Free
3. Unlimited Listing on Amazon

$30/per 1000 Free
4. Free support
90 Days

30% of Extension Price Free
5. Unlimited Orders Synchronization

$150 Free
6. General system review & Knowledge Base

$50 Free
7. One to One training

$150 Free
8. Premium(On call) Support

$300 Free


$900 Free

-How to start selling on Amazon?-

    Follow the easy steps to start selling on Amazon:

  1. Firstly, remember that you need to be an organization for selling on Amazon. Amazon doesn't accept individual sellers or even OPC(One Person Company).

  2. Secondly, you must have:

    1. Address with email ID

    2. Bank account information

    3. VAT/CST registration information, and

    4. A legal name for the company before applying to be a seller.

  3. After fulfilling all the requirements, create the Amazon seller account and Amazon developer account.

  4. Once verified contact CedCommerce and connect your Magento store to Amazon marketplace using our Amazon Magento integration.

  5. NOTE: CedCommerce would not be liable for seller or developer account.

-Quick checklist to increase the revenue on Amazon-

  1. Connect your Magento store to the Amazon marketplace to reach out to the global customers and increase the product sale.

  2. Add as many products as you can on Amazon marketplace using our Amazon Magento integration.

  3. With our native Magento solution’s competitive price, boost your sale and convert visitors into customers.

  4. Ensure that the product display is presentable with the proper product description.

  5. Showcase yourself on with special events and discounts.

-Why CedCommerce?-

  1. CedCommerce develops well researched and thoroughly tested API Integrations to suit your specific business requirements.

  2. We provide 24x7 FREE support through emails, chat, video conferencing, and over the call.

  3. We provide custom solutions for your business.

  4. We offer FREE Consultancy Services for all our API integrations and also assist in developing e-commerce sites from scratch till the launch.

  5. We extend real-time support, quick installation, and best after sales services that ensure your online store’s performance for best customer experience.

  6. Last but not the least, we provide the most cost-effective native Magento solution.

  7. Start instant chat by adding our skype id: live:cedcommerce or live:support_35785.

  8. More features coming soon.

Why Choose CedCommerce?

Technical Support


Constant Technical Support and Services

We provide a pack of profound advisory services, resolving technical queries, and providing constant sales and after-sales expertise solutions over multiple mediums.

Industrial Expert


Industrial Expertise

Our extensions stand up with the Magento standards and are developed by our Magento Certified Experts, who even belong to the contribution team at Magento.

One Stop Solution


One Stop Solution

We provide Complete eCommerce Marketplace Solutions, Extensions, Integrations, Mobile app development, Importers, Marketing automation, Digital marketing services, Drop shipping and Much more.

Review and Rating

Great Support

great support. dedicated team who get the work completed.

we are using integrations for many major marketplaces including the biggest ones and we only want to sync inventory and price by mapping skus since we have already done uploading of products ourself. This was possible using cedcommerce extensions

its a hands on service and they have made conessions and customisations to meet our demands

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